I’m Not Going to Be Bullied By a Girl

Chapter 705: Revenge On Society

Chapter 705: Revenge On Society

“I can’t just let it go.”

After dinner, Fan Chuan and Xiao Din escorted Shu Zhe, who was back in men’s clothing, home. Uncle Fireball then suddenly said to me who had stayed behind.

I felt reassured to have Fan Chuan and Xiao Ding escort Shu Zhe back home. Fan Chuan made an oath of love and already broke up with his girlfriend. Xiao Ding might still be a bit hesitant, but because of his fights with Fan Chuan, he also positioned himself as one of Shu Zhe’s prospective boyfriend.

These two prospective boyfriends will dutifully send Shu Zhe home and supervise each other to keep each other from doing anything wrong.

The class leader might even be happy when she sees his brother with Xiao Ding from the pet hospital and another man she doesn’t know, who looks like a college student. She would think that her brother made a lot of male friends, which will help him become manlier.

Unfortunately, you would be gravely mistaken. They are not Shu Zhe’s male friends, but his boyfriends! The class leader is pretty sad, she hasn’t even experienced getting escorted home by a boyfriend, but her younger brother was able to experience it first.

Also, it’s two boyfriends at once! Shu Zhe, you’re a bitch who would take anyone as a husband, do you think you deserve to go home? Are you not embarrassed to eat food made by your sister, who always keeps her hands clean?

The reason why I didn’t follow Shu Zhe, was because I first felt a little sorry for the class leader and was too ashamed to meet her. Second, I didn’t want to be a third wheel between Shu Zhe and his two boyfriends.

That’s why I stayed behind and planned to discuss with Uncle Fireball how to hide the fact that her brother had become a girl both both physically and mentally from the class leader, to avoid having our brains blown out.

I was a bit puzzled by Uncle Fireball’s sudden “I can’t just let it go” statement.

The laptop he brought home from the forest guard’s hut happened to be on my online store page, and certain model photos of Shu Zhe hadn’t been completely removed.

“Are you worried about Fan Chuan and Xiao Ding?” I guessed.

“Those two are just weak trash and there’s no need to be afraid of them.” Uncle Fireball waved his large calloused hand, “I can see that Xiao Hong is just playing with their feelings, those two fools who fell into the an emotional trap…”

“Hey, you’ve started calling Shu Zhe ‘Xiao Hong’, and still have the face to say that others fell into his trap?”

Uncle Fireball clenched and opened his left hand and sneered, “I’ve always been calling her ‘Xiao Hong’ online. If I didn’t use a nickname, wouldn’t it be worse if Sha Sha heard…”

I thought about it and nodded, Uncle Fireball is still quite reliable when not being perverted.

If the class leader heard us say “Shu Zhe made another boyfriend”, it will certainly cause suspicion. It would be better to say “Xiao Hong made another boyfriend”, since the class leader doesn’t know who Xiao Hong is anyway.

“Then…” I asked, “Uncle Fireball, what do you mean by ‘I can’t just let it go’?”

“I’m referring to your family’s online store.” Uncle Fireball used his knuckles to point to the laptop screen, “I spent a lot of money to buy fake schoolgirl underwear from your online store, do you think I’m just going to let it go?”

I saw Uncle Fireball was stirred up, so I smiled: “Uncle Fireball, if you want to ask for a refund, I will refund you the amount you paid minus the cost of goods, but your nephew took a large share of it, so he is also a ‘cost’.”

“I’m not asking for a refund.” Uncle Fireball heavy slammed his hand on the table beside the laptop, “I had money in the mountains but no place to spend it, now I also received a lot of disability pension, so I’m not lacking money. I’m mainly angry because I’m supposed to be well acquainted with the online world, but I was deceived by a trap and his underwear…”

In the end, real life is different than the online world. Uncle Fireball probably felt that the things he did were too shameful and was too embarrassed to say it in front of me.

“Then what are you going to do?” I asked, “Anyway, after these two days, you have even accepted a trap…”

“It’s true I have accepted it now, but it doesn’t change the fact that I was deceived in the first place.” Uncle Fireball said, “I decided. I can’t be the only person fooled, I want more people to fall for it, I want to take revenge on society.”

“Keep your voice down, be careful of the police barging in.” I hurriedly made a silent gesture, then lowered my voice and asked, “How are you going to take revenge on society?”

“Do you even need to ask?” Uncle Fireball puffed his chest out, and said haughtily, “The business where Xiao Hong sells underwear, and video chats with people, will all to be transferred to my house. I want to make these businesses bigger and better.”


“What, you don’t agree? Are you not willing to transfer these businesses to me.” Uncle Fireball snorted, “So, it’s true that compared to the ‘Happy Valley Adult Goods Store’, the ‘Happy Valley Perverted Goods Store’ is more profitable?”

It’s true that it’s more profitable, but the psychological burden is also huge. Also, my dad would not agree to let me sell these things, so now these businesses have been basically transferred to Shu Zhe, so that he could operate privately.

I thought about it and nodded: “Well, if you’re interested, Uncle Fireball, then from now on, you are the store owner of our branch of the ‘Happy Valley Perverted Goods Store’. You will be responsible for all of the goods sent from Xiao Hong, I’ll just be in charge of accepting the money from the buyer paid to my Alipay account, then I’ll split the money with the two of you 20-80, how does that sound?”

“Huh, I didn’t expect you to be quite generous.” Uncle Fireball’s face cleared up, “When established stores like yours lend others your name, they generally charge a high fee.”

“Come on, what’s our relationship.” I tried to be friendly and hit Uncle Fireball’s thick left arm (the muscles are still really hard).

Anyway, Shu Zhe may not give up his original means of earning money until he receives enough gifts from his boyfriends. Instead of letting him take the risk and continue to do those things under the watchful eye of the class leader, it would be better to shift his base of operations and let him come to Uncle Fireball’s place to open up a new office, at least there would be someone to supervise him.

If it wasn’t because selling these things are too immoral, so I want to take out 10% of the profits to donate to charity, then I would even be fine giving Shu Zhe and his uncle a 10-90 split.

All in all, on this dark and windy night, an evil and tragic plan was hatched.The

The “Happy Valley Pervert Goods Store” is finally born! From worn underwear to a high school girl’s “holy water”, from the kiss mark balloons to a variety of women’s “juices”. Even the “baby hair brush” Uncle Fireball has been strongly recommending… in short, congratulations, the opening will be a big deal, there will be free shipping and gifts, so please don’t miss it!

Uncle Fireball can do something to stave off the boredom after retiring while also getting revenge on society!

The reason is that from the beginning to the end, everything is completely fake! I heard he also wants to put all VIP customers who spend more than ¥800 into a group, then he would upload some “daily life photos” of Southland Red Berries to attract attention. Those customers think they are buying the good related to a beautiful girl, but the girl is a trap!

The Ksitigarbha Bodhisattvaha has a saying: “If I do not descend into hell, who will?”

Uncle Fireball also has a saying: “If I descend hell, then I must pull everyone into hell with me.”

Since he was already deceived, then he wants to make sure everyone else also gets deceived.

(A friendly reminder: if you are planning to buy so-called “girl’s worn underwear”, please be careful, because there’s a high probability of buying shota underwear. Especially if you join qq group that starts with 138*******, then for the sake of your sexual orientation, please immediately withdraw from the group.)

After agreeing on business matters, Uncle Fireball was now in a good mood. He pointed to the screen of my family’s online store page, while suggesting a lot of improvements.

I have to admit that although Uncle Fireball only spent a year and a half online, he was quite experienced. He had a lot of insight into the development of adult products, trends, and audience groups.

As expected of a person who lost their hunter aura because of jerking off too much!

Uncle Fireball also proposed to take out a portion of his disability pension to invest into the store, he not only wants to make the “Happy Valley Perverted Goods Store” bigger and better, but also feels that our “Happy Valley Adult Goods Store” can be improved.

I thought that maybe Uncle Fireball was a more suitable person than me and my dad to be in the adult products industry.

It just so happens that my dad’s business cohorts, the male and female owners of another adult goods online store are getting divorced, so the male owner was planning to pass on some of the hot goods to my dad at a low price. If we add the money from Uncle Fireball, we can take advantage of the opportunity to expand our business.

It’s not that I plan to keep the adult goods store for the rest of my life, but because I saw a hope that my dad could stop running the store, so I thought it was a good idea to let Uncle Fireball have a stake in the store.

Because Auntie Ren’s brother, the chairman of the Qing Zi Education Group, Ren HongDe, seems to intend to have my dad to go to his school as a high school teacher!

A former space physics university lecturer should be more than enough to teach high school physics, at least from a knowledge point of view.

If he really becomes a high school teacher, he would have no more time to run the online store, so why not see if there is a suitable candidate before it is too late, then you can pass the store on to someone else.

If Uncle Fireball really has business talent, then wouldn’t he be the best choice? Besides, he has plenty of time at home since he has already retired.

It’s not a bad idea to issue shares for the “Happy Valley Adult Goods” company. If we hand off all the business to Uncle Fireball, then my dad can focus on being a high school teacher.

My dad is finally not selling adult products anymore, my dad is going to be a teacher again! Although high school teachers sound a little worse than university professors, but it’s still a teacher!

So I happily promised Uncle Fireball that I would go back and talk to my dad about how he wanted to invest.

I went out for so long today without having a heart attack, so with bright expectations for the future, I returned to room 103 in the VIP building and slept beautifully.

The next morning, unexpectedly, the class leader and Gong CaiCai came to visit me together.

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