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Chapter 792 - Accumulating Researchers At High Salaries

Chapter 792: Accumulating Researchers At High Salaries

When he received the call, Su Yang was still planning where he should descend the [Burning Reincarnation Circus].

Su Yang was stunned for a moment when he heard his phone ring. “Little Deeny, who’s calling me?”

A moment later, Little Deeny’s voice was heard. “Master, it’s Huang Zheng.”

‘Huang Zheng?

‘Why is he looking for me?’

Huang Zheng was Juduoduo’s founder and Su Yang’s partner. The two of them had similar personalities. Su Yang had invested a few hundred million yuan on Juduoduo and it was worth a few billion yuan at that moment.

Hence, facing such an important partner, Su Yang naturally answered the call immediately.

“Hello? Mr. Huang, what’s up?”

Huang Zheng’s voice was a little hoarse, as if he had not slept well for a few days. He sighed and said, “Mr. Su, do you know that we have been investigated?”

Su Yang recalled that Zhao Licheng had told him about Juduoduo being investigated previously.

Hence, he said, “I do.”

Huang Zheng said softly, “I’ve been busy because of this for the past few days.

“Normally speaking, we are just a third-party platform. Hence, even if something happens to the seller, despite us having some responsibility, we… We aren’t the main responsibility.

“Instead, we should only be assisting with the investigation.

“But, this time, it’s just weird. Hangzhou’s relevant departments just won’t let us go.

“So, because I’ve been curious, I asked around and realized that someone’s targeting us.”

Huang Zheng sighed after he said this before he continued, “But, I just can’t find out who he is. I only know that he has a high status.”

Su Yang coughed and said, “I know who he is.”

Huang Zheng was stunned. “You do?”

Su Yang did not hide any of the facts. “Yes, it’s Wang Jiang.”

“Wang Jiang?” Huang Zheng repeated the name and took a moment to react. Then, his voice suddenly trembled as he said, “The Ki… King Of Zhejiang?!

“Why is the King of Zhejiang targeting us? Our company isn’t big enough for him to take a liking to, is it?”

Su Yang felt awkward and did not know how to explain.

However, Huang Zheng was also a smart person.

Previously, he did not have enough information and could not react in time. Hence, now that Su Yang had revealed his opponent’s identity and remained silent after that, he immediately understood. “Mr. Su, could it be because of you?”

Su Yang was an upstanding man who would admit to everything he did, so he admitted, “Yes, it’s me.”

Initially, Su Yang thought that Huang Zheng would be furious and worried the moment he realized that Juduoduo was affected because of him. Then, he thought Huang Zheng would try to persuade Su Yang to make peace.

However… Huang Zheng didn’t do so.

Instead, he asked curiously, “Mr. Su, how have you offended the King Of Zhejiang? Is it because… You betrayed his daughter?”

Su Yang was speechless when he heard this.

‘Is he still the calm, confident, and sharp Huang Zheng that I know?

‘Looks like everyone loves good gossip.’

However, the matter between Su Yang and Wang Jiang was too complicated, so Su Yang could only laugh it off and not go into detail.

After realizing that Su Yang did not want to talk about this matter, Huang Zheng did not probe further. He only comforted Su Yang and wished him all the best. After that, Huang Zheng even told Su Yang not to worry about Juduoduo, Huang Zheng would be able to handle the pressure himself, so Su Yang could take his time.

This made Su Yang feel that Huang Zheng was someone worth befriending.

Regardless of whether Huang Zheng’s words were sincere or if he had only said it after weighing his pros and cons, it represented that Huang Zheng was on his side, but was under immense pressure.

Compared to the former possibility, Su Yang was more inclined to the latter. That was more in line with Su Yang’s judgment of Huang Zheng.

After hanging up the phone, Huang Zheng’s expression changed as Su Yang had expected.

Obviously, he was not as calm as Su Yang thought.

However, soon, the sadness on his face disappeared, leaving only a confident smile.

As he paced around the office, he muttered to himself, “King Of Zhejiang. Su Yang…

“Looks like I was right.”

Huang Zheng could not help but recall the first time he went to Shanghai to meet Su Yang.

At that time, because Su Yang had something on, he did not see Su Yang immediately. Hence, he stayed in Shanghai for a few more days.

With the intention to stay anyway, he contacted some friends in Shanghai.

Thus, when friends meet, of course they would have to eat, drink, and sing.

Meanwhile, his friend was doing well in Shanghai, and he had called some of the big boss’ children or people with connections.

When these people heard that Huang Zheng was looking for Su Yang for financing, they became more polite to Huang Zheng.

Huang Zheng did not understand at first, so he took the chance to ask around.

In the end, he learned a lot about Su Yang from these people. It turned out that Su Yang’s influence in Shanghai was so great that even the Jiang family had to avoid him. Later on, an illegitimate son of a big shot from the capital came to Shanghai and was similarly dealt with by Su Yang.

However, that was not the end of it. Su Yang even uprooted that family in the capital. Hence, there were not many people in the country who could afford to offend Su Yang.

This was the secret in Huang Zheng’s heart.

This was also the reason why Huang Zheng, despite being a person with a strong desire for control, would always give in during the few negotiations with Su Yang and agree to Su Yang’s increasing shareholding. After all, in the domestic market, the best method to interact with the large corporations was to deal with the person behind them.

Therefore, when Su Yang said that he was the cause of Juduoduo’s investigation, Huang Zheng was not worried at all. In fact, he was a little happy because that was the correct way to enter Su Yang’s inner circle!

‘People would express their support after going through trials and tribulations together. If it’s done over and over again, our relationship would deepen and I would be able to enter Su Yang’s circle!

‘As for whether Su Yang would be defeated by Wang Jiang…

‘I doubt that would happen. Based on the praise from the people in Shanghai and based on my own analysis, Su Yang’s identity might be one of the most noble ones…’

After hanging up the call with Huang Zheng, Su Yang sent the circus to Huabei Hospital of the National Technology Academy and started to wait patiently.

However, it was not a short-term task to gather 10 souls at the [Burning Reincarnation Circus].

Comparatively speaking, it was much easier and faster to recruit people from the real world instead.

Hence, the next day, Zhao Licheng sent out the recruitment notice that he had drafted. Immediately after that, it caused an uproar.

In fact, there was a reason for the huge impact.

After all, Jiadian Group’s technologies had always been very mysterious. Every country, force, and company had always wanted to pry into it, but there was no way for them to infiltrate.

Yet, now that the Jiadian Group was recruiting researchers, this meant that a door of opportunity had just been opened.

For these organizations, this recruitment notice was worth paying attention to. For normal people, this recruitment notice was just too good to be true. In fact, it practically rekindled everyone’s childhood dream of becoming a scientist.

‘Recruitment Notice for Scientific Talents at Jiadian Group

‘Recruitment range: Biology, batteries, chips, screen technology, semiconductors, physics, chemistry, etc.

‘Recruitment Requirement: From basic assistant researchers to expert researchers. The company will nurture talents who think they have the potential to research in relevant fields.

‘Salary & benefits: Assistant researchers ranging from P4 to chief specialists P11, will be offered a minimum annual salary of 120,000 yuan, up to a maximum of up to 10 million yuan annually, not limited to receiving a company’s villa. They will also be given subsidiaries options.

After a few months of gathering information, the production of Jialian Mobile’s glass phones were getting higher and higher, but their reputation was still not affected. At that time, Jialian Group had already become a publicly recognized giant company.

In fact, a few investment firms had evaluated Jiadian Science and Technology, and their valuation of it had reached 100 billion yuan. This was because Jiadian Group had clarified that Science and Technology were only responsible for selling technological products.

Hence, for a company like this, if it had options, it would definitely become a billionaire company once it went public or received dividends.

Therefore, the moment such a recruitment notice was released, it immediately caused a huge impact on society.

At that moment, the atmosphere in China was not considered to be decent in terms of scientific research. At various national scientific research institutes, assistant researchers were earning 6,000 to 7,000 yuan, while associate researchers earned about 10,000 yuan, with many of them even earning less than 10,000 yuan.

Thus, these researchers were actually getting by their daily lives with their salary.

Even though they had some project bonuses, manpower, and research funding, it only made their lives a little better.

Also… As someone who had dedicated their entire life to science, who would want to spend their time just thinking about how they could earn more money?

Therefore, the various research institutes in China had many conflicts about the treatment of researchers.

In the end, when the news that Jiadian Group was hiring researchers at a high salary was released, many media outlets reported about it, and many ambitious people saw a glimmer of hope.

After all, everyone is just humans at the end of the day, so they need to eat. Hence, if they could receive far better treatment in another company than their current one, they would have no issues with changing companies at all.

Not to mention, with so many advanced technologies, Jiadian Group should be very supportive of their researchers, shouldn’t they?

Even if it wasn’t a big deal, they could at least get in touch with the most cutting-edge technology in the world, which was the dream of these researchers.

Hence, for a moment, the entire scientific community surged with dark waves…

While Jiadian Group was once again trending on the hot search list, Wang Jiang and the Wangs from Zhejiang Province seemed sullen.

Wang Jiang suddenly realized that he could not understand Su Yang at all.

Ever since he met Su Yang and confirmed that Su Yang was the murderer of his son, Wang Jiang had been planning to destroy Su Yang.

Having been in the industry for many years, Wang Jiang was more familiar with the rules than Su Yang would be.

Therefore, even though he received the same warning as Su Yang, he did not pay much attention to it because he knew where his bottom line was.

Thus, in less than two days, he got his subordinates to check Juduoduo and Findme app as interest.

Initially, he thought that Su Yang would react or retaliate. Then, he would seize Su Yang’s moment of weakness and launch his counterattack. However, things didn’t go as he expected.

It was as if Su Yang did not know about anything that had happened and had continued to do whatever he wanted. Not only did he not appear for a few days, he even hired researchers with a high salary.

This made everything Wang Jiang had done earlier seem like a joke. ‘Not only has my opponent ignored my attack, he’s even gone on to hire researchers.

‘What am I supposed to do about this?!’

Apart from that, in order to teach Su Yang a lesson, Wang Jiang had been using excuses to delay Juduoduo and Findme app’s investigations.

From the beginning to the end, Findme app didn’t seem to be panicking. Although they did panic for a brief moment, they stopped bothering about the matter after they understood the situation.

Juduoduo, on the other hand, was jumping up and down, looking for connections and people to settle the matter.

Seeing Juduoduo’s actions, Wang Jiang was very straightforward.

In the end, just the day before, Juduoduo suddenly quieted down and started to ignore Wang Jiang’s subordinates’ hints as well.

Hence, this made Wang Jiang start to feel frustrated again.

‘I’m the big boss of Zhejiang Province, when have I ever suffered such grievances!

‘Two minor companies actually dare to ignore me?!’

However, as furious as he was, Wang Jiang had his own thoughts.

Through this incident, Wang Jiang felt that his way of thinking about Su Yang might be wrong. ‘If I use external pressure, I will only cause Jiadian Group to grow even stronger internally rather than actually affecting Su Yang.

‘I suppose I might as well make my way from the inside and bribe some people to gather some dirt on Jiadian Group or any evidence that they’ve broken the law.

‘In fact, I don’t need too much evidence. As long as I have a few pieces of evidence, I could use my administrative powers to freeze the accounts and businesses of the various companies in Jiadian Group. By then, Jiadian Group would very naturally collapse from the inside, and Su Yang would be at my mercy!’

With that thought in mind, Wang Jiang confidently mumbled to himself, “Aren’t you hiring right now? I’ll hire as well then. If you have the money to poach people from research institutes, I’ll come up with the money to poach your men.

“The difference would be that you’re poaching for your self-development, while I’m poaching your men to crush you.”

With that thought in mind, Wang Jiang could not help but smile darkly.

As one of the top families in the country, the Wangs were quite powerful. After Wang Jiang gave the order, the Wangs quickly conducted a few rounds of investigation and probed on the employees of the various companies.

While they were investigating and testing the waters, the Wangs realized that Su Yang’s company was special. The most important thing was that there were only a few senior executives in the headquarters of Jiadian Group and no ordinary staff.

In fact, among the subsidiary companies…

The film and television company were all technological nerds who were dedicated to developing special effects and would ignore everyone.

As for the health supplements company, other than the person in charge, everything else was just trivial items and revenue.

On the other hand, the technology company only had a few stores and warehouses. Their employees were also selected from various subsidiary companies.

All in all, these companies could not be bribed, or they would be worthless. Only the management agency and the e-commerce company were bigger, and their employees more complicated, thus filled with many loopholes.

After seeking Wang Jiang’s advice, the members of the Wangs focused on these two companies.

Then, after a few rounds of screening, a few members from Jiadian Group came into view.

For example, one of the department heads of the management agency who had been working in the management agency for five to six years, but during the previous evaluation, he had his rank lowered and was transferred to another weaker department, thus spouting many complaints.

Apart from him, there were also the few people who had left the e-commerce company for money…

In other words… Wang Dong and the rest.

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