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Chapter 959 - Expansion of the Unending Sea

Chapter 959: Expansion of the Unending Sea

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“Haha, we’re still alive. How dare you be so arrogant?”

Space Disruptor roared crazily, “It was just a painting. What do you even have left?”

They were really terrified, but as supreme beings, how could they bear to be pushed around by Blackie and the Others?

“If one isn’t enough, I still have another,” Blackie pulled out another scroll and looked at Space Disruptor mockingly.

Suddenly, Space Disruptor paled as he fled to a distance with the other supreme being. Their faces were full of alarm.

Thankfully, that other supreme being was their meat shield facing the other painting. If there was another one, they would definitely die!

“If this painting isn’t enough, we still have a lot of other treasures. Who wants to come up and die?” Nanan pulled out a kitchen knife and said with a smile.

The kitchen knife was already a little broken down. Even the blade was a bit chipped. However, there was an incredible killing intent coming from it. It caused Space Disruptor and the other supreme being to pale as they rapidly retreated.

They exchanged a glance was a look of worry flashed into their eyes.

Neither of them were willing to charge forward. They already saw what would happen if they did.

It was like a gun that was pointed at a group of people. None of them were willing to take a bullet for anyone else.

“Humph, don’t let us see you again!” Space Disruptor spat out before he fled rapidly with the other supreme being.

They became traitors because they treasured their lives too much, so they were naturally not willing to take any risks.

“Cowards,” Blackie pursed its lips in disdain. After that, it opened that piece of paper, revealing that it was empty.

“How amazing! The stupid dog actually knows how to pull off these tricks sometimes,” Old Dragon praised.

Yang Jian said curiously, “Nanan, is that kitchen knife also fake?”

“That’s real. It’s big brother’s old kitchen knife. I picked it up from the trash,” Nanan said.

Xiao Chengfeng said, “Why didn’t we force them to stay behind just now? They actually hid in the dark and tried to get an advantage. How petty.”

Nanan sighed, “The knife will only be able to kill one of them, what do we do about the other one? There might even be other traitors still hiding around. We should scare them away.”

Qin Manyun nodded, “That’s right. We’ve already used up a lot of the expert’s things on the way. It’s better to be more careful.”

At that moment, the Undying, the drunkard and the strong man already sealed the Dao-Devouring Dragon.

“You despicable people! What’s the skill in attacking me together? If you dare, face me alone. Back then, I was something far and above all of you. Just you wait, I’ll have my revenge,” The Dao-Devouring Dragon was still frantically cursing even as it was captured.

Blackie patted it on its shoulder, “Don’t worry, you’ll just be a plate of meat for the expert after a while. The expert will make sure to take care of your meat well. We won’t let you go to waste.”

“You…” The Dao-Devouring Dragon wanted to curse some more, but it could suddenly not speak anymore.

The drunkard laughed, “I’m sorry, I forgot to seal its mouth earlier. I just did it.”

“Let’s go, I don’t know how Dragin’s doing. We should meet up with them,” Nanan said.

The Volcanoes of Disaster were thoroughly sealed, so all of them agreed.

However, before they left, everyone still used the last of the Wisdom Soil to completely bury the volcano. It made sure that Madman Chu’s skeleton would forever be buried inside.

After half a day, they met up with Dragin and Little Fox at the border of the Unending Sea.

At that moment, the Unending Sea already expanded its territory. It completely submerged the whole Eastern Star Region. All of the cultivators in the region were either dead or corrupted.

If Little Fox and the others were not suppressing the place, the sea would have expanded even more. It could have even swallowed up the Origins REalm.

“What happened? Why did the Unending Sea expand so rapidly?” The drunkard frowned slightly as he said in surprise.

The drunkard suppressed the Unending Sea for countless years and knew the sea very well. He never expected that the Unending Sea would cause so much destruction.

Furthermore, the Volcanoes of Disaster had Madman Chu’s skeleton and Madman Chu’s mount. It should be even stronger than the Unending Sea. Yet, the Unending Sea already posed a far greater threat.

It made him feel incredibly unsettled. It was like something was pulling the strings behind the scenes.

Little Fox frowned as she said bitterly, “If it was just the Unending Sea, we wouldn’t need too much to suppress it. However, the traitors are helping the Unending Sea, which is why no one can seal the place. There’s also a supreme being that I can’t defeat. If he wasn’t afraid of Brother Li’s things, I would have been forced to run.”

“The traitors again. What a bunch of rats!” The strong man shouted angrily.

“The Unrivalled really has gone crazy!” The drunkard’s tone was very dark. Not long ago, he was almost killed by the Unrivalled. That person crossed the line more and more.

Qin Manyun asked, “Where’s Shi Tuqin?”

Dragin said, “She went with Nuwa to suppress the other areas with the Heavenly Soldiers. For some reason, more and more places are erupting in gray mist.”


At that moment, the Unending Sea suddenly started to rise. From the waves, an old hag slowly walked out.

She said in a pleased tone, “Haha, we meet again, drunkard. I bet you didn’t expect me to expand so quickly. A new era is coming. You’ll notice very quickly that everything all of you have done was useless.”

“Drunken sword formation!” The drunkard did not waste time talking as he coldly pointed at his gourd. Wine shot out, forming into blades that shot right at the old hag.

The old hag raised her hand, and the waves shot up to form a vortex in front of her. It completely blocked all the swords. The two forces clashed with each other before disappearing at the same time.

The drunkard’s expression stiffened slightly.

With the expansion of the Unending Sea, the old hag got stronger.

Before, he could easily kill the hag. Even though she was able to use the Unending Sea to constantly revive herself, she was still unable to beat the drunkard. Yet, the old hag’s skills rose to the drunkard’s level.

The strong man and the Undying attacked at the same time, shattering the old hag.

However, she quickly appeared on another wave as she mocked, “Hahaha, you can’t kill me.”

“Dragin, have you tried using the expert’s things to stop the Unending Sea?” Qin Manyun could not help but ask as she thought about how they dealt with the volcanoes.

Dragin nodded and shook her head after that, sighing, “We tried everything we brought with us, but we didn’t find anything that could deal with the Unending Sea.”

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