illicit relationship

Chapter 24 - Oh! My Heart Is Bleeding Right Now

"That's right. Mother, I wanted to start a business a long time ago, but I could not do that because I had no money. Now is the perfect time to do it because I have money from the competition and from Yun Xin Er later" actually, he had never thought about doing business, but after taking over Xiao Tian's body, he wanted to make his predecessor's dream come true.

His predecessor wished to become a successful young man so that he could make his family happy.

By becoming a successful man, he would be able to provide a better life for his family, for example, making his aunt and mother no longer have to work to earn a living.

"Why didn't you say anything to me? Mother can…." before Ye Xueyin had finished her words, she was interrupted by Xiao Tian.

"No, mother." Xiao Tian responded as he shook his head. "I want to start a business using my money. I don't want to trouble you anymore."

"But… " Ye Xueyin wanted to say that she would do anything for him.

She didn't care about money or anything like that. As long as he was happy, she would sacrifice everything for him.

Xiao Tian held her shoulders and looked at her in the eyes. "Mother, you've been raising me by yourself. Now it's my turn to make you happy. I will do my best to become a successful person, so in the future, you will no longer need to work to earn a living."

Ye Xueyin was pleased upon hearing his words until her tears fell down her soft cheeks. "Tian, mother is already happy to have you by her side."

When Xiao Tian saw his mother's tears, he immediately wiped her tears off with his thumb. "Mother, from today onwards, I will do my best to make you happy."

"Tian…" Due to how happy she was, Ye Xueyin suddenly hugged her son.

Xiao Tian embraced her too. After hugging each other for a few seconds, Xiao Tian stopped the hug and spoke, "Alright, let's meet Yun Xin Er so I can get more money."

"You're a bad boy. You're not calling her 'big sister' again?" Ye Xueyin was startled when Xiao Tian called Yun Xin Er by her full name. "It looks like you only call her 'big sister' when she is in front of you."

"Eh! Mother noticed it?! At first, I wanted to call her lady or judge, but I realized that she would be happier if I called her big sister." Xian Tian gave an honest answer. "Mother, I want to take advantage of her popularity, so I have to make her happy."

"Hehe. My son is so evil," Ye Xueyin said as she giggled

"What are you talking about, mother? It's all about money. I'll do anything for money." Xiao Tian said as he put his right hand on his chest. "Let's meet my money, ehm... No, I mean, let's meet Yun Xin Er."

Ye Xueyin couldn't help but burst into waves of laughter after hearing his remarks. "Hahhaha. Tian, I didn't know what her expression would be if she knew you just called her 'money' Hahahaha."

Xiao Tian touched his chin and said, "Well, maybe she will hit me?"

"Then, let mother hit you in her place." After saying that, Ye Xueyin hit his chest gently.

"Hey, stop hitting your lover. What if your lover gets hurt?" even though Xiao Tian was able to stop her, but he did nothing when his mother was hitting him.

"I don't care." Ye Xueyin laughed happily as she kept hitting him.

"Fine. I give up." Xiao Tian uttered, "If my lover wants to hit me, I will sacrifice my body."

"What a glib tongue!" Ye Xueyin was pleased by his words.

"But, my lover likes it, right?" Xiao Tian asked as he smiled at her

"No!" Ye Xueyin denied as she turned her head to the other side, but suddenly a tiny smile appeared on her face.

"Oh! Is that so? Oh, my heart! My heart is bleeding right now. It won't stop bleeding until my lover kisses me," Xiao Tian said as he touched his chest.

"Stop pretending to be hurt!" Ye Xueyin hit him again.

"Fine, fine. How about we hold hands now?" Xiao Tian inquired,

"I don't want to!" even though Ye Xueyin said something like that, but deep inside her, she also desired it.

"I won't take NO for an answer." After saying that, Xiao Tian held her left hand.

When Xiao Tian was holding her left hand, Ye Xueyin didn't resist and let him do whatever he wanted.

After that, they walked to the restaurant to meet Yun Xin Er hand in hand. Not long after that, they arrived at the restaurant.

After they entered the restaurant, Xiao Tian was amazed.

The restaurant was big and had three floors. It was a traditional Chinese restaurant. The restaurant building was square, and there was a small garden with an artificial waterfall in the middle of it.

At this moment, there was something Xiao Tian regretted. Xiao Tian forgot to ask Yun Xin Er the place where they would meet.

'I will ask the cashier.'

With that idea in mind, Xiao Tian and Ye Xueyin headed to the cashier.

It seemed Yun Xin Er already knew that something like this would happen, so she told the cashier where she was.

One of the waiters immediately guided them to meet Yun Xin Er. After reaching the third floor, they walked toward the VIP room.

After entering the VIP room, Xiao Tian saw Yun Xin Er enjoying tea while looking at the artificial waterfall.

The room was around 5x5 square meters, with bamboo plants in each corner. A blue sofa was placed in the center of the room. The room was beautiful, with a chandelier hanging from the ceiling.

When Yun Xin Er saw Xiao Tian and Ye Xueyin, she immediately spoke, "Oh! I've been waiting for you. Please sit down,"

"Thank you," Ye Xueyin and Xiao Tian said in unison before sitting on the opposite side of Yun Xin Er.

"Big sister, this is the lyrics," Xiao Tian said as he gave the lyrics to Yun Xin Er.

"Oh! You went straight to the point, huh?" Yun Xin Er took the lyric and began reading it.

As she was reading the lyric, Yun Xin Er was able to feel the angel's feelings in the lyrics, such as when the angel met the human, when they spent time together, when they laughed together and when they held hands while facing the cruel world.

But as Yun Xin Er read further, her eyes stopped at the sad lyrics.

"Love has tired, left, and ceased to exist.....

Leaving behind a heartbreaking tenderness.....

Other than him, I have nothing anymore...…

As the piano played....

The song that fit for such a moment so well....

I just heard it and cried louder...…

Dreams were made, awakened, and shattered....

Leaving behind a heartbreaking tenderness...



I gave you everything.....

I always made sure you were happy...


Why did you do that to me...

Where's the happiness you promised…..

I've sacrificed everything for you.....


I want to repeat the time...

And listen to you...…. "

In the lyrics, Yun Xin Er could feel the angel's sorrowful feelings, helplessness, regret, and depression.

'This lyric is amazing. I only need to add a piece of music, and it will be a perfect song.'

Yun Xin Er was thrilled and desired to sing it in front of everyone immediately.

"How is it, big sister?" Xiao Tian inquired.

Yun Xin Er put the lyrics on the table and responded, "It's perfect! I can feel happiness and sadness in these lyrics."

"I'm happy if you like it," actually, Xiao Tian had guessed that she would like the lyrics.

At this moment, a waitress entered and gave Xiao Tian and his mother the menu.

"You can order anything. It's on me," Yun Xin Er said as she smiled

"Thank you, big sister. Not only is big sister beautiful, but you are kind too." Xiao Tian did not forget to praise Yun Xin Er.

At this moment, Ye Xueyin looked at her son weirdly.

'My son is so evil. He behaves differently because of money.'

She said in her head.

"I'm going to have green tea." After saying that, Xiao Tian looked at his mother. "What about you, mother?"

"Me too," Ye Xueyin responded.

After the waitress wrote down their order, she immediately left.

Yun Xin Er took out the documents and put them on the table. "I've prepared the documents for the transaction. You read it first, and If you don't have a problem with the agreement, you can sign the documents. After that, the money will be transferred to your bank account."

Xiao Tian took the documents and read them carefully because he didn't want to regret it later.

The document stated that he couldn't tell everybody that he was the composer of the song because the company would claim the song later, and if he did it, he would have to pay a fine of 150,000 Yuan.

After reading it, the corner of his lips twitched because the fine was higher than the selling price, but he could understand it.

It was to prevent the composer from taking their song back or taking advantage of it when the song became famous.

Usually, the creator was able to claim the song but not at the company where Yun Xin Er worked.

She told him that there was a composer who did that in the past and eventually created a big problem for the company.

That was why the company added several new rules. After Xiao Tian read all of the documents, he was fine with the terms on the papers.

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