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Chapter 45 - Good, I’m Satisfied

"Wow, those dresses are so beautiful. It makes me want to wear it and flaunt it to everyone." She Fei said while covering her little mouth.

Shi Fei still couldn't believe that she was participating in making beautiful dresses in front of her because usually, as a tailor, she only did a simple thing, or at most, she only made simple pants, skirts, shirts, or T-shirt.

Upon seeing the beautiful dresses in front of her, Shi Fei wanted to wear it, take a photo of herself and post it on her social media accounts. Still, unfortunately, she was unable to do that because the dresses in front of her ware dress based on Yun Xin Er's body size while her body size and Yun Xin Er's body size was different.

After seeing those beautiful dresses, a smile appeared on their faces. Three pieces of dresses looked so beautiful on the mannequin, and the dresses also gave an aura of sorrowful, depression, and hopelessness.

"Un, good! I'm satisfied!" Xiao Tian said as he touched his chin

"Un. Me too!" Lin Xing Xue and Shi Fei said at the same time

They spent ten days to make those three dresses. Of course, some people also helped them. Otherwise, they couldn't finish it in ten days.

These people were paid per day by Xiao Tian using the money he got from the competition and from the song that he sold to Yun Xing Er.

And when they finished making those dresses, Xiao Tian gave them a bonus, because he was satisfied with their works, making them smile and hoping to work with him again.

Because Xiao Tian wanted to let Yun Xin Er know about it, Xiao Tian took his smartphone and called Yun Xin Er, but she didn't pick up her smartphone.

After thinking that Yun Xin Er was busy and couldn't be disturb, Xiao Tian decided to send her a message, informing her that the dresses were ready and she can see it as soon as possible.

"How is it, little brother?" Shi Fei asked abruptly.

"She didn't pick up her smartphone. Maybe she is busy right now, but I've sent her a message, informing her that she can see the dresses when she isn't busy anymore" Xiao Tian said

"Well, she's a famous singer, so it's no wonder that she is so busy," Shi Fei said

"That's right. I'm sure Miss Yun will immediately call you when she isn't busy anymore" Lin Xing Xue said

"Yes" Xiao Tian nodded

"Xue, thanks for introducing little brother to me. I can see that my future is shining like sunlight right now. I love you Xue" Shi Fei said as she hugged Lin Xing Xue and kissed her cheeks.

"Hey! Miss Yun still hasn't agreed to wear those dresses on her live concert, you know" Lin Xing Xue said

"What are you talking about? Look at those dresses! It's so beautiful! I'm sure Miss Yun will agree to wear those dresses on her live concert" Shi Fei said

"You're still a positive person as ever huh," Lin Xing Xue said

After seeing them behave like that, Xiao Tian smiled and asked, "Oh right, Shi Fei. How can you befriend little Xue? Your major at university was computer engineering, while little Xue major was makeup and beauty. How can you become good friends?"

"Well, we became friends after being on the organizing committee when we were at university." Shi Fei said

"Ooh…So, why didn't you work at the company after you graduated?" he asked curiously

"I worked in a company before, but my supervisor was always angry at me and forced me to work on assignments that were not mine, making me always work overtime. That was why I quit. Now I work as freelancer and tailor. Even though my income is not high but I'm happy with my life right now" Shi Fei said

"You're unlucky. Some of the supervisors are indeed an asshole in some companies. They use positions to bully someone in a lower position or to get what they want" Xiao Tian said

"That's right. If I remember what he did to me, I really want to kick his face" Shi Fei said angrily

"Hahaha. Why didn't you do that before you quit your job?" Xiao Tian asked as he laughed

"Haha. It's fine. Right now, he is already in the prison because he embezzled company money" Shi Fei said

"Oh! What a corrupt man!" Xiao Tian said in surprise

"Serves him right. I hope he dies in prison!" Shi Fei spoke and paused for a few seconds before she continued, "Oh right little brother, your website for the online shop is ready. I finished creating it last night"

"Really?" Xiao Tian asked in surprise

"Yes." Shi Fei nodded

"Good." Xiao Tian said as she smiled.

After that, they discussed their plans. After they finished planning everything, Xiao Tian brought the dresses to his home.


The next day in the morning, Yun Xin Er called Xiao Tian and told him that she could meet him. She was also curious and wanted to see the dresses that he designs.

Upon hearing her words, Xiao Tian told Yun Xin Er to meet him at his home to see the dresses. After around thirty minutes later, Yun Xin Er arrived at his home.

"How is it big sister Yun?" Xiao Tian asked

"Good. I like it!" Yun Xin Er said as she nodded

Yun Xin Er was fascinated by the beauty of the dresses, and those dresses also gave an aura that was well suited to the theme.

Yun Xin Er thought those dresses would make her stunning at her live concert.

After hearing her words, Xiao Tian was happy and said, "So, which one of those dresses that you choose?"

"All of those dresses." Yun Xing Er said

Yun Xing Er thought those dresses suited the song that she was going to sings later, so she wanted to take all the dresses.

Upon hearing she wants to take all of the dresses, Xiao Tian smiled from ear to ear. If Yun Xing Er wears his three design dresses in her live concert and gives good words on his dresses, Xiao Tian was sure that he'd have a lot of orders when her live concert is over.

When he thought about that, Xiao Tian laughed hard on his head.

"I'm glad to hear that." Xiao Tian said, he then continued, "So when will big sister take those dresses?"

"Today. I'll call someone from the company to come and get those dresses" Yun Xin Er said

Xiao Tian cleared his throat and said, "Please don't forget to give a good word on my design dresses, big sister Yun"

Yun Xin Er looked at him and said, "Fine. Fine, I understand. But you have to treat me a meal after someone buys your design clothes later, do you understand?"

"I promise" Xiao Tian said as he smiled

"Don't break your promise or this big sister will make you regret it later." she said as she smiled

"Don't worry. I'm a man on my words" he said

"Good." she said


Time went by quickly, and it was time for Yun Xin Er's live concert.

At that time, Xiao Tian and his aunt sat on the couch in the living room because they wanted to watch Yun Xin Er's live concert on TV. Of course, for Xiao Tian, his primary purpose for watching Yun Xin Er's live concert was because he wanted to know how people would react when she wears his design dress.

At that time, suddenly, his mother came and sat on Xiao Tian's embrace.

After that, his mother grabbed Xiao Tian's arms and placed it on her waist. Upon seeing how his mother behaves, Xiao Tian smiled and hugged his mother tightly.

"Hehe. Mother likes this kind of position." Ye Xueyin said as she smiled

"Is that so?" he asked

"Yes. It feels good when we're sitting like this. Mother can feel Tian's warmness" Ye Xueyin said

After hearing that, Xiao Tian smiled and said, "Then, if mother likes it, you should reward me by kissing me on my lips"

Ye Xueyin turned her head and said, "Alright" she then kissed his lips

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