I'm Secretly Married to a Big Shot

Chapter 1412 - He Must Be Mad

Chapter 1412: He Must Be Mad

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Bai Yusheng turned around.

When he saw Qiao Mianmian, his eyes were gentle and proud.

His sister was naturally the most stunning one at the banquet.

Gong Zeli’s expression changed slightly when he heard that Qiao Mianmian was here.

His heart raced, but he kept a straight face as he looked over.

When his gaze landed on Qiao Mianmian, he couldn’t hide his amazement.

Qiao Mianmian was stunning tonight.

So beautiful that Gong Zeli’s heart skipped a beat.

She was wearing a long white dress, and her long hair was draped over her shoulders. Her skin was so fair that it seemed to be covered by a layer of light under the chandelier. Her facial features were so exquisite that they seemed to be drawn.

There were many beautiful ladies in the living room.

But compared to her, they were immediately inferior.

The moment she appeared, Gong Zeli felt like he couldn’t see anyone or anything.

He recalled that she was also wearing a white dress that night.

She looked like an angel when she swam towards him.

Gong Zeli felt like he must be possessed. He’d been thinking about her all this while.

He even dreamt of her often.

He knew that she was his brother’s wife and that he shouldn’t have any feelings for her, but he still couldn’t control his heart.

He was a jerk.

He actually had feelings for his brother’s wife.

While Gong Zeli was looking at Qiao Mianmian, Shen Rou was looking at him.

Shen Rou saw the shock in his eyes and the way he looked at Qiao Mianmian.

Shen Rou’s expression turned awful as she recalled her previous speculation.

It was Qiao Mianmian again.

Why was it that the men around her, whether they liked her or not, were all snatched away by Qiao Mianmian?


What was so good about that slut?

Everything was fine before Qiao Mianmian appeared.

But everything went wrong after she did.

Shen Rou bit her lip.

Yan Shaoqing, Gong Zeli, Mo Yesi, Bai Yusheng…

All the outstanding men around her seemed to end up with that slut.

The man she liked married that slut.

The man who liked her also liked that slut.

Bai Yusheng was the most eligible bachelor in the circle. But now, he was that slut’s brother.

As for Yan Shaoqing and Lu Rao…

These men who knew her first and had a good relationship with her now alienated her and surrounded that slut.

The slut took everything from her.

Now, the slut had become the daughter of the Bai family and had a noble status that wasn’t inferior to hers.

Shen Rou was most proud of her family background.

But that advantage was gone now.

She became the biggest joke in the circle.

But Qiao Mianmian had become the most glorious person.

The moment Mo Yesi walked into the hall with Qiao Mianmian in his arms, many people in the hall started whispering to each other.

“Who’s that couple? They seem to be on good terms with Yan Shaoqing and Bai Yusheng. That man is so handsome, but he doesn’t look familiar. Do you know him?”

“Did you guys realize that no one paid attention to Shen Rou? I didn’t expect that.”

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