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Chapter 95 - A Story That Ended Before Even Starting

Chapter 95: A Story That Ended Before Even Starting

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“You can’t compare yourself to an A.I. because you aren’t the same. You can’t leave the phone and live on your own. It’s like how humans can’t leave their bodies.”

Deeny started to listen, so Su Yang added, “But…compared to an A.I., you are special. You are a real living being. you can imagine things, create things, and even feel things, which gives you infinite possibilities. It also means you are a real intellectual lifeform.

“You are still young and you still have a lot to learn. I’m sure in time, you will grow stronger and become better. As for Li Runze…”

Su Yang then looked around sneakily before he moved his phone closer to his face. He whispered, “I suspect that he’s not human after all. Please don’t group us together with a monster. Thank you.”

Su Yang’s bullsh*tting ability was getting better. He managed to bluff his way into Deeny’s heart and make her smile.

Deeny was no longer depressed as she regained her confidence and said, “Let me learn for another six more months. I’ll crush Li Runze!”

Su Yang smiled when he heard her loud declaration, but he believed that given how fast she learned things, she might be able to be smarter than Li Runze. After all, the brain of a machine had more advantages than the brain of a human.

He finally reached the lecture building after he coaxed Deeny to forget about Li Runze.

Then, he saw Chu Xia standing in front of the building in a different outfit from the morning.

She was wearing a black dress with straps which made her look simple but decent. The cutting at her waist drew out the shape of her slim waist and complimented her long, fair legs.

When she saw Su Yang, she pouted and stared at him. “Finally, Mr. Awesome! How dare you stand me up and avoid my calls!?”

Su Yang had to take responsibility for what Deeny did, so he awkwardly smiled and said, “I’m sorry. I got busy in the afternoon and didn’t notice that my phone was turned off.”

Chu Xia softly grunted. “What were you doing?”

“I’m busy working on my company.”

He was rather proud when he mentioned his company. After all, he did form his own company during his first year in university. It had started off great and he was happy that his company could earn tens of thousand net profit every month.

Shocked, Chu Xia opened her eyes wide with her hand over her mouth. “Oh my goodness! Are you for real? You have your own company now?”

“Yeap. It’s just a start-up but we are doing great.” He nodded.

Chu Xia signed the number ‘six1‘ with her hand and shook it in front of him. “My gosh! You are awesome, Mr. CEO! Do you need a secretary?”

He sized her up from top to bottom and nodded. “I could really use a secretary but you are too small.”

She thought that he was talking about her age, but she quickly noticed he was looking at her chest.

‘This b*stard…’ Chu Xia elbowed Su Yang without holding back at all. She was really offended this time, but as a girl, she could only be so strong.

Su Yang grunted in a muffled voice. It was a little painful but he deserved it.

Chu Xia grunted and said, “Hmph! You pervert! I knew it at first glance that you aren’t a good guy.”

He laughed awkwardly before switching the topic. “Oh right. I’m sorry that I stood you up earlier. I’ll buy you dinner as an apology.”

Chu Xia did not refuse his offer. “Of course. Mr. President, Mr. CEO, big boss Su Yang, I’ve been starving since afternoon.”

The two of them headed to Chu Xia’s choice of restaurant near the campus. It was a noodle house, hence the food was much more affordable.

Chu Xia said she liked the noodle house a lot, but Su Yang believed the girl was trying to save his wallet because, along the way, she said that he should be thriftier now that he has his own company. Only then could he have enough funds to develop his projects.

Originally, Su Yang felt guilty for standing Chu Xia up, but he was moved by her words.

The noodle house might be small, but they served the food rather quickly. Five minutes after their orders were taken, dinner was served.

The two of them chatted over dinner.

Su Yang asked, “So, did you go to the competition without me?”

Chu Xia slurped a mouthful of noodles and said without looking at him, “Of course, who do you think you are? Why wouldn’t I go without you?”

Su Yang grunted softly. ‘Chu Xia does sound vicious at times…’

After she swallowed the food, she wiped her mouth and looked at Su Yang with her beautiful face. “My, my, are you sad now? Don’t you know that I entered the competition? I asked you to accompany me because I wanted you to cheer for me, but since you stood me up, I couldn’t just drop out of the competition either…”

Su Yang’s hand that was holding the chopsticks froze for a moment. He looked at Chu Xia with a surprised expression. “You entered the competition? As a contestant? Why didn’t I know about this?”

Chu Xia shrugged and mimicked his tone when replying, “You didn’t ask…”

Although he did not feel anything when he talked to people like that, when he was treated the same way, he realized that he could use a beating.

Thankfully, because of Chu Xia’s beauty, no matter how annoying her tone was, she looked cute. Su Yang was not bothered either. He simply took it as her revealing a new side of herself.

Chu Xia’s revelation reminded Su Yang of what Lin Jiali said about the competition having some ulterior goals.

Su Yang had nothing to do with the competition before this, but now with Chu Xia entering the competition, should he not at least pay some attention? At least, he should make sure she was not treated unfairly.

If Chu Xia really made it to the finals, should he stand up and expose the dirty dealings behind the stage or demand justice for her?

With that in mind, Su Yang asked, “How did it go then? The competition.”

She slurped another mouthful of noodles and said without being concerned, “Okay, I guess.”

‘Does that mean you did well?’ 

Su Yang asked, “It was the preliminaries, right?”

Chu Xia nodded. “Yeah, it’s preliminary. All three universities had their own selections. Each campus will choose around 200 contestants and disqualify half of them.”

“When is the next round?”

She continued slurping her noodles. “There’s no more next round.

“What? No more next round?” He was slightly surprised.

Confused, she glanced at him, not knowing why Su Yang was surprised. “Yeah, I was disqualified.”

‘What the…? This girl didn’t even make it through the preliminary round? Then why did she feel okay about it?! Why did I fantasize about all those scenarios in my mind!? Girl, come on! Are you kidding me?! Me, your dear friend, planned to challenge the hidden rules because of you. I might have even offended some powerful people, yet you can’t even make it through the preliminary round?!’

Su Yang looked at Chu Xia slurping her noodles, suddenly feeling grumpy.

‘My goodness, are you ashamed of yourself? All the lead and supporting actresses in the television series usually make it to the finals, and then the bad guy will step in to sabotage everything. I should be the male lead that steps in in a cool manner and protect you! Alas, your story was over before it even started! I haven’t even appeared yet!’

The rising melancholy in his heart destroyed his appetite.

Curious, Chu Xia glanced at him before she continued slurping her noodles.

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