illicit relationship

Chapter 4 - Home

"Mrs Lin, please wait a second. I'll make tea and bring some snacks." Ye Xueyin uttered as she smiled

"Mrs Ye, you don't need to do that." Lin Xing Xue spoke and paused for a second before she continued, "I only want to explain something to you."

"It's fine." Ye Xueyin responded before heading to the kitchen.

Xiao Tian, who was sitting not far from Lin Xing Xue, smiled and inquired, "So, little Xue, are you nervous meeting your mother-in-law?"

Upon hearing his words, Lin Xing Xue instantly covered Xiao Tian's mouth and replied, "Hey, stop it! What if your mother hears that?"

"Hmmm. Hmmm. Hmmmmm." Xiao Tian tried to say something, but because Lin Xing Xue's hands were covering his mouth, he was unable to say it clearly.

"Please, don't say something like that now." Lin Xing Xue was afraid that Ye Xueyin would hear Xiao Tian's words.

Looking at her worried face, Xiao Tian nodded his face because he didn't want to make her sad. That was why he decided to stop teasing her.

Not long after that, Ye Xueyin returned to the guest room. After placing the tea and snacks on the table, she sat next to Lin Xing Xue and inquired, "Mrs Lin, what brings you here?"

"Mrs Ye, I came here because I want to explain something to you." Lin Xing Xue responded with a complicated face.

"Explain something? What is it?" Ye Xueyin asked curiously

At that moment, Lin Xing Xue didn't know where to start before finally deciding to tell from the beginning. Lin Xing Xue began explaining what had happened to her, from the thugs who tried to rape her to the reason why Xiao Tian returned home with a wound on his head.

Lin Xing Xue also told Ye Xueyin that she had brought Xiao Tian to her house to treat his injury before Xiao Tian returned home.

Of course, Lin Xing Xue didn't say anything about Xiao Tian, who suddenly asked her to be his lover or the events on the road where he always teased her nonstop.

Lin Xing Xue also did not tell Ye Xueyin about the uncles who thought they were lovers or that they held hands when they walked to his home.

When Lin Xing Xue was explaining everything, there was a feeling of sorrow and gratitude on her face. A sense of sadness arose because Xiao Tian was injured in order to help her, and a feeling of gratitude appeared because if Xiao Tian hadn't saved her, those thugs would have raped her.

Upon listening to Lin Xing Xue's story, Ye Xueyin didn't blame Lin Xing Xue for what had happened to her son. She was even delighted because her son still had the heart to help others. After all, nowadays, almost everyone would not want to help others if they did not get benefit from it.

Ye Xueyin, as a woman, could understand Lin Xing Xue's feelings when the thugs tried to rape her. Luckily her son was there to help Lin Xing Xue. Even though Lin Xing Xue was in her late 20's, her beauty was still glowing like a girl in the early 20's.

But Ye Xueyin had no idea that her son could do a martial art. Even the thugs were beaten by her son. All this time, she had never seen her son learn any martial arts. However, she immediately thought that maybe her son learned martial arts without her knowing about it.

"It's fine. Mrs Lin, I'm happy that you're fine." Ye Xueyin didn't want to see Lin Xing Xue continue feeling guilty because Ye Xueyin could understand her feelings. "Mrs Lin, you have treated my son's wound, so you don't need to feel guilty anymore."

"Mrs Ye, Thank you for understanding me." Lin Xing Xue said with teary eyes. She then looked at Xiao Tian, but he only sent a flying kiss and winked his eye.

Lin Xing Xue pretended as if she saw nothing because Ye Xueyin was next to her. Lin Xing Xue didn't want Ye Xueyin to think that she was seducing Xiao Tian.

The corner of Xiao Tian's lips twitched when Lin Xing Xue was ignoring him.

Little Xue, I'll punish you later. Xiao Tian thought to himself.

A few minutes later, Lin Xing Xue finished telling everything to Ye Xueyin.

"Mrs Lin, It's time for dinner. How about having dinner with us?" Ye Xueyin asked abruptly.

Upon hearing Ye Xueyin's words, Lin Xing Xue was startled and responded, "Mrs Ye, the reason I came here is to explain what had happened to Xiao Tian. I-"

Before Lin Xing Xue had finished her words, Ye Xueyin said, "Mrs Lin hasn't had dinner yet, right?"

"But..." Lin Xing Xue wanted to refuse, but she was afraid that Ye Xueyin would feel offended by that.

"It's fine. It's been a while for you to come over so, please don't refuse to have dinner with us." Ye Xueyin spoke as she smiled.

"Al...Alright." Lin Xing Xue couldn't refuse her offer.

They immediately headed to the dining room, and after about twenty minutes, they finished eating dinner.

After dinner, Lin Xing Xue brought the plates to the sink because she wanted to wash them.

When Ye Xueyin found out that Lin Xin Er wanted to wash dishes, she immediately uttered, "Mrs Lin, you don't need to wash the dishes."

"It's fine. I've had dinner at your place, so at least, let me wash the dishes. Mrs Ye, if you want to do something else, just do it. Leave the plates to me." even though Ye Xueyin said something like that, Lin Xing Xue still wanted to wash the dishes.

"Alright," because Ye Xueyin didn't wash the dishes, she immediately headed to the bathroom to take a shower.

When Lin Xing Xue was washing dishes, Xiao Tian tiptoed toward Lin Xing Xue, and when he was right behind her, he said near her right ear, "Little Xu, let me help you."

"Kyaa!" Lin Xing Xue was startled and let out a cute voice when Xiao Tian suddenly spoke close to her right ear. "What are you doing here?"

"Of course, I want to help my lover do the dishes," it was the perfect time to be with her so Xiao Tian wouldn't let it slide.

"Who's your lover? Just go and watch TV," Lin Xing Xue said while washing the dishes.

"How could I do that? Wouldn't I be a bad lover if I didn't help my girlfriend??" of course, Xiao Tian chose to stay with her because he wanted to lovey-dovey with her again.

"Shhh... Lower your voice. What if your mother hears you?" Lin Xing Xue said worriedly, "And who's your lover?"

Xiao Tian pointed his index finger at her and looked at her lovingly. "Of course. It's you."

Lin Xing Xue was surprised when she saw his loving face and gentle voice. She stopped washing the dishes and looked at him with puzzlement. Lin Xing Xue was wondering why he wanted her to be his lover? She thought it was weird because Xiao Tian was still young, and she was already in her late twenties.

However, Lin Xing Xue was a little happy because she had forgotten about this kind of feeling after she divorced her ex-husband.

After her divorce, Lin Xing Xue had never thought of having a lover again because she wanted to make a lot of money so that she could take her daughter back from her ex-husband. Of course, giving her beauty, many men desired to make her theirs, but she never put them in her eyes.

That was why she didn't immediately accept Xiao Tian, but unlike the others, Lin Xing Xue didn't reject him either. If other men did what he did to her today, she would be angry and maybe call the police.

At that moment, Lin Xing Xue was still wondering about her feeling. After Xiao Tian saved her from the thugs, there was a different feeling within her. Coupled with his persuasive attitude in making her his lover, she couldn't refuse or be angry with him.

But if she accepted him immediately, she was afraid that he would think of her as an easy woman. Lin Xing Xue didn't want him to think of her as an easy woman. "Just go before your mother sees us,"

"Don't worry. When my mother takes a shower, she won't finish quickly. I even wondered what she was doing in the bathroom." Xiao Tian knew about it because, in his memory, his mother always took a long time when she was taking a shower.

"I don't care. Just go watch TV and don't disturb me." Lin Xing Xue responded as she glanced at him.

Xiao Tian then stood behind her and hugged her from behind. "Little Xue, I want to spend more time with you. Do you not want to be with me?"

"Fine. But you have to stop embracing me if you know your mother come here" while being hugged by Xiao Tian from behind, Lin Xing Xue continued to wash the dishes.

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