I’m Cultivating Immortality While Everyone Else Practices Martial Arts

Chapter 467 - The Rules

Chapter 467: The Rules

They were not in a hurry to make a move. Instead, they turned around with solemn expressions.

“Master, please wait here,” they said respectfully to the place where the Master of the ancient Dragon Temple had just disappeared.

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

After that, they exchanged blows and saw that the two of them were in a heated fight on the arena.

Andrew only stared at them with a calm expression and didn’t say anything. This was because these two people weren’t even worth mentioning in front of him.

However, if these two people were placed outside, then their strength would be terrifying. There was no need to think about anything else. If they were to go out, it would definitely be..

After a short while, one of them was defeated because he didn’t even use a single move. At this moment, the few people who were standing outside the stage and watching the battle were stunned.

Looking at the cultivation that was emitted from the two of them, they couldn’t help but be stunned. However, very soon, those people began to talk to themselves.

“I really didn’t expect his strength to be so powerful. It seems that we have to be careful.”

“Ah, yes. Otherwise, we will definitely end up like him in a while. I don’t want to lose face here.”


However, as soon as he arrived, Andrew looked at the Warriors in front of him, exchanging words.

A trace of disdain flashed across his face, but now, he couldn’t say anything.

However, just as he stood there, not knowing what to do, suddenly, a few warriors walked up to the arena.

What he didn’t expect was that after these warriors walked up, they actually surrounded the one who had just won.

After seeing this scene, he couldn’t say anything and could only wait quietly.

He originally wanted to go up and finish all these warriors by himself, but he thought about it in the end.

Since they were willing to move each other, why should he waste his time here? Wouldn’t it be better for him to sit back and reap the benefits?

When he thought of this, a mysterious smile involuntarily flashed across his face.


After a long wait, there was only one victor left on the competition stage.

A satisfied smile flashed across his face because he was sure that none of the people present were his match.

However, just as he was about to speak, Andrew, who was standing at the side, had a mysterious smile on his face as he slowly walked up.

When he was in front of him, Andrew spoke to him with a calm expression.

“Don’t celebrate as early as now. I’m still more interested in you. How about the two of us spar?”

When he heard Andrew’s words, he couldn’t help but have a trace of doubt on his face.

This warrior had stayed in the Dragon Temple of the ancient capital for an unknown amount of time and had never seen a figure like Andrew.

After staring at Andrew and beating him up, a cold smile flashed across his face, and he said to Andrew with a cold expression.

“Seeing that you are a new face, I advise you to go down quickly. You are not my match at all. If you are injured by me later, I can’t bear the responsibility.”

Seeing his arrogant look, Andrew just smiled faintly and said, “Don’t speak so early? I am also interested in the treasures provided by the Master of the Lonely Dragon Temple. Why don’t the two of us spar and let me see how strong you are?”

As he said this, Andrew could not help but smile coldly.

The reason why he said this was because he was being polite to the person in front of him. If they really started fighting, he wouldn’t be a match for Andrew.

Even if the person in front of him went all out, it was impossible for him to be a match for Andrew.

As for the warrior, after hearing what Andrew said, he just smiled faintly and said coldly to Andrew.

“In that case, I will satisfy your curiosity and let you see the difference in strength between the two of us.”

As he spoke, he directly released his cultivation and took a step forward.

In an instant, he rushed toward Andrew. However, what he didn’t expect was that when he rushed to Andrew’s front.

Andrew did not have any intention of dodging. Instead, he slowly unleashed his cultivation.

At the beginning, the warrior did not care because he could clearly feel that the cultivation that was emitted from Andrew’s body was not even one-tenth of his.

However, in the next second, his face could not help but reveal a trace of shock.

In that instant, the cultivation that was emitted from Andrew’s body continued to soar to another level. In a short while, it broke through its limit.

But now, these five were already on the bow and had no choice but to shoot.

He couldn’t just admit defeat and run away like this. When that time came, his face would be lost.

At this moment, he realized that it was impossible for him to be Andrew’s opponent. However, he could not back down now.

In an instant, he pulled out a long sword from his interspatial ring and instantly enhanced the immortal qi in his body.

However, he did not expect that before he could reach Andrew, he was blocked by a mysterious force.

At this moment, Andrew couldn’t help but smile coldly.

In the blink of an eye, he was blown away by the immortal qi that Andrew released.

When the spectators saw this scene, they were all shocked.

This was because they didn’t see clearly when Andrew made his move.

And the warrior who had just been sent flying by Andrew stood up from the ground at an extremely fast speed in that instant.

After staring at Andrew and sizing him up, an unsightly expression involuntarily flashed across his face.

He didn’t even see clearly how Andrew had blown him away just now.

But now, it wasn’t the time to think too much. He used his immortal qi again.

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