I’m Actually a Cultivation Bigshot

Chapter 24

Chapter 24: Time To Feast!

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Watching Nanan’s silhouette, Li Nianfan started thinking deeply. He hoped that Nanan could recover swiftly and heal her trauma. The meat of the leopard was very delicious. However, other than his fishless pond, he did not breed any other animals. So, it would not be easy to find wild meat. Furthermore, compared to normal wild animals, the monster’s meat was more tender and delicious.

Li Nianfan muttered to himself, “I feel like eating some wild meat.” His voice was low, but the cultivators heard it clearly.

The expert was giving them a signal! It was his test for them!

Their eyes opened wide and their cheeks flushed with excitement.

“Mr. Li, I’d be more than happy to bring you some wild animals!” Bai Wuchen said hastily.

“Mr. Li, I can do that, too!” Lin Qingyun and Zhao Shanhe were late by a beat, but the two of them still called out in unison.

Li Nianfan was shocked by their enthusiasm. “Huh… You don’t have to be so polite!”

“Mr. Li, we listened to your story for free. Getting you some wild animals is the least we can do,” Lin Qingyun said.

Bai Wuchen already had his sword under his feet and was ready to take off. “Mr. Li, why don’t you go home first? We’ll go hunt for some animals right away.”

Seeing how enthusiastic they were, Li Nianfan felt bad for turning down their offers. “Alright, then. Thank you so much!”

With that, Bai Wuchen and the rest flew into the sky. They all exchanged competitive looks. They all took this as a competition to impress Li Nianfan.

Meanwhile, Bai Luoshuang staggered weekly. “Hmm… I feel that Mr. Li meant more than that.”


Everyone turned to look at Bai Luoshuang. Lin Qingyun seemed as if she was thinking, too.

“Luoshuang, what do you mean?” Bai Wuchen asked.

She replied, “Dad, I don’t think Mr. Li wants to eat wild animals. After killing the Leopard Monster, he wanted to treat us to a leopard feast. I have a feeling that the wild meat Mr. Li was referring to are monsters.”

“Why didn’t I think of that? I saw the look of pity when the expert looked at Nanan. Nanan was traumatized by the monster, so the expert must hate monsters!” Su Ya nodded.

“Argh! It’s a lucky thing you guys remembered. Come to think of it, he’s an expert. Why would he want to eat normal cheap wild meat, right? What he meant was the monsters, no doubt! We almost misread him. Imagine if we brought him some ordinary animals over. We might as well not see him again!” Bai Wuchen said cautiously.

He could not help thinking of the test in the story he heard earlier. He almost failed the test! Luckily, his daughter pointed it out to him.

Zhao Shanhe was impatient. “Then, what’re we waiting for? Let’s go and kill some monsters! We have to get him at least a Monster Lord!”

Lin Qingyun said, “I know a place where a Tiger Lord resides. It’s cultivating in the Yuan Ying realm and has caused harm to many people. If we kill it, the expert would be pleased!”

“Bring us there right away!”

They did not want to waste any time. They sped up to get to this Tiger Lord.

A thousand miles away, there was a forest filled with evil spirits. Everyone who passed by would be terrified and run away in fear. Meanwhile, a bunch of little monsters gathered in the forest. They were having a party. The Tiger Lord was staring at the head of another dead tiger, watching the performance of the little monsters while enjoying his feast and wine.

A bright light approached them and landed in the forest. Swiftly after, a white Sword Intent soared to the sky.


A loud cry of a tiger resonated in the forest. Before the little monsters could react to what just happened, they saw their Lord in its original form, carried on the shoulders of the people who had just landed out of nowhere.


The little monsters were terrified and ran in all directions.

“One tiger is too little. Let’s grab a few more.” Bai Wuchen and the rest targeted a few more big monsters.

Li Nianfan arrived home, but not long after, Bai Wuchen and the rest arrived, too.


Different kinds of wild beasts appeared in front of Li Nianfan. They consisted of a double-headed wolf, a three-tailed lion, and many more. They were huge, which impressed Li Nianfan greatly.

Cultivators were so powerful! Eight out of ten of them were monsters!

“We don’t know what Mr. Li fancied, so we brought you more,” Bai Wuchen said.

“Hmm! Thank you so much!” Li Nianfan nodded with satisfaction. With the glory of the cultivators, he was able to have a feast today! These were not only rare beasts, they were monsters! This was something he could never have dreamt of back in his past realm.

Seeing Li Nianfan’s reaction, the cultivators let out a sigh of relief. Smiles appeared on their faces. So, the expert actually wanted monsters. Luckily, they realized his implication before it was too late!

After they had helped him so much, LI Nianfan had to return the kindness, so he asked, “There’s so much food. I can’t finish it by myself anyway. Why don’t you all stay for a meal?”

“Mr. Li, you’re too polite, don’t…” Zhao Shanhe instinctively rejected the offer out of politeness, but he was stopped by Bai Wuchen who glared at him with a look full of anger and hatred.

‘Are you an idiot?

‘Didn’t I tell you that even the water the expert drinks is made of Spiritual Water? That even a simple bowl of congee contained the Basics of Wisdom and was ineffably delicious? How could you turn down such an opportunity?


‘Even if it’s shameless of us, I’d want to stay for a meal!’

Zhao Shanhe understood what went through Bai Wuchen’s mind instantly. He coughed gently and said, “If you insist, I won’t turn you down!”

Li Nianfan nodded and turned to Xiao Bai. “Xiao Bai, go and prepare the meat. Cut them into slices and prepare some vegetables. We’ll have hotpot tonight.”

“Yes, my dearest master,” Xiao Bai answered and did as he was told.

Although this was not the first time Bai Wuchen saw this, he was still immensely stunned. If someone else had a Spiritual Robot at home, it would be the most precious thing in the house and they would treat it as an altar in the ancestral hall. Unlike Li Nianfan, who asked his Spiritual Robot to do chores!

One could only imagine the joy of being an expert!

Li Nianfan smiled. “You’re all in luck. We’re having hotpot.”


What was that?

Was that what Immortals ate?

The cultivators’ doubts did not stop them from being excited. They all looked at Bai Luoshuang with praise. It was all because of her that they passed the test imposed by the expert. Perhaps hotpot was a reward for them all.

Since the lunch was not yet ready, Li Nianfan permitted them to look around while he looked up at the sky. He contemplated if he should decorate his four-part architecture since he had been receiving so many guests lately, all of whom were cultivators. Although he was not a cultivator himself, his residence had to be impressive. Now that he knew the cultivators were art lovers, he wanted to renovate his house in a way that would impress his guests upon arrival.

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