illicit relationship

Chapter 1465 How About You Go On A Date With Me As A Reward?

Xiao Tian took Cao Zhilan’s business card.

‘Does she really want to cooperate with me?’

Like before, he still did not trust her completely because there was a high possibility that it was a trap set up by Cao Song.

Of course, he knew there was also a chance that she was telling the truth because everything was complicated when it was related to family wealth.

A charming voice rang out as Xiao Tian was looking at Cao Zhilan’s business card.

“Xiao Tian?” the sound of high heels slamming against the floor entered his ears right after the charming voice rang out.

A gorgeous lady who wore branded clothes walked toward him elegantly. She had a pretty face and a sexy body.

Any man who saw her would not be able to take their eyes off her immediately because she was so beautiful to the point some men would consider her an angel.

That gorgeous young lady was none other than Leng Nichang, Xiao Tian’s friend.

“Lady Leng?” even though he was shocked, but he did not show it on his face.

She sat on the opposite side of him and inquired, “What are you doing here?”

“I suddenly wanted to drink lemon juice, so I came to this café. Are you alone?” he could not tell her that he wanted to drink lemon juice after torturing Dali.

“Yes. I just met my friends.” When she caught sight of a business card in his right hand, she was curious about it. “Whose business card is that?”

“Cao Zhilan’s business card.” He began telling her everything.

“What?!” she was shocked. “I did not expect something like that to happen.”

‘Well, everything is possible when it’s related to inheritance.’

She added in her mind.

“I was also surprised earlier.” He also found it hard to believe everything earlier.

“So, will you agree with her offer?” She asked curiously.

“I don’t know. I still don’t trust her completely.” He needed to investigate everything first because he did not want to regret his decision later.

“Xiao Tian, how about you accept it? I also want to teach Cao Song a lesson because he has caused a trouble for my orphanage. With this, we can teach him a lesson together later. It’s a win-win situation for us.” Leng Nichang still could not forget everything because she still had not done anything to Cao Song.

He was not surprised by her words because he knew what Cao Song had done to Kindred Hearts Orphanage.

It was normal if she was still angry at Cao Song because she almost lost her precious orphanage a few days ago.

He touched his chin.

‘Should I accept the offer?’

He also wanted to teach Cao Song a lesson, so it would be easier for him to take revenge on Cao Song with Leng Nichang and Cao Zhilen’s help.

“What if this is a trap set up by him?” he inquired.

“My instinct told me that she has no bad intentions to you.” She told him the reason why she asked him to accept Cao Zhilan’s offer.

“What makes you think like that?” he threw another question.

“She is a female and I’m also a female, so I believe in my instinct.” She made a bad excuse.

The corner of his lips twitched.

“We need to find out her real intentions first.” He spoke and paused for a second before he continued, “After that, we can think about this again.”

“You’ve always been very careful, huh?” of course, she could understand his decision because what he did was right.

“Well, I don’t want to regret my decision later. Ehm, by the way, what will I get if I decide to help you later?” like usual, he did not forget to take advantage of the situation.

Her lips curled up into a smile. “I had expected you to say something like this. Hehe.”

“Well, helping you will put me in danger, so I can’t do it for free.” He behaved as if he did not want to teach Cao Song a lesson.

“You have taken my virginity, so you should not ask for more rewards.” She tried to get him to help her for free.

“But we did it under the influence of aphrodisiacs.” It was true that he took her virginity, but it was under the influence of aphrodisiacs.

“You have kissed my lips.” She did not give up and still tried to make him help her for free.

“It was because you asked me how I kissed Xingyi in detail.” He kept giving an excuse so that he would get a reward if he helped her.

“Then what do you want? Do you want to bed me?” after saying that, she showed her charming smile as if she were trying to seduce him with her smile.

“Oh, that’s actually a good idea!” actually, treating him to dinner was enough as a reward because he also hated Cao Song.

“Well, you are a man, so it’s normal if you want to sleep with every beautiful woman.” Of course, she knew he was only joking around because they had known each other for quite a while now.

“Ehm! Because I’m a good man, I will give you another option.” He behaved as if he was a good man. “How about you go on a date with me as a reward?”

“Sure.” She accepted immediately because it was an easy reward.

“So, when will we go on a date?” he threw another question. “Right now, or tomorrow?”

“Hehe.” Leng Nichang giggled. “You should help me first before asking for a reward. A worker needs to work first before getting a payment, right?”

“Make senses!” he responded.


At the same time, Cao Song’s father, Cao Zemin, was scolding Cao Song.

The reason was simple.

It was because Cao Song failed to buy Kindred Hearts Orphanage!

The investors kept asking them about the progress of their project.

They were enraged when they found out that Cao Song still had not managed to buy Kindred Hearts Orphanage.

It was already past the set time limit, so they were unhappy because they had invested a lot of money in the project.

Cao Song could not make an excuse because his father would get angrier if he did something like that.

‘Damn it!’

He could only suppress his anger.

Cao Zhilan, who was in her office, smiled happily.

She knew what was going on because she saw her father heading to Cao Song’s office with displeased face earlier.

‘Well done, brother. Keep disappointing father, so he will give your position to me.’

She was pleased when her brother made a mistake because, with this, her father could change his mind and give her brother’s position to her.

The next day at 09:00 am, Xiao Tian and Leng Nichang went to Red Flower Bar to meet Lan Ruoxi.

The duo decided to meet her because she had many connections and information. In the past, he always met her when he needed information.

That was why they decided to go to Red Flower Bar. That day, Xiao Tian and Leng Nichang knew that Cao Zhilan was not lying.

For this reason, Xiao Tian called Cao Zhilan and said he wanted to meet her at Zu café. Even though she was busy, she still agreed to meet him.

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