illicit relationship

Chapter 36 - Just You Wait, I’ll Slap Your Buttocks Using A Wad Of Money

After he had dinner with Lin Xing Xue, as usual, he brings her back to her house and left. When he got home, it was already 11 pm. Xiao Tian thought his mother and aunt were sleeping, so he opened and locked the door quietly.

However, when Xiao Tian was in the living room, he saw his mother and his aunt watching TV.

"Tian, look. Miss Yun and the director of Li entertainment company are on TV," Ye Xueyin said abruptly, "They want to announce that Yun Xin Er's album launch will be postponed."

Hearing Ye Xueyin's words, Xiao Tian turned his head to the TV and saw Yun Xin Er on TV. She was wearing a blue dress, and as usual, she looked so pretty wearing a blue dress. On her right side, there was a mature and elegant middle-aged man. He was Li Wen, director of Li entertainment.

After seeing that, Xiao Tian was stunned.

'What is this? Why did the director of Li entertainment himself the one who gives the mass media explanation about Yun Xin Er's postponed album launch?

This is not the director's job? Is Yun Xin Er so important for Li entertainment until to make the director of Li entertainment himself the one explaining the reason about Yun Xin Er's postponed album launch?'

Xiao Tian thought many possibilities but still couldn't find the reason for it.

"Tian, don't tell me, they want to add your song in Miss Yun Xin Er's current album?" Ye Xueyin asked curiously

"Yes. It seems to be the only reason" Xiao Tian said

Of course, Li Wen didn't tell that to the mass media. They only tell them that the reason they decided to postpone Yun Xin Er's album launch was because of a private matter.

"Not bad, Tian." Ye Qingyu was surprised when she knew that Li entertainment company decided to postpone Yun Xin Er's album lunch because they wanted to add her nephew's song into Yun Xin Er's current album. "Why don't you become a composer instead of a businessman? You already get 100.000 Yuan only by selling one song. If you sell ten-song, you will become a rich person. If I were you, I would think about becoming a composer."

Xiao Tian sighed and said, "Did you think making a good song is an easy thing, aunt? And I also don't have musical equipment to support me in making songs"

'Illusion' was the best song he had made. It wasn't easy to make that song. In his previous life, he had changed the melody and lyrics many times before he was finally creating that masterpiece song. Xiao Tian thought being a businessman was better than being a composer.

If he becomes a composer, he needs to wrack his head every day to compose a song. If he doesn't compose a song, he won't get any income. However, if he becomes a businessman and success, he can spend all his time with his aunt, mother, and Lin Xing Xue but still get money. That was why he chose to become a businessman rather than a composer.

"Is that so?" Ye Qingyu said, "Then why don't you buy musical equipment using the money you got from miss Yun or the competition?"

"Aunt, don't underestimate my dream!" Xiao Tian said, "Just you wait, soon, I'll slap your buttocks using a wad of money."

Hearing Xiao Tian's words, Ye Xueyin covered her mouth and giggled.

Ye Qingyu was surprised by his words

"Oh! Is that so? Then, aunt will wait for you to slap aunt's buttocks using a wad of money," Ye Qingyu said, intending to make fun of him.

Upon hearing Ye Qingyu's words, which have the intention to make fun of him, Xiao Tian only smiled and pretended to hear nothing. He walked toward his aunt and kissed her lips "Just you wait, aunt"

Xiao Tian walked to his mother and kissed her lips too. After that, he bowed slightly and said, "Good night, ladies"

After saying that, Xiao Tian headed to his bedroom and lay down on the bed.

"Big sis, look at your son. Pretending to be a gentleman, even though he is a beast" Ye Qingyu said.

Ye Xueyin giggled and said, "Let him be."

"He even behaves as if he's already a successful businessman" grimaced Ye Qingyu

"Let him smile now. We can make fun of him if he fails later, and it'd be satisfying. Hehe" Ye Xueyin said jokingly

"You're right. At that time, we will take our revenge for what he did to us until now." Ye Qingyu said as she laughed.


The next day at 05.05 am, after waking up and washing his face, Xiao Tian headed to the dining room to drink water. The dining room was around 5x6 meters. In the middle of the room, there was a table without a tablecloth with four chairs.

The stationary drapery panels had brush fringe on the leading edge and were hung from decorative knobs. The tortoise window shades provided privacy from outside while letting the light into the house.

There was also a small table in the corner of the room with a plastic flower on the table, and next to the small table was a refrigerator.

After entering the dining room, Xiao Tian saw his aunt sitting in the chair. There was also a glass of water in front of her.

Ye Qingyu looked at him and said, "Ah Tian, you already awake?"

Xiao Tian took a glass of water and walked to Ye Qingyu.

"I just woke up." Xiao Tian sat next to his aunt and kissed her cheeks. "Good morning, aunt."

"Good morning" Ye Qingyu smiled

"Why did you wake up this early, aunt? You are off work today, right?" Xiao Tian asked curiously

"Do you think I'm like you?" Ye Qingyu said

"Hey! That's hurt, you know! I'm also a morning person," Xiao Tian said and paused for two seconds before he continued, "...Sometime"

"You should wake up early and do more exercise so that you will be healthy." Ye Qingyu said

Xiao Tian touched his chin and said, "Now that aunt reminds it, I should do some exercise too. It's been three months since I last do some exercise"

Of course, when he said three months, it was including his previous life.

In his past life, there was a gym room, and he did some exercise every day. From the shape of his new body, he knew that his predecessor also did some exercise.

"Aunt, I know some exercise that can be done together. It also gives us satisfaction. Let's do it together, aunt" Xiao Tian said as she smiled

Upon hearing his words, Ye Qingyu was curious and asked, "What is it?"

After saying that, Ye Qingyu started drinking water again.

Xiao Tian brought his face closer to her left ear and whispered "Sex"


Upon hearing his words, water splashed out of her mouth

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