I'm Secretly Married to a Big Shot

Chapter 1415 - It's Qiao Chen, Why Is He Here?

Chapter 1415: It’s Qiao Chen, Why Is He Here?

“Rourou…” Madam Shen wanted to persuade her again.

At this moment, someone said, “Eh, the boy that Old Madam Mo brought out, is that the child the Mo family just acknowledged? As expected of the Mo family’s genes, he’s so handsome.”

Everyone’s attention was drawn to the spiral staircase in front of the hall.

Everyone saw Old Madam walk out first.

Then, a teenager in a white shirt and black pants walked out.

The young man carefully helped the Old Madam to the front of the banquet hall.

When she saw the young man walking out with Old Madam, Shen Xin was stunned.

She was in disbelief.

She only needed one look to know who the young man beside Old Madam was.

Qiao Chen.

It was Qiao Chen.

Why was he here with Old Madam Mo…

Shen Xin widened her eyes in disbelief.

Shen Rou was equally shocked.

She saw Qiao Chen too.

“It’s Qiao Chen. Why is he here?” Shen Rou widened her eyes in disbelief.

Shen Xin suspected that she had seen wrongly.

She widened her eyes and rubbed them again.

Qiao Chen stood quietly beside the Old Madam. The young man looked a little thin, but his figure was very straight and upright. The shirt and trousers he was wearing fitted him very well, and his iconic long legs were very eye-catching.

The men in the Mo family had long legs, and their height and genes were impeccable.

The young man had good facial features.

He had inherited the good genes of the Mo family. He had a handsome face, exquisite facial features, and was as good-looking as a person from a painting.

Some of the women in the room couldn’t help but be smitten.

“I didn’t expect Young Master Mo to be so good-looking.”

“How can the Mo family’s genes be bad? It’d be strange if he doesn’t look good.”

“He looks young, probably in his teens.”

“The men in the Mo family are all top-notch. Young Master and Second Young Master will be back tonight. I wonder what that Second Young Master looks like. I heard he’s also very good-looking.”

Qiao Chen saw Shen Xin the moment he entered the lobby.

There were a lot of people in the lobby, and Shen Xin wasn’t standing in a very eye-catching spot, but Qiao Chen still saw her at first glance.

She was petite and stood by the door.

She was dressed differently tonight.

She was wearing a small black dress with a V-neck, revealing her collarbone and shoulders. Her waistline was very good. At a glance, her waist was so thin that it seemed like it would break with a slight twist.

She looked more feminine tonight.

Qiao Chen couldn’t help but take a few more glances before frowning.

He realized that the back of Shen Xin’s dress was mostly exposed. Although it was covered by a huge bow, Qiao Chen still found it hard to accept.

But when he thought about his relationship with Shen Xin, he felt that it had nothing to do with him.

Shen Xin wasn’t his.

She could wear whatever she wanted.

What right did he have to care?

Qiao Chen looked at Shen Xin for a few seconds and forced himself to look away.

Shen Xin was still looking at him blankly.

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