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Chapter 880 - Prison Break

Chapter 880: Prison Break

For the next few days, Maha stayed in the prison quietly. He did not do anything or say anything, but he was extremely cooperative. It was as though he really believed the words of the person who had imprisoned him.

However, over the past few days, he had roughly figured out the identity of the person who had locked him up. Just like Zach had said, he was a member of the Jiadian Group. Furthermore, he was the person in charge of the Jiadian Group in Central Asia.

After learning about this person’s identity, Maha became even more enthusiastic. Perhaps the Jiadian Group really wanted to cooperate with him, so the person-in-charge did not hide any of Maha’s probing and talked about many secrets.

Maha did not believe all of these secrets because he did not know if this man was lying to him.

Because his instincts told him that this man was very dangerous, very dangerous.

‘I mustn’t trust such a dangerous person.’

The environment that he was in had not changed, and he was still in that dark prison cell. There were no windows around him, and this made him stay alert. This was not the kind of treatment that a potential partner should receive.

On the sixth day, when the man came again to bring him food, Maha asked tentatively, “Can you tell me what’s going on out there?”

The man outside the cell glanced at Maha and said with a faint smile, “You’re trying to ask about your organization, right?”

Maha did not deny it.

The man said, “Other than your group, the rest of your group completed the mission perfectly. This malicious incident caused a huge sensation in Central Asia and even the entire international community.”

“Initially, no one knew who did it. However, very soon, your leader stood out and announced that he was responsible for this incident. He also officially announced the Great Ixa Alliance’s declaration.”

Hearing this, there was excitement in Maha’s eyes, but he remained vigilant. He asked, “What did our leader say about our declaration?”

The man outside the cell uncaringly scratched his hands. “What else? It’s just the slogan that you guys are shouting inside the organization every day: break the barrier between Central Asia, remove the borders of the modern Central Asian countries, and establish an Emirate governed by your organization in the vast region that spans the borders of Syria.

“Speaking of which, do you yourself believe in this slogan?

“Don’t you feel that it’s too empty?

“When I was In your organization, I always looked down on this slogan.”

When Maha heard the man outside the cell say that the slogan was empty, he almost jumped up in excitement to retort, but when he heard the man’s last sentence, he suppressed the fluttering in his heart.

‘When I was In your organization, I always looked down on this slogan…’

In his mind, he repeated what the man outside the cell had said. Maha was certain that there was indeed a spy in his organization.

‘To be able to know so much about the organization… This person must be someone high level.’

At the thought of this, a series of figures flashed through Maha’s mind.

Finally… He settled on a person.

Maha’s gaze hardened slightly: disdain for organization slogans, enmity with himself, rivalry with him, familiarity with Yemen, familiarity with himself…

Combining all the information together, there seemed to be only one person.

Maha didn’t test it with his own speculations and kept it to himself instead.

However, he secretly made a decision. ‘I can’t wait around any longer, I’ve got to leave!’

As for what the man said about wanting to collaborate with the organization through him, Maha did not believe it at all. If it was really the man who betrayed the organization, then he would not be able to get out alive.

Furthermore, it was not like the organization could not do without him. The other party could directly cooperate with the organization through that person, so there was no need to keep him.

The reason why he was left alive was because of the other party’s greed. During this period of time, the other party had been trying to find out where the precious information that he had taken from the Black Transport Organization was.

If the other party’s patience ran out, or if they knew that he had already destroyed the information, they would not have kept him.

With this mental preparation, Maha did not wait any longer. After the man outside the cell left, he used his right hand to feel around his left forearm for a while. He found a protruding wound and pulled it open.

The wound had been torn open, and as the blood dripped, there was a small ball of iron hidden inside.

This was the self-defense tool that he had hidden inside his body. It could be used as a convenient weapon, but it could also be used to escape when trapped.

Over the past few days, Maha had already figured out how long the man had been here. Based on his voice, he could roughly guess that the security outside was not tight. Therefore, he took out the metal wire and quietly and nimbly opened the cell door.

Then, he opened the metal door like it was nothing to him.

When he opened the door, Maha was actually a little confused because he felt something was off. ‘I know my lock-picking isn’t bad, but I can’t open all the locks in the world.

‘Central Asia is relatively poor, and the security used on various doors is relatively weak. However, Jiadian Group is a world-class corporation though, so how could they not have decently secured doors?

‘They’ve actually used such a sh*tty door to lock me up?

‘Could it be possible that they’re actually planning to cooperate with me? Or, could it be that they’ve lowered their guard against me because they don’t know about my lock-picking skills?’

Putting the question to the back of his mind, Maha carefully opened the door. He looked outside and saw a dilapidated corridor. It did not look like a prison, but more like an abandoned building.

Hence, the confusion in his heart was explained. ‘So… This prison is something Jiadian Group came up with at the last minute. No wonder.

‘But, why didn’t they lock me up in Yemen Prison?’

With this question in mind, Maha sneaked out of the building.

Along the way, he ran into several groups of security guards, but probably because his hands and feet were dry, none of them alerted the other party.

After leaving the building safely, Maha realized that it was nighttime outside. After being locked inside the cell for so long, Maha could not tell whether it was day or night.

He sneaked out of the area and sneaked into a room. Then, he killed everyone in the room and stole a set of clothes, money, and car keys. After changing, he drove away.

As they drove further away, Maha followed the GPS and found the equipment he had buried earlier in Yemen: a burner phone, weapons, bulletproof vests, and so on.

After changing again, Maha finally felt at ease.

He took out his satellite phone and called his subordinate who had been guarding the base.

“Du… Du… Du… Du…”

The call went on for a long time.

So long that Maha thought that his subordinate had lost his phone.

The call went through, and his subordinate’s excited voice came through the receiver. “Chief, you’re still alive?!”

Maha cursed, “Were you hoping that I was dead?!”

The subordinate quickly explained, “No, it’s because Yemen publicly announced that you were executed.”

Maha froze for a moment, then said, “They said I was executed?”

The subordinate said, “That’s right. They said that all the enemies, including you, were killed. None of you managed to escape or even got taken in as prisoners.

“The organization has been agitated for the past seven or eight days, wanting to avenge you.”

Maha felt that his thoughts were in a mess. He quickly said, “Wait a minute. You said seven to eight days?”

The subordinate said, “Yes, seven to eight days. We’ve been preparing for eight days since you were in trouble.”

Maha frowned slightly. He felt that something was strange. ‘I’ve been keeping track of the time in the cell, but it’s only about six days. How could seven or eight days have passed then?

‘Could it be that I was unconscious before entering the prison? Or could it be because there was no sunlight in the prison that my memory got messed up?’

Suppressing this thought, Maha asked about the situation after he disappeared. The general situation was similar to what the man outside the cell had said: the organization’s plan was progressing smoothly, but he had failed.

This operation had blown up many of Central Asia’s oil fields and pipelines. It had dealt a serious blow to Central Asia’s oil industry. It could be said that they had truly made a name for themselves internationally.

After that, the leader of the organization publicly took responsibility for this matter and promoted the concept of the Great Ixa Alliance. He even entered America’s Annual “Celebrity of the Year” list.

The only flaw was that Yemen had announced that they had killed the third-in-command, which was himself.

This led to the collapse of his own forces, which was absorbed by the other leaders. Zach had absorbed more than half of the people, and had completely stabilized his position as the second-in-command.

Hearing what his subordinate said, Maha gritted his teeth.

“Zach… Zach!

“You traitor!”

After suppressing his anger for so many days, Maha could no longer suppress it. His eyes were red as he asked his subordinate, “Tell me where our temporary base is! I’m coming over right now!

“Also, inform the leader that I’m back. I want to hold a meeting with the leaders!”

At the same time, three figures stood on the rooftop of a tall building. They were Su Yang, the Clown Sea Serpent, and Little Deeny.

Looking at the scene from afar, Su Yang smiled. “Looks like the fish has taken the bait.”

The Clown Sea Serpent nodded. “Yeap. My acting these past few days has not been in vain.”

Indeed, Su Yang and the Clown Sea Serpent were putting on a show.

In Maha’s memory, he had only seen Su Yang once. However, Su Yang had seen him at least 10 times.

After capturing Maha, Su Yang and the Clown Sea Serpent used the hourglass to search through his memories. They wanted to obtain information about the organization and the location of the base from his memories and then exterminate them.

In the end, Su Yang and the Clown Sea Serpent realized that the reason why this organization could hide for so long and sneak an attack on the Clown Sea Serpent was not without reason.

They had been extremely cautious!

Perhaps because it was an alliance, the few organizations in the alliance did not exchange their positions. Therefore, other than the highest-ranking leader knowing all the information, the others did not know where the other organizations were.

When there was a need for a meeting, the leaders of the few organizations would use an encrypted code to inform the highest-ranking leader, and then have him inform the others through burner phones.

In the end, the great leader decided on a temporary location and time to avoid being caught in one fell swoop.

Other than important matters, these leaders would not gather together most of the time. Instead, they would use secret signals to communicate online.

Only something very important could gather everyone.

Therefore, in order to gain Maha’s “trust” and to ensure that the plan could be carried out, Su Yang put on a show with the Clown Sea Serpent so that Maha would believe that he had been betrayed and that there was a traitor in his organization.

In order to make this scene look real, the Clown Sea Serpent had been telling many secrets that only the leaders of the organization knew. It had caused Maha’s suspicion to slowly accumulate.

However, Maha’s ability to make a name for himself in Central Asia was not to be underestimated. His vigilance and alertness were the highest that Su Yang and the Clown Sea Serpent had ever encountered.

When the Clown Sea Serpent said a little more or less, Maha became suspicious.

Therefore, over the past few days, the Clown Sea Serpent had been using the hourglass’s [Memory Master] ability to check and modify Maha’s memories.

This was also why Maha felt like he had lost more than a day.

In order to ensure that Maha could leave successfully, Su Yang and the Clown Sea Serpent ended up being worried for a long time.

He thought that he had decent lock-picking skills, when actually… He was super trash.

In fact, Su Yang had to go through several different doors before he managed to escape.

He believed that he would succeed after breaking out of prison once, but little did he know that the Clown Sea Serpent had been secretly following him with Last Building’s [Dimensional Black Mist] to help him get rid of the guards.

There were even two occasions where he could not dodge in time and was touched by the guards. In order to allow him to escape, he had to modify his memory to make him think that he had avoided the guards…

However, everything was over at that moment. All the arrangements had been completed. Maha finally left the prison with Su Yang and the Clown Sea Serpent’s “help”. Then, he returned to the organization and prepared for a meeting.

What happened next was to wait patiently and catch them all in one fell swoop.

Su Yang and the Clown Sea Serpent were not in a hurry to facilitate this meeting. They knew everything with a single glance. Since Maha was so alert, the other leaders should be very careful as well.

Those who had committed such atrocities would have died without warning.

So… Just like that, under the double surveillance of the Clown Sea Serpent and Little Deeny, Maha went to a nearby temporary base for some tests, and then went through a few separate rounds of the organization. Finally, he managed to convince the organization that he had no one following him and that he had not betrayed them.

Therefore, one week later, every leader of the organization received a secret signal that they were going to hold a temporary meeting with the leaders of the organization. They were told to go to the designated location. At that time, someone would pick them up to the real location of the meeting.

When Su Yang received the news, he immediately responded: He sent out the order for Netherworld Village to gather.

As soon as Netherworld Village’s summoning order was sent out, all the villagers of Netherworld Village returned to the virtual space through the glass phones that were specially opened for them…

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