illicit relationship

Chapter 26 - I Love You

It was already 08:10 pm. Xiao Tian and his mother were walking together. They didn't go straight home because they wanted to enjoy the beautiful city.

It was not like in their house area. In the center of Shanghai, the streets were filled with all kinds of cars, from ordinary cars to luxury cars.

There were many kinds of shops on the roadside, but there were only a few street vendors.

There were also a lot of people on the sidewalk, from children to adults. They were laughing, talking, eating, taking a picture, or making a video. The atmosphere of the evening was filled with the happiness and laughter of people.

As they were walking, Xiao Tian saw a little girl who was selling red roses. He instantly walked towards that little girl without telling his mother.

After realizing that his son was not by her side, Ye Xueyin turned around and swept her gaze around, "Tian, where are you? Tian…Tian…"

After buying a red rose from a little girl, Xiao Tian walked towards his mother.

He embraced his mother from behind and showed the red rose with his right hand. "A beautiful rose for my beautiful lover."

Ye Xueyin was pleasantly surprised when Xiao Tian suddenly hugged her from behind.

After taking the red rose, Ye Xueyin's blossomed into a smile. "Thank you."

Xiao Tian stopped the hug and turned her body to face him. After kissing her forehead, Xiao Tian looked at her lovingly. "I love you, Xueyin."

"I love you too, Tian." Ye Xueyin didn't care when he called her by her birth name.

They had done something that only lovers did, so Ye Xueyin thought it was normal for Xiao Tian to call her by her birth name.

Because he still wanted to lovey-dovey with her, Xiao Tian held Ye Xueyin's left hand and spoke, "Let's go."

"Un" Ye Xueyin nodded her head before sniffing the red rose scent with a happy face.

Not long after, Xiao Tian saw a street band performance.

'A street band?'

Xiao Tian was a little surprised.

Xiao Tian pointed his right index finger at the street band and uttered, "There is a street band over there. Let's go and watch it too."

"Alright." Ye Xueyin agreed without a second thought.

The band had four members. One person played the bass guitar, one person played the drums, one person played the piano, and one person sang while playing the guitar.

In front of the band members, there was a green box with money in it. After seeing the money in the green box, Xiao Tian knew many people liked the band's performance.

After the singer finished singing, Xiao Tian put 100 Yuan into the green box.

The band members were pleasantly surprised by his actions. "Thank you, brother."

'Does he want something?'

The singer was curious when he saw Xiao Tian walking towards him.

"Tian, what do you want to do?" Ye Xueyin mused

After Xiao Tian was in front of the singer, he whispered something to the singer, and the singer immediately nodded his head.

The singer then looked at the audience and spoke, "Ladies and gentlemen, this brother wants to sing a song for his girlfriend. Let's encourage him."

"Way to go, young man."

"So sweet."

"What? Tian wants to sing?!" Ye Xueyin said in disbelief

After the band played the music, Xiao Tian started to sing a song

"When night fell, the stars and moon emitted light …..

The wind blew, and many leaves fell to the ground...

I was standing by the window, looking up at the sky...…..

The emptiness in my heart was slowly eating my soul...….

My lonely feeling.....

My empty feeling.....

Everything was dark in my eyes...…..

I thought this world was meaningless to me...…..

Until you came and changed everything...…

Your gentle attitude melted my heart...

Your smile brightened my day...…

Your embrace made my heart calm...…

You were like stars at night, illuminating my dark days....

Thank you for coming to my world and saving me...…..

I promise I will make you happy and love you forever....

Xueyin..... "


When Xiao Tian finished singing the song, the audience and the band members instantly applauded.

At that moment, the audience wanted to know who Xueyin was. They wanted to know who made the handsome young man sing a song like that.

From the way he sang the song, they could feel how much he loved that woman.

Ye Xueyin, who was seeing that, covered her mouth with her hands. She had never thought that Xiao Tian would sing a song for her in front of many people.

Of course, his actions made her happy to the point she could not describe the happiness she was feeling in words.

"Wow! Not only is he handsome, but he's also romantic!"

"That's right. I want a boyfriend like him."

"Me too."

"Who is Xueyin?"

"I don't know. There are so many people here."

"That woman is so lucky."

"That's right. If only I were that Xueyin, my life would have been filled with happiness."

"Hey! Why don't we ask for his number?"

"But that handsome young man has a girlfriend."

"That's right. His girlfriend must be around here."

"But why don't I see his girlfriend?"

"That's why this's our chance to get his number!"

"Un, you're right. We only need to say we want to become his friend."

"Yes. Maybe one of us will become his girlfriend in the future"

"That's right. Maybe they'll break up in the future"

"Ah! Yes, yes. As long as they still haven't married, there is still a chance."

"Let's go."


Ye Xueyin, who was not far from them, could hear everything.

She dragged him away from that place because she didn't want them to get Xiao Tian's number.

Ye Xueyin didn't know why she was unhappy after hearing some women wanted to ask for Xiao Tian's phone number.

She suddenly felt as if she would lose Xiao Tian if she didn't do something. That was why she dragged him away from that place.

Many audiences were stunned when they noticed how beautiful Ye Xueyin was. Some of them began to envy Xiao Tian, while some of them were happy for Xiao Tian.

As many audiences were stunned, the women who wanted to ask for Xiao Tian's phone number gritted their teeth.

"What's wrong? Why are you suddenly dragging me like this?" Xiao Tian asked curiously

"Nothing." Ye Xueyin lied to him.

'What happened? Did I do something wrong? Why does she look angry?'

Xiao Tian didn't know what had happened to her.

Xiao Tian thought she would be happy after he sang a song for her. "What is it? Did I do something wrong?"

"No! That's not it." Ye Xueyin said as she shook her head

Xiao Tian held her shoulders and looked into her eyes. "Did something happen while I was singing earlier?"

"No," Ye Xueyin still didn't want to tell him the truth.

Xiao Tian could only sigh. He then cupped her face and said in a soft voice, "Then can you tell me what happened to you just now? I won't be able to tell if you keep acting like this."

"Earlier…Earlier.." Ye Xueyin wavered whether she should tell him the truth or not.

"Earlier?" Xiao Tian uttered,

"Earlier." Ye Xueyin lowered her head and continued with a small voice, "There were two women who thought you were handsome and...and wanted to ask for your number."

Xiao Tian almost laughed after hearing her remarks.

'So she is jealous, huh?'

He finally knew the reason why she suddenly behaved like that.

"Just because of this?" Xiao Tian inquired,

"Un" Ye Xueyin nodded her head.

"You don't need to worry about that." Xiao Tian uttered, "Whatever happens, you and aunt are the most important person to me."

"Really?" Ye Xueyin was pleased by his words.

"Of course. The stars and the moon could testify my sincerity," Xiao Tian said as he pointed his right index finger at the sky.

"But, there's no moon right now. There are only stars," Ye Xueyin said as she giggled.

"Who says there is no moon now?" Xiao Tian asked.

"Where is it? Look, there is no moon," Ye Xueyin said as she pointed her right index finger at the sky.

"There is a moon. The moon is in front of me right now," Xiao Tian said as he looked at her lovingly.

"In front of you?" Ye Xueyin asked with puzzlement

"Yes. You're the moon, Xueyin. For me, you're like the moon in the sky. Your presence makes my life perfect. That's why don't ever think about leaving me because my life won't be perfect anymore if you are not by my side" like usual, Xiao Tian used his sweet words.

"As expected, you know how to make a lady happy." Ye Xueyin said with a smile on her pretty face.

"Not every lady. Only you and aunt." Xiao Tian responded.

'And Lin Xing Xue'

Xiao Tian added in his head.

"I'm happy to hear that." Ye Xueyin said as she smiled

And then, they walked hand in hand again.

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