illicit relationship

Chapter 12 - Aunt, Lend Me Some Money

"Tian, how could you do this to your mother? Now, your mother can't walk anymore!" Ye Xueyin tried to walk to the dining room but gave up halfway and decided to sit on the couch in the living room.

"Big sister, your son is a beast! Luckily today is a day off for me." Ye Qingyu felt sore in her vagina and couldn't walk either. "So, since we still haven't cooked anything, let's just buy fast food."

"No! I don't want to eat fast food!" Ye Xueyin didn't like fast food because it was not healthy. That was why she immediately refused.

"Fine. Mother, I'll buy some food for us." Xiao Tian knew if he didn't buy food for them, they would starve to death because, at that moment, his mother and aunt couldn't do anything.

"Aunt wants fried chicken!" Ye Qingyu was pleased after hearing his words.

"What?! You want to eat fried chicken in the morning?!" actually, Xiao Tian had guessed that she would say something like that. "It will be bad for your body, you know?"

Ye Qingyu sneered and responded, "It's already afternoon!"

Xiao Tian scratched his head awkwardly. "A..haha! I didn't realize it."

"Hmf. You're the one to blame for this!" Ye Qingyu pretended to be angry.

Xiao Tian rubbed her hair gently and smiled. "Fine, fine. It's big brother's fault. Don't be angry, or this big brother will punish you again."

Ye Xueyin could not help but laugh after hearing his words. "That's right, Qingyu. Your big brother has apologized to you, so stop getting angry. Isn't that right, big brother?"

"Big sister, stop it!" Ye Qingyu's face turned red when her big sister teased her too.

Suddenly a flash of the memory of her calling her nephew 'big brother' when they were having sex popped into her head.

His mother's words much surprised him. Xiao Tian didn't expect that his mother would tease his aunt too.

"I'll buy food first. Just wait here." After saying that, Xiao Tian left.

As he was walking, flashes of memories of him having sex with his mother and aunt appeared in his head.

He found it hard to believe that after taking over Xiao Tian's body, he immediately had sex with his mother and aunt at the same time.

The legendary forbidden relationship that no one could experience, he immediately tasted it after he was given a second chance to live. "Thank you, Goddess of Luck!"

After saying that, Xiao Tian went on to look for a restaurant that sold various types of healthy food. He decided to find food for his mother first because healthy food was hard to come by nowadays.

After searching for about fifteen minutes, Xiao Tian finally found a restaurant that sold a variety of healthy foods.

'Now I only need to buy food for aunt and me.'

Not long after that, Xiao Tian saw a franchise that sells fried chickens. The name of the franchise was HAHA franchise.

Xiao Tian immediately headed to HAHA franchise. After Xiao Tian finished ordering fried chicken, he saw an advertisement about a piano competition.

Suddenly a flash of memory appeared in his head.


Xiao Tian was startled.

'So, my predecessor could play the piano too. Even though he couldn't play as well as me, but what amazed me was that he learned it himself. Not bad. Not bad at all.'

Xiao Tian was thrilled because, with this, he would be able to continue his predecessor's dream.

'Eh! What is this?'

The corner of his lips twitched after seeing the registration fee. From the memory of his predecessor, he didn't have enough money to pay the registration fee.

'What should I do? The registration fee is 500 Yuan.'

In this piano competition, the first place winner was awarded a trophy and a cash prize of 200,000 Yuan. The second winner would receive a trophy and money of 100,000 Yuan. And the third place would get a trophy and a cash prize of 50,000 Yuan.

Even though he had no money, Xiao Tian still took one of the advertisements. After getting the food he ordered, Xiao Tian left.

As he was walking, he looked at the ad with glowing eyes. In his past life, one of his father's best friends was a famous pianist.

Whenever his father's best friend had free time, his father's best friend always taught him how to play the piano, and because of this, he could play the piano very well.

He was sure he could win first place in this piano competition, or at least he could enter the top three.

And after that, he would open a business with money from the competition because he wanted to make his mother and aunt happy, like what his predecessor wanted.

'Don't worry, my predecessor, I will make your name known all over China.'

After Xiao Tian arrived home, he immediately opened the door.


When Xiao Tian stepped into the living room, he saw two beautiful women sitting on the couch.

'It seems like they still can't do anything.'

Xiao Tian headed to the kitchen to prepare food.

After a brief moment, he returned to the family room with food in his hands.

Ye Qingyu and Ye Xueyin, who saw him, instantly smiled cheerfully.

Upon seeing the expression on their faces, Xiao Tian stopped his footsteps.

Ye Qingyu was unhappy by that. "What are you doing? Come here and give me the food!"

"Look like I have to punish you again, aunt." Of course, Xiao Tian was joking around.

Ye Qingyu suddenly remembered how he kept fucking her even though she asked him to stop. "No! Please, not again. Aunt's pussy is still swollen right now. It still hurts."

When Xiao Tian saw the expression on her face, he couldn't help but burst into waves of laughter. "Haha. I'm just kidding. Here, eat it."

Then Ye Qingyu and Ye Xueyin consumed the food as if they had been hungry for ten years. They didn't even care about what Xiao Tian would think of them.

Maybe it was because they were starving, and Xiao Tian was a member of their family, so Ye Qingyu and Ye Xueyin didn't need to pretend to be polite or elegant women.


After dinner, Xiao Tian headed to the backyard while carrying a mat, lamps, and pillow. The backyard was about six square meters and filled with grass with a two-meter wall surrounding the backyard.

After Xiao Tian finished arranging everything, he laid down on the mat and looked at the sky. The scenery that night was breathtaking. There was a moon surrounded by stars, making him feel calm.

Xiao Tian raised his right arm and stared at the ad. He wanted to participate in the competition, but he could only sigh when he remembered that he had no money to pay for the registration fee.


The sound of someone opening the door could be heard in his ears. However, Xiao Tian didn't show the slightest care about it and kept closing his eyes while still holding the advertisement.

"What are you doing here?" a sweet voice suddenly rang out.

Even though he was still closing his eyes, Xiao Tian knew who she was. "Aunt, weren't you watching TV with mother? So why are you here?"

"I asked you a question first." Ye Qingyu said as she laid down on the mat. She was startled when she saw the ad in his hands "Piano competition?! Do you want to participate in the piano competition?"

At this moment, Xiao Tian was still closing his eyes.

'I want to, but I have no money because my predecessor spent all the money on books.'

Xiao Tian was nineteen years old, so it would be weird to ask his mother for money except for study purposes.


Xiao Tian suddenly found an excellent idea.

Xiao Tian instantly opened his eyes and laid prone on top of his aunt. "Aunt, can you lend me some money? Don't worry. I will return it in two days."

The competition would end in two days, so he was sure he could return his aunt's money.

"Tian, what are you doing? Let go of your aunt. It's still sore down there." Ye Qingyu thought her nephew desired to have sex with her again.

That was why she said something like that because she didn't know what would happen to her later if they did it again.

"Aunt, your imagination is quite rich," Xiao Tian responded, "I just want you to lend me some money. I will return it in two days after the competition is over."

"Money for what?" Ye Qingyu inquired, "Wait, don't tell me you really want to participate in the piano competition?!"

"You are right." Xiao Tian answered as he pinched her cheeks, "I want to participate in this piano competition."

"What?" She said in surprise

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