illicit relationship

Chapter 15 - I Just Like Firefly In The Dark Night

After the shop closed, Xiao Tian went home first because his mother still had something to do.

After arriving at his home, Xiao Tian took a shower first because he felt his body was sweating a lot.

"Ah! I'm bored. Being alone at home is very dull!" Xiao Tian was sitting on the sofa in the living room after he finished taking a bath.

After looking at his wristwatch, he stood up and headed to his bedroom to change his clothes.

"It's only 5:00 PM. Aunt is still working right now. Instead of being alone at home, I'll go and pick her up." Xiao Tian spoke.

After taking the bus for fifteen minutes, he then walked for about five minutes before arriving at the company where his aunt works.

Ye Qingyu was working at the bag company called Golden Bag. It was a well-known bag brand in China.

The company in Shanghai was only the branch company, but that company had a huge building. It was rectangular with huge words 'GOLDEN BAG' on top of the building.

The establishment was big and luxurious, with several trees in front of it, making the building look shady and comfortable.

"There are still forty minutes before aunt will be done with her work." Xiao Tian mused as he looked at his wristwatch.

Xiao Tian decided to wait under a nearby tree. He closed his eyes and felt the gentle breeze. The trees were dancing and moving with such captivating grace. The sun that had already changed its color to orange, making him feel relaxed.

Time went by quickly, and it was time for the employees to go home.

Xiao Tian opened his eyes and saw a lot of workers coming out of the company's building.

"Hey, look! Who's that handsome young man over there?" a wavy long-haired woman said as she pointed her index finger at Xiao Tian.

After coming out of the company building, the woman was amazed when she saw a handsome young man standing under a tree.

"I don't know. What's he doing here?" a long bob haircut woman replied.

"Maybe, he is waiting for someone?" the wavy long-haired woman told and stopped for a few seconds before she continued, "He's so handsome."

"You're right." the long bob haircut woman answered.

"Is he a model?" the wavy long-haired woman asked.

"Maybe. But with his appearance, I will not be surprised, if he's a model." the long bob haircut woman replied.

"Want to try talking to that young man?" the wavy long-haired woman questioned.

"But what if he's waiting for his lover?" the long bob haircut woman spoke.

"We will think about it later. It's not every day that we can meet such an attractive man like him. let's go." the wavy long-haired woman said.

Then both the wavy long-haired woman and long bob haircut woman strolled towards Xiao Tian.

Upon seeing a wavy long-haired woman and a long bob haircut women were walking towards him, Xiao Tian was curious, so he stood still and waited for them to arrive in front of him.

"Little brother, what are you doing here?" the wavy long-haired woman asked after she was in front of Xiao Tian.

"I'm waiting for someone." Xiao Tian answered as he smiled charmingly.

Upon seeing Xiao Tian's wonderful smile, they were stunned at how pretty his smile was. It was so stunning that it makes his smile dangerous for them.

With his handsome face and beautiful smile, Xiao Tian was born to be a lady killer. His smile can make a woman feel fresh again as if all the burden on their shoulders has been lifted.

Seeing his smile, they wanted to know Xiao Tian even more.

"That woman must be glad to have a handsome young man like little brother waiting for her." the wavy long-haired woman said.

At this moment, Xiao Tian didn't answer and only smiled because he wasn't sure whether his aunt would be happy or not if she knows he was coming to pick her up.

Xiao Tian still hasn't conquered his aunt completely because their relationship was only limited to sex. This was why he came to the company where she worked to pick her up and strengthen their relationship.

"Little brother, are you a model?" the long bob haircut woman asked curiously.

"No, I'm not a model." Xiao Tian said honestly.

"Oh! I thought that little brother is a model" the long bob haircut woman replied.

"That's right. I also thought that little brother is a model." the wavy long-haired woman added.

"But I am not a model." Xiao Tian said again.

"Little brother, do you have a lover?" the wavy long-haired woman asked.

Xiao Tian was surprised at how straightforward they were. He nodded his head and said, "Yes."

"What a pity, but it's fine." the wavy long-haired woman said. She then took out a small paper and wrote something, "Little brother, this is my number. If you have time, please call me. Don't worry, because you already have a girlfriend, we can start from a friend first. Someday it could be different, like lovers, maybe."

"This is my number." the long bob haircut woman gave Xiao Tian her number too.

Xiao Tian accepted their phone numbers because it would be rude if he rejects it at this moment. Whether he will call them or not, he will think about it later.

At this time, there was a beautiful lady not far from them. That beautiful lady gritted her teeth after seeing Xiao Tian accepting their phone numbers.

Because she couldn't hold herself back anymore, that beautiful lady walked toward them with an angry face.

After the beautiful lady was in front of them, she immediately grabbed Xiao Tian's right hand and said, "Let's go."

Xiao Tian was stunned by this. Because he was focused on talking with the female employees, he didn't know his aunt was coming towards them. He only realized it was his aunt after she dragged him away.

"Aunt?" Xiao Tian said with puzzlement.

"Hmmph. Let's go" Ye Qingyu said as she pulled him and walked faster.

At this moment, the employees who chatted with Xiao Tian earlier were stunned. They could hardly believe what they were seeing.

"Hey, isn't that manager Ye from the marketing department? Our company goddess?" the wavy long-haired woman mentioned.

"Yes. That's manager Ye." the long bob haircut woman replied.

"Don't tell me that his girlfriend is manager Ye?" the wavy long-haired woman added.

"But I heard manager Ye doesn't have a boyfriend and didn't she just move to Shanghai?" the long bob haircut woman said.

"You're right. That young man also didn't tell us his girlfriend was manager Ye when we asked him earlier. He only says he has a girlfriend." the wavy long-haired woman replied.

"Luckily, we are from the IT department. It would be awkward if we meet her in the office after what she saw earlier." the long bob haircut woman uttered.

"Yes. You're right." the wavy long-haired woman nodded her head.

"Let's go." the long bob haircut woman voiced.

"I hope that handsome young man will call us later." the wavy long-haired woman said.

"I hope so too." the long bob haircut woman answered.


At some place, there was a gorgeous woman and a good-looking man walking together, but the beautiful woman looked unhappy.

They were none other than Xiao Tian and Ye Qingyu.

"What were you doing in front of the company?" Ye Qingyu asked questioningly.

"Of course, I was waiting for you." Xiao Tian responded as he smiled.

"Hmf. I saw you accept their phone numbers. Are you going to call them later?" Ye Qingyu retorted. There was a jealous aura around her.

Looking at Ye Qingyu behaving like that, Xiao Tian was pleased because it was a sign that his aunt was jealous, so he decided to tease her. "What is it, aunt? Are you envious?"

Ye Qingyu turned her head and snorted, "Of course not! You must be feeling good because two beautiful women were hitting on you."

"I have no choice. I'm just like a firefly in the night. I can't conceal my dazzling glamour even though I decided to keep a low profile." Xiao Tian said proudly. "When I smile, every girl falls in love with me, and when I wink, every girl is willing to die for me."

"You're complacent! I don't know what they saw in you." Ye Qingyu snorted again.

"Of course, it's my handsome face," Xiao Tian announced proudly.

"Hmf! You're overconfident!" Ye Qingyu scowled. Even though she hates to admit it, her nephew was indeed a fine young man.

Looking at her scowling face, Xiao Tian could only sigh. That wasn't the reason why he came to pick her up.

"Are you angry because of this?" Xiao Tian said while showing his aunt the female employees' phone numbers.

"I'm not mad. I'm not a petty woman" Ye Qingyu replied.

Hearing her words, Xiao Tian squeezed the paper that contains the female employees' phone numbers and threw it into the trash can. "Are you happy now, aunt?"

Ye Qingyu was surprised by what he did. She didn't expect Xiao Tian would do something like that.

A lot of men were willing to do anything to get a beautiful girl's phone number, and here, her nephew throwing it away as if it was nothing.

"I don't care." Ye Qingyu turned her head to avoid his gaze, but a slight smile suddenly appeared on her face.

"Alright, alright. I've already thrown their phone numbers, so you don't have any reason to be angry again, right?" Xiao Tian said before he continued, "Let's hold hands."

"I don't want to. Just hold your own hands." Ye Qingyu rebuked.

"How could I do that! Hmmph. I won't take NO for an answer." Xiao Tian replied as he held her left hand.

She tried to shake his right hand off, but after she failed to let go of his hand, she gave up and let him hold her left hand.

"Hais... Little sister is cute when she's angry like this." Xiao Tian said as he smiled.

"I'm older than you by nine years. If I'm a little sister, then what are you?" Ye Qingyu said as she glanced at him.

"Of course, I'm your big brother." Xiao Tian grinned.

"I don't have a big brother. I only have a big sister." Ye Qingyu replied.

"Hey! Don't be like that." Xiao Tian responded.

Upon seeing his expression, Ye Qingyu's face blossomed into a smile.

And with that, they roamed while holding hands.

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