I’m Actually a Cultivation Bigshot

Chapter 38

Chapter 38: The Bitterness of Being Single

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Meanwhile, Lin Qingyun’s voice was heard coming from outside.

“Are you home, Mr. Li?”

Li Nianfan said, “Come on in.”


Lin Qingyun pushed the door open and came in. When she saw that the Holy Emperor and Luo Shiyu were there already, she frowned slightly.

She was not the first to arrive. Swiftly after, she saw the elixirs laid out in front of her. Her beautiful eyes were full of surprise.

It was apparent that the Ganlong Immortal Dynasty brought over their most precious treasures. Luckily, she saw this coming, as she also packed the most precious elixirs from the Lingyun Immortal Court.

“Mr. Li, here are some elixirs from our Lingyun Immortal Court.” Lin Qingyun waved her hand and instantly, sixteen elixirs appeared in front of her.

These elixirs had a unique appearance, They even exuded different colored halos that filled up the inner court with sparkles and immortal spirits.

“These, these are…premium-grade elixirs!”

Daji was shocked. So were the Hoy Emperor and Luo Shiyu as they all stared with their eyes wide like saucers.

Seeing the reaction of the rest, Lin Qingyun let out a proud smirk as she thought to herself, ‘Hah, since the Ganlong Immortal Dynasty is going with quantity, I’ll go with quality!

‘With the powerful background of my Lingyun Immortal Court, not many people can offer a collection of these sixteen elixirs!’

The elixirs in this Immortal realm could be divided into Elementary grade, Intermediate grade, Advanced grade, and Premium grade! The grade above Premium would be Immortal grade. The Immortal grade elixirs probably only existed in the Above Immortal Realm. Even the Immortals would treat the Immortal grade elixirs as treasures, or perhaps they only existed in legends.

Li Nianfan halted slightly, too. He could tell by the looks of his guests that these elixirs were extraordinary. Lin Qingyun’s generosity was way beyond his expectation.

“Thank you. If you ever need a favor in the future, I’ll do all I can,” Li Nianfan sighed to himself but did not refuse her generosity.

‘Sigh, I do owe them so much, but I cannot refuse their help since these elixirs are beneficial to healing Daji.’

From what he could tell so far, Lin Qingyun seemed to be a cultivator, an art lover, and a foodie. If she were to ever request for a drawing or piece of writing or even meals, Li Nianfan would accept them all.

He did go the distance to get himself a beautiful wife. Who would understand the bitterness of being single?

Seeing that Li Nianfan accepted her gifts, Lin Qingyun was delighted. When she spoke earlier, she specifically said that these were given to him on behalf of the Lingyun Immortal Court, not just from her. This was to see how Li Nianfan would react to the name of the Lingyun Immortal Court.

Since Li Nianfan had accepted their gifts and responded with such sincerity, that could only mean that from today onward, the Lingyun Immortal Court would have an impressive bigshot supporting them.

With that in mind, Lin Qingyun flushed red with excitement. She felt as if her body was floating in the air, buzzing with happiness.

Meanwhile, Daji bit on her lip by the side. She looked at Li Nianfan blankly, feeling immensely touched with tears in her eyes. Li Nianfan was an otherworldly expert that was living an ordinary and hidden life. However, to save her, he decided to owe such a big favor to the Lingyun Immortal Court. Daji felt like she could never repay Li Nianfan.

The Holy Emperor and Luo Shiyu looked at Lin Qingyun in awe, envying how the Lingyun Immortal Court had established such a connection with Mr. Li. It was a pity that the Ganlong Immortal Dynasty did not have as precious a collection as them, or else this opportunity would not have been stolen by them.

“Mr. Li, are you home?” A voice was heard coming from outside.

Bai Wuchen and Zhao Shanhe had arrived.

Upon entering, they were stunned by the overflowing amount of elixirs displayed in the inner court. They purse their lips bitterly. They did expect this to happen, so why did they come to compete anyway? They were just trying to embarrass themselves!

The elixirs in their sects were nothing compared to the Ganlong Immortal Dynasty and Lingyun Immortal Court’s collections. Under this circumstance, how could they present the elixirs they brought?

Bai Wuchen and Zhao Shanhe exchanged a bitter smile as they kept their storage rings back in their pockets.

“Sect Master Bai, you both brought over some elixirs as well?” the Holy Emperor asked smilingly.

Bai Wuchen answered helplessly, “Luo Emperor, don’t fool me further. With the small collections we have, you probably already have what we have, and you probably have what we don’t have, too. Of course, I’m not bringing out my collection.”

Hearing what Bai Wuchen said, the Holy Emperor felt less embarrassed. At least he was still able to leave a good impression on the expert.

Zhao Shanhe pondered for a long time before he finally spoke, “Mr. Li, I don’t have any elixirs, though I brought you a seed. This seed was obtained by my ancestor when he traveled to an ancient realm. Unfortunately, nobody knows what seed this is.”

“Obtained by your ancestor?” Bai Wuzhen cried out in shock and he could not help asking. “Zhao Laotou, don’t you try to fool us. Your ancestor’s period was at least a thousand years ago. What kind of seed can exist for so long?”

Bai Wuchen was trying to warn Zhao Shanhe. He was afraid that his old mate was trying to lie to Li Nianfan.

It would be over if he did. The expert was not someone they could lie to.

“I know what I’m talking about. Why would I lie?” Zhao Shanhe took out a small wooden box. “I can feel that there’s still life in this seed, also…”

Zhao Shanhe appeared rather embarrassed. He coughed gently, “I was naughty when I was young. I once took the seed out of the box and realized that it was impossible to be damaged by a sword, water, or even fire! I even thought for a while that this wasn’t a seed.”

The crowd looked at Zhao Shanhe with a strange look. They did not expect this elderly man to have been a naughty kid when he was young.

However, everyone became more curious. What kind of seed was this? It sounded special. Even Li Nianfan was captivated as he took the box and opened it.

An extremely ordinary round seed was inside the box. The size was just like any ordinary seed, while its color was jade green, dull-looking, and seemingly ordinary.

“Are you sure this seed is still alive?” the Holy Emperor sized up the seed for a while and looked at Zhao Shanhe with suspicion.

Zhao Shanhe answered awkwardly, “Maybe… Should be… Probably alive.”

Li Nianfan frowned slightly. He picked up the seed and sniffed it hard. With his many years of farming experience, he could tell that this was indeed a seed and it was not completely dead. It was half dead and half alive.

This meant that this seed was not completely dried out but it would not be able to germinate. Nothing would ever come out of it.

‘I’ve been crowned as a Saint farmer by the System. Although I don’t know if it still contains water, my basic judgment shouldn’t be too wrong,’ Li Nianfan thought to himself.

He looked at Zhao Shanhe and asked, “Are you sure this seed isn’t intimidated by fire?”

Zhao Shanhe nodded.

“I want to try it out.”

Li Nianfan picked up the Dragon Fire Pearl and said, “Dragon Fire Pearl, burn it.”


A small stream of flame sprayed out from the pearl. The seed remained unscathed.

“Huh? Interesting.” Li Nianfan looked at it curiously. Any kind of seed would be intimidated by fire, yet this seed was not intimidated at all? How could it be?

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