I'm Secretly Married to a Big Shot

Chapter 1408 - She’s Been Going on Blind Dates

Chapter 1408: She’s Been Going on Blind Dates

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As long as he was willing to learn and listen to her, many questions were no longer a problem.

He didn’t know how to date. This at least proved that she was his first girlfriend.

She was also his first woman.

Compared to those more experienced and who knew everything, she preferred Mo Shixiu.

The Mo family didn’t invite many people to Qiao Chen’s banquet.

They invited family and friends.

The Yan, Bai, Shen, and Lu families were all invited.

But for a rich family, just their family alone was several times more than an ordinary family.

Hence, even though not many people were invited, there were still more than a hundred people in the banquet hall. The atmosphere was extraordinarily lively.

Everyone who was invited knew what was going on.

A group of people gathered and discussed softly.

“Do you know who the Young Master that the Mo family just acknowledged is?”

“I heard that he used to be Second Master Mo’s illegitimate son, but he didn’t dare to acknowledge him. Now, because Second Madam couldn’t bear a child, he brought him back.”

“Thankfully, Second Master Mo has such an illegitimate son. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have a descendant.”

“But I heard that Second Madam has taken a nephew of hers as her godson. When this biological son comes back, will his godson still have a place in the family? I’m afraid Second Madam isn’t willing.”

“So what if she’s unwilling? It’s her fault for not being able to give birth. Second Master Mo is already very loyal to her.”

“I wonder what this Young Master looks like.”

“With the Mo family’s genes, it shouldn’t be too bad. We can see him soon.”

As they were discussing, a woman suddenly glanced at the door and said in a low voice, “The Shen family came too. Have you heard? Shen Rou went on a blind date some time ago. She said that the Shen Corporation is failing and that the Shen family wants to survive this crisis through marriage.”

“But with the Shen family in such a state, I don’t think anyone would dare to marry them.”

“About Shen Rou?” Someone chuckled and said gloatingly, “Of course I heard. She’s been going on blind dates recently. Sigh, I really didn’t expect the high and mighty Young Lady Shen to have such a day. Those men she used to look down on might not even look up to her now. Oh, right. Did she come to the banquet tonight? Didn’t they say that the Shen and Mo families have a good relationship? Didn’t the Mo family help when the Shen family was in trouble?”

“Speak of the devil. Isn’t that Shen Rou?”

Someone pointed at the door.

The women turned around and saw the Shen family entering the hall.

Madam Shen, Shen Yuncheng, Shen Rou, and Shen Xin were all here. Even though the Shen family had fallen, Shen Rou was still dressed up and didn’t lose to anyone.

She was still arrogant like a beautiful and elegant swan.

The appearance of the two sisters attracted the attention of many men in the hall.

Everyone in the industry knew that the Shen family had a pair of sisters. They were both very good-looking.

Even though Shen Xin was younger, she was still pretty.

If it wasn’t for the Shen Corporation’s problems, the two sisters would definitely be coveted.

But now…

Even men who coveted beauty wouldn’t dare to marry them, afraid of being dragged down by the Shen family.

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