I'm Secretly Married to a Big Shot

Chapter 1410 - He Doesn’t Want Your Contact Details

Chapter 1410: He Doesn’t Want Your Contact Details

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Her gaze landed on Shen Xin’s tender and pretty face. She smiled, but there was no smile in her eyes. “You’re still young, and you have me as your sister. You don’t have to bear any responsibility if something happens to your family. You’re not me, so of course you can’t understand some things, so you can speak casually. If you were in my place, I don’t believe you can say these words.”

Shen Xin was shocked to see the anger in Shen Rou’s eyes.

Her sister was blaming her.

Shen Xin was confused. She didn’t know what she did wrong to make her sister angry.

She opened her mouth and was about to explain when she felt a commotion in the hall.

The women who mocked Shen Rou just now all looked in a certain direction.

Shen Xin followed their gazes and saw Gong Zeli and the rest.

The moment a few single men with good looks and family backgrounds appeared, all the unmarried women in the hall were tempted.

Everyone knew that as long as they could get close to any one of them, they would be able to enjoy endless wealth.

Since it was a business marriage, they naturally wanted to pick the best.

And they were the most eligible men in Yuncheng City.

Some of the braver women had already raised their wine glasses to chat.

Shen Rou saw a woman walk towards Gong Zeli with a wine glass in her hand and say something to him.

Besides Gong Zeli, everyone else had a female companion.

Hence, many women went to talk to him.

Soon, Gong Zeli had three or four women by his side.

Shen Rou looked at them for a while, then her expression darkened. She bit her lip and glared at the women chatting with Gong Zeli.

Shen Xin looked at her and said cautiously, “Sister, it’s Brother Yan and the rest. Should we go over and greet them?”

Shen Rou didn’t say anything and walked straight towards Yan Shaoqing.

Shen Xin quickly caught up with her.

As Shen Rou walked over, Yan Shaoqing noticed her. He looked at Gong Zeli and called out, “Rourou.”

He saw Shen Xin walking over with Shen Rou and smiled. “Xiao Xin is here too.”

“Brother Yan, Brother Lu.” Shen Xin had known Yan Shaoqing and Lu Rao for a while. She wasn’t familiar with Bai Yusheng, so she addressed him as Mr. Bai.

Hearing her voice, Gong Zeli turned around.

“Brother Zeli,” Shen Xin greeted him sweetly.

Gong Zeli used to treat Shen Rou very well. Under the circumstances that he loved her, he naturally treated Shen Xin well too.

Shen Xin liked him too.

She once hoped that Gong Zeli could be her brother-in-law.

Gong Zeli nodded at Shen Xin. When his gaze landed on Shen Rou, it instantly faded.

He didn’t greet her and looked away.

Shen Rou felt as if ants were biting her.

“Young Master Gong, this is my WeChat. Can we exchange contact details?” The woman talking to Gong Zeli raised her cell phone and wanted to get his contact details.

Before Gong Zeli could say anything, Shen Rou walked to his side and said to her, “Can’t you tell that he doesn’t want your contact details?”

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