I’m Not Going to Be Bullied By a Girl

Chapter 585: The Little Man In The Box

Chapter 585: The Little Man In The Box

“Guys, you have to pay the fare if your luggage occupies a seat.”

The bus driver reminded us to pay, so the class leader, who was in control of our budget, went over to pay.

It was usually normal to pay extra when your luggage exceeded a certain weight, so the class leader thought the driver’s request was reasonable. After all, the bus was now basically became a private bus for class 2-3.

Besides, even if we have to pay a bit extra for luggage, it’s still much cheaper than getting a chartered vehicle. It would cost at least ¥500 to rent a coach for a round trip from here to Cui Song Mountain.

But the rural route 23 bus was pretty primitive. We couldn’t swipe our student cards and we had to pay everything in cash.

The cost of everyone’s fare was a bit over ¥90, but the driver thought it was annoying to give change back, so he only charged ¥90.

It was understandable since the rural route 23 bus was a neglected line. Usually, when it leaves the city district, there would be at most 5 or 6 passengers, but today it was packed. The driver even got a few extra bucks from collecting luggage fees, so I’m sure he would think he could buy more smokes today since he’s in a good mood.

“By the way, are you taking the students on a field trip?”

The driver asked teacher Yu who was sitting near him.

Teacher Yu was distracted a bit by his thoughts before he reacted and quickly nodded:

“That’s right, the students are going on an outing. I followed along to prevent something from going wrong.”

The driver sympathized with the teachers troubles and said: “It’s probably not easy managing over 40 students.”

“It’s alright. I’m just worried…” teacher Yu repeatedly slapped his knee until he saw Shu Sha maintaining order and his lips curved into a smile.

Worried about what? It’s obvious Shu Sha is taking your job and you’re just here for a free meal.

It seems teacher Yu talked with the principal before and is reluctant to part ways with Shu Sha when she graduates in a year.

He’s an embarrassment to all classroom teachers across the world. Did he actually develop a fond attachment to a 14 year old student?

Xiao Qin sat alone in one of the back seats while Xiong YaoYue was playing the PSP in the row right in front of her.

“Ye Lin classmate, come sit closer to me.”

Xiao Qin enthusiastically requested.

“Come sit closer so I can feed you the love filled bento I prepared last night.”

“I’ll kill you, I’ll kill you,”

Xiong YaoYue rapidly smashed the buttons on the PSP. She should be killing monsters and not trying to kill us because we were flirting.

The lotus cakes, fried squid rings, and onigirazu Xiao Qin mentioned yesterday were all enticing, so I dragged the cooler over next to Xiao Qin.

Before I left, I apologized to Niu ShiLi since I was talking about the NBA with him. Niu ShiLi showed he understood I was needed by my childhood friend.

Look, a friendship between Spartans is still the best. If it was Xiao Qin calling me over while I was with Ai Mi, she probably would have bit me.

Right when I settled down next to Xiao Qin, she took out a fancy thermal lunch box. A fragrant aroma instantly hit my face when she opened the lid.

“(*^__^*) hehe… Ye Lin classmate’s nostrils got bigger. Is it because you want to eat your childhood friend?”

Why do you keep relating my nose to perverted acts? I only wanted to eat your bento, I don’t want to eat out you.

“Go eat shit, die die die.”

Xiong YaoYue screamed as she played with her handheld console, I don’t think she’s purposely trying to disgust me.

“Ta-dah.” Xiao Qin said as she completely opened the bento. She looked at me with a look as if she was expecting me to praise her.

I was instantly scared when I saw the contents.

No, it wasn’t the shit Xiong YaoYue mentioned, it was indeed packed with eatable food.

It was composed of lotus cakes, fried squid rings, and onigirazu. She must have spent a lot of time making all three for me last night.

The problem was… how the food was placed.

Why did you use the lotus cakes as a person’s face, the squid rings as eyes, and the triangular onigirazu as the person’s body.

It’s true your cooking skills improved, but please don’t sprinkle your artistic skills onto your cooking because your artistic skills did not improve at all.

This ‘bento person’ is too terrifying. The face looked like it was burnt while the large circular eyes looked empty inside as it stared into your soul.

“Hahaha, now you’re going to die.”

Xiong YaoYue was still obsessed with her game.

“Are you not going to eat? Is it because my food is bad?”

No, I could tell your skills are improving from the chicken rolls I ate Sunday, but this appearance…

“I’m sorry, I’m so dumb.” Xiao Qin lowered her head and sighed, “I thought it looked pretty similar to Ye Lin classmate…”

What the hell did you say? Did you say this was based off of me? Where does it look like me?

“That’s why, in order to increase the flavor, I hugged the cabbage and kissed the tomatoes…”

“There’s also carrots in the lotus cakes. My mom scolded me last night when I was licking the carrots in the kitchen…”

Of course, it would be weird if Auntie Ren didn’t scold you. Which mother can keep calm when they see their daughter hugging and licking a carrot like an idiot.

“I learned from my mom that’s enough to put just put in your love. There was no need to lick the carrots, the TV host was wrong…”

When did the host ever tell you to lick carrots? Stop blaming good people and apologize.

“I feel like my love for Ye Lin classmate won’t lose to anyone. So I prepared the bento while thinking about Ye Lin classmate…”

“It’s because I thought about Ye Lin classmate too hard, that’s why the bento turned out looking like Ye Lin classmate… I, I stared at the bento for an hour straight yesterday, I almost couldn’t hold myself back and almost licked the Ye Lin classmate that was in the bento… I’m so ashamed…”

No, I’m the one who should be ashamed, so this was how I actually appeared in your mind. For the past 14 years I always thought I was a human, but I’m sorry.

The reason why you bullied me when we were kids was because you discriminated against aliens, right?

“I’m sorry.” I said seriously to Xiao Qin, “I really can’t eat it when you’ve laid out the food in a terrifying way. It only made me not want to eat it more after learning it was supposed to be me.”

“No, no way.” Xiao Qin wailed, “It was a bento I prepared with love.”

“I’ll eat it if you tear it apart.”

I said after being influenced by my dad and not wanting to waste food.

Plus, Xiao Qin’s food is getting more and more delicious. I think it will taste pretty good once the person is broken apart.

“No.” Xiao Qin protected the bento like she wouldn’t let anyone hurt it.

“It would be cruel to dismember the cute Ye Lin classmate.”

“I mean you’re going to eat it anyway. If it was an animal, it would be more humane to dismember it first before eating it.”

“Okay, okay, if Ye Lin classmate won’t eat it if I don’t agree, then please go ahead.”

Xiao Qin unwillingly handed over the chopsticks and bento.

I reached out to take the chopsticks, as I was prepared to deliver a fatal strike, Xiao Qin suddenly snatched the bento back.

“Since Ye Lin classmate doesn’t want to eat it whole, it should be fine to give me the important parts.”


My chest was stabbed.

Red began to flow out.

The organ that was responsible for supplying blood through the body was taken away from its original spot.

But I didn’t die.

Because the one who had its heart dug out was the person in the bento.

But it was so real. Inside the triangular body was a hidden cherry.

Xiao Qin picked up the cherry and put it in her mouth. She mashed it up good with her teeth and swallowed with satisfaction.

“Ye Lin classmate is delicious.”

She gave an innocent smile.

It’s a scorching hot summer day, but why do I feel a shiver on my back.

It’s only a lunchbox, there was no need to make it so realistic. My heart almost stopped when you began digging out the insides.

But in another sense, the bento person… should be dead, since its heart was eaten…

As I was about to use my chopsticks, I discovered a seaweed strip around the crotch area.

What is this, I questioned Xiao Qin as I stabbed it with my chopsticks.

Xiao Qin clutched her red face and replied bashfully:

“That, that’s the mosaic I put.”

The same mosaics they have in AV films? So you gave the bento person a shirt, but he’s not wearing any pants?

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