I’m Actually a Cultivation Bigshot

Chapter 22

Chapter 22: A Bigshot’s World Is Indeed Full Of Tests

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“That’s all I’ll say. Even if you believe it or not, that’s all I can help you with,” Bai Wuchen said calmly. He knew that the expert was powerful and all-knowing. If he did not like others speaking of him behind his back, then it would be over for him! Therefore, he was afraid to keep talking.

Zhao Laotou looked at Bai Wuchen suspiciously. “Are you sure you’re telling the truth?”

“It’s true!” Bai Wuchen nodded.


Zhao Laotou’s face remained calm, but he breathed in a chilling breath. If Bai Wuchen was telling the truth, this expert was way too scary! Could he be an Immortal from above?

He suddenly realized that this was an opportunity for him. “I’ll go with you tomorrow. But if I find out you’re lying to me, I won’t let you go!” Zhao Laotou said.

The next day, when the sky was still hazy, Bai Wuchen brought Zhao Laotou along and started making their way to the Fallen Immortal Town. Bai Wuchen did not want to bother Li Nianfan. To show their sincerity, they arrived at the gate of the Fallen Immortal Town early, anticipating the arrival of Li Nianfan.

However, when they arrived, Lin Qingyun had been there waiting long before them. They exchanged a smile as they were not surprised.

Meanwhile, Li Nianfan was still enjoying his breakfast at a slow pace. After resting for a while, he made his way down the mountain.

When he arrived at the foot of the mountain, he was stopped by a figure. It was the scholar from yesterday. His eyes were no longer lost and confused. Instead, they sparkled with a hint of excitement. He bowed sincerely at Li Nianfan and said, “Mr. Li, I understand now! Thank you for your teaching yesterday!”

“You understood?” Li Nianfan looked at Meng Junliang, feeling that something did not seem right.

Meng Junliang said, “What Mr. Li was trying to say is that everything in the world follows a set of rules. One must start to realize the rules of everyday life to learn the rules of all the living and the dead. For example, the cycle of an ordinary man consists of birth to death, and one must fully understand this cycle to break this set of rules!”

So, he was still chasing after longevity.

Li Nianfan was tired of explaining further. He was so close to scolding the scholar yesterday by saying ‘Death is normal, you have to face reality, stop dreaming!’.

Instead, he asked hopelessly, “Are you sure this is what I meant?”

“Of course, Mr. Li’s wisdom is not as simple! I’ve only realized a glimpse of it!” Meng Junliang said sincerely. “However, I’ll observe everything in the world closely from now on and feel its natural rules in hope of realizing the meaning of your wise words!”

Li Nianfan swallowed back the words he was about to say. Since this scholar was idolizing him, he could not tell him off.

He sighed. “I hope you’ll understand one day.”

“I won’t give up, Mr. Li. Thank you for your teaching. I can’t repay you, therefore, I’ll be your humble disciple from now on!” Meng Junliang bowed at Li Nianfan.

“Stop! I’m not your teacher!” Li Nianfan stopped him. This kid had some problem with his mind. In his past realm, they would have called him crazy! It would be a joke having him as his disciple!

A hint of despair flashed on Meng Junliang’s face. As expected, this expert did not think highly of him. Perhaps his understanding was still too shallow. He needed to work harder.

Li Nianfan did not want to spend any more time with this scholar, so he continued walking toward the Fallen Immortal Town. However, Meng Junliang followed behind him closely with such obedience and politeness.

“Why’re you following me!?” Li Nianfan asked.

Meng Junliang answered politely, “Mr. Li, after listening to your story yesterday, I’ve learned a lot. It was a masterpiece! Please, allow me to write it down as a record. It’ll become the most important principle of life, benefiting future generations to come.”

Huh? It was just a story. How did it have anything to do with the most important principle of life?

Li Nianfan shook his head, thinking that this scholar was hopeless. However, it was not a bad idea to have someone write down the story. At least his efforts would not be for nothing. He waved his hand and gestured, “Fine, write it down if you want.”

“Thank you, Mr. Li!” Meng Junliang bowed in delight and joy.

Upon seeing Li Nianfan walking into the Fallen Immortal Town, Bai Wuchen and Lin Qingyun walked forward hastily and greeted, “Greetings to Mr. Li.”

“Good morning, Mr. Li.”

“Brother Nianfan finally came. I want to listen to the story!”

“Yay! It’s storytime again!”

Being greeted by a big crowd by the entrance, Mr. Li was shocked. He then smiled politely. “Good morning, everyone.”

Zhao Laotou saw that Li Nianfan was such a young man, and not to mention, an incredibly ordinary man. He was feeling a little disappointed. However, since he was warned by Bai Wuchen, he did not show his disappointment and waited patiently.

Chong Er, who was behind Zhao Laotou, frowned and said in a lowered voice, “Master, this young man seems younger than I am and has no cultivation at all. He’s likely to be an ordinary scholar.”

“Bai Wuchen wouldn’t wait for nothing. Can’t you see that Lin Qingyun from the Linyun Immortal Court is here, too?” Zhao Laotou said in a lowered voice. “Observe more and speak less.”

Chong Er lowered his head and nodded. He took a glimpse of Lin Qinyun and his eyes glowed with adoration and surprise. He never would have thought that he would be able to meet the Saintess of the Linyun Immortal Court here today, and at such a close distance! Unfortunately, he did not dare to speak to her.

Meanwhile, Lin Qingyun walked toward Li Nianfan and said with a pleasing tone, “Mr. Li, there are too many people here walking back and forth. I’m afraid it might distract you from telling the story, so I’ve rented a restaurant for you to speak in with comfort.”

Li Nianfan looked at Lin Qingyun with surprise. He never thought that she would be so considerate. He smiled. “Thank you for being so considerate.”

Bai Wuchen smacked his thigh, wishing he could slap himself right away. How could he have missed such a simple opportunity to please the expert?

Argh! An expensive mistake!

The restaurant was nearby. It was clean and tidy, plus the ambiance was nice. Lin Qingyun really did make an effort to please him.

Li Nianfan carried Nanan in his arms and arrived at the top floor. He smiled, “Continuing from where we stopped, Teacher Bodhi Zhu left furiously. In the evening, Wukong pretended to be asleep, keeping his breathing steady. By midnight, he got up silently, put on his clothes, opened the door quietly, and left…”

Everyone listened attentively. When they realized that the three whips of Bodhi implied that Wukong should go to him by three in the morning, the audience had a look of realization in their eyes. The ordinary audience did not relate much, they only found it interesting.

However, the cultivators took it differently. Bai Wuchen felt as if he was struck by lightning. He did not expect that this was the Bodhi testing Wukong. With that, he knew that from now onward, he had to be more cautious. He needed to try his best to understand all the things the expert had been implying in an attempt to please him.

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