I’m Not Going to Be Bullied By a Girl

Chapter 563: Group Inspection

Chapter 563: Group Inspection

“Sis, don’t listen to his nonsense.”

Shu Zhe suddenly wailed out from outside the door.

He must have heard me shake the class leader awake and feared I would push all the blame onto him.

Shu Zhe, who couldn’t enter, pounded on the door.

“Um… sis, I was forced, I really was forced. Bro Ye Lin said that if I didn’t cross dress to help him make money, he would break my legs, and also… violate my ass.”

The class leader raised an eyebrow when she heard her brother say ass and sent a questioning gaze over towards me.

However, the soft cat ears on top of her head was still wiggling around.

Shu Zhe continued to embellish the story: “Sis, bro Ye Lin also forced me to feed you sleeping pills and was planning on violating you after you fell asleep! Look, that’s why I’m locked outside! It’s a good thing I intentionally reduced the dosage so you would wake up earlier.”

Damn, Shu Zhe, your lying abilities are already on par with Xiao Qin’s, but it’s a hundred times more malicious!

The class leader, who was original puzzled why she suddenly fell asleep, suddenly came to a realization and immediately felt her underwear lacing through the clothes. Only after she found that there were no signs of being violated, did she feel slightly relieved.

What, just like how you have a special way to tie your shoelaces when you’re riding a bicycle, do you also have a special way to tie up your underwear?

“Is what Xiao Zhe said true?”

“I…” it was impossible for Shu Zhe to carry all the blame, but I had to be careful with my wording. We had to make our stories align, otherwise if Shu Zhe and I push the blame on each other, the truth might come out and the class leader will take out both of us.

Seeing that I hesitated for a moment, the class leader’s eyes darkened.

I don’t know if it was the after effects of sleeping pills, but the class leader held her forehead with her hand and bit her lips tightly as if she had a headache and was suffering from an internal struggle.

“You liar.”


“You lied to me when you said you would help Xiao Zhe improve his PE scores, but in the end… you wanted him to do those things, you even said… you wanted to violate his ass. How can you be perverted to such an extent?”

“Hey hey, I never said I wanted to violate Shu Zhe’s ass. That’s a false accusation.”

Anxious to defend myself, I blurted out:

“Besides even if Shu Zhe looks a lot like you after he wears a wig, but he’s not you, why would I use imitation goods…”

Ah, oops, I accidentally spilled some of my real thoughts. It was the same as saying: “Even if I was going to violate someone’s ass, it would be yours.”

The class leader’s entire body trembled from anger.

The cat ears also trembled along with her.



“Why didn’t you do anything to me after I fell asleep.”

“Because it was Shu Zhe’s own idea to give you sleeping pills, it had nothing to do with me. I am a gentleman…”

The class leader pointed to my pocket, “Then what’s this.”

The condom that Shu Zhe gave me was placed inside. The unique ring shape of a condom was revealed through the fabric.

“You brother gave it to me, I didn’t bring it here.”

Although that’s what said, I knew it wasn’t very convincing in the current situation.

Suddenly, I wondered if Shu Zhe deliberately lowered the dosage so that the class leader would wake up early and catch me red handed to shift the responsibility.

If I think about it, I woke up the class leader by simply shaking her with my hand. If I actually couldn’t control myself and jumped on her, she might have woken up before I could even do anything.

I would be dead if I was caught while we were both naked.

So in summary, Shu Zhe called me here to entrap me. He knew it would be difficult to threaten the class leader even with naked pictures of her, since she wasn’t someone who could be easily threatened.

As for giving me a condom, it was done with ill intentions. Even if I didn’t use it, it would still be evidence to show I was planning on doing something.

Everything was planned to divert the class leader’s anger and make me his scapegoat.

“Class leader, calm down.” I said, “Please think about it carefully. If I did actually lose control, when you compare the difference in our strength, I wouldn’t even need to use sleeping pills.”

The class leader smiled coldly, “So you’re saying you can violate me with brute force right now? So why don’t you come at me?”

Eh, I didn’t expect the class leader to say that. Her words and tone seemed to be a bit self-loathing, was it a huge blow to you to see me have a condom in my pocket?

“It’s because you don’t have the guts, right?” Seeing that I didn’t react, the corners of the class leader’s mouth carried a hint of ridicule.

“You think that if you violate me, I will definitely call the police and you will lose more than you will gain. That’s why you settled for the next best thing and let Xiao Zhe pretend to be me… it seems you’re more calm than me, you’re able to calmly compare the amount of pleasure you can get versus the price you have to pay…”

“I’m not as calm as you… so leave.”

Wait, don’t show me the door yet.

There was a sudden knock at the front door. The class leader swooped off the bed and intended to answer the door, but took a few steps and stopped, then turned back to me and said painfully:

“Ye Lin, come at me if you need anything, but at least let my brother go.”

I didn’t have any thoughts about your brother! It was hard enough to make Xiong YaoYue believe that I wasn’t gay, but now it was the class leader’s turn to doubt my sexual orientation.

The class leader opened the locked bedroom door and Shu Zhe stood outside anxiously waiting for the results. He was shocked to see his sister walk out with cat ears, but I glared at him so he was able to hold back his laugh.

“Open the door, it’s the gas company.”

A coarse male voice came from outside the front door.

I can’t help but feel apprehensive, the gas company was a common ploy used by the government to eliminate people. Did Shu Zhe spread some anti-government rhetoric online?

Or is it that the people outside were actually here to arrest me? The fact I killed Tie Xian finally came to light, so the police car was already waiting downstairs. I’m going to be sent to prison to pick up soap before I could clear up the misunderstanding with the class leader.

It turns out I was overthinking it. The middle-aged man who entered was an actual employee from the gas company. He was wearing a blue work uniform and carrying a toolbox.

“I’m here to check if there’s a natural gas leak…”

The middle-aged man said routinely, but when he saw the class leader who came to open the door, he was stunned for a long time.

The unaware class leader was a bit baffled seeing the other man stare at her, but she didn’t take it to heart.

“The gas is over here, please change into these slippers.” The class leader pointed in the direction of the kitchen, then took out a pair of suitable slippers from the shoe cabinet.

When the class leader bent down to get the slippers, the cat ears wiggled along with her movements. The middle-aged man frowned and looked over the class leader’s head at Shu Zhe and me, who were standing in the living room.

Seeing that neither Shu Zhe nor I had any intention of explaining the cat ears, the middle-aged man nodded in an unknown manner. He probably thought it was normal for a girl the class leader’s age to be wearing cat ears and he was simply too old and out of touch with the times.

“Oh, the standard hose is used here and there are no leaks…”

It didn’t take much time for the middle-aged man to finish his inspection, except he kept unconsciously looking at the class leader’s swaying cat ears.

“Every day before bed, I will close the main shutoff valve.” The class leader said proudly.

“There’s no need to be that cautious…” the middle-aged man said, after having the class leader sign a sheet, then left while turning his head back every three steps.

After sending the inspector away, the class leader looked at Shu Zhe and me standing in the living room and began to brew with anger.

“You guys…”

After saying those two words, there was another knock on the door.

“Who is it?” The squad leader asked, a bit annoyed.

“The gas company.”

It seemed like there was more than one person.

“Didn’t someone just check?”

“Well… he didn’t have all the tools, this time we want to do a full…”

The class leader had no choice but to open the door for them.

Damn, six gas company employees, all male. They all piled right in front of the class leader’s door, afraid they weren’t able to get a look.

The middle-aged man who came before pulled out a pen-like object. He didn’t even enter and pretended to monitor something in the air.

The other five men whispered among each other while staring at the class leader. Their main focus was on the class leader’s cat ears.

Stop lying, what inspection? They obviously came as a group to look at the class leader’s cat ears.

Is it that rare seeing a beautiful girl wearing cat ears? Once you guys go back to the company, you will probably boast about seeing a beautiful girl at a certain building wearing cat ears. From then on, the amount of people who come by the class leader’s home for inspections will increase inexplicably.

The class leader also felt something was wrong, but she couldn’t imagine that the problem was on top of her own head.

“Is there a problem?” The class leader’s cat ears wiggled as she asked the middle-aged man who was “testing” with a pen-like object.

“No, no problem.” The middle-aged man replied sheepishly, then he used his back to push back his colleagues who kept squeezing forward and excused himself, “I’ll be back next month… no, next week, gas safety can’t be neglected.”

The class leader tried to remain polite and closed the door.

After being interrupted by the gas company, the anger that the class leader had just gathered seemed to have dissipated. But she still glared at me, looking like she was waiting for an apology.

“Sorry, please don’t be angry, I will return your fish….”

I really wanted to say that as an apology…

At this point Shu Zhe couldn’t control himself, he covered his mouth and laughed, “Sis, your ears…”

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