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Chapter 750 - 60 Million Times More Advanced Compared To What The World Has To Offer

Chapter 750: 60 Million Times More Advanced Compared To What The World Has To Offer

At the same time, Su Yang looked at the glass phone in his hand. His left eye clearly displayed the technology and principles of the glass phone.

This was something that Su Yang had noticed a few days ago when he saw this glass phone.

This was exactly why he dared to hold this press conference!

After all, it was only natural for a cellphone that transcended its time to receive a lot of skepticisms.

Hence, if Su Yang did not even know the fundamentals of the glass phone, or if he could not fool others, he would definitely be bombarded to death by an array of questions.

Therefore, Su Yang had cut open a glass phone early on and studied it carefully, allowing him to have a rough understanding of the principles behind the glass phone.

At that moment, he was standing in the middle of the stage. Everything was dark, and only a beam of light shone on him in his suit as he held a glass phone in his hand. Then, he said, “Actually, it wouldn’t be exactly appropriate to call this a type of cellphone. Instead, it would be more accurate to say that this is a smart screen.

“Like I’ve said before, this glass phone has no motherboard or CPU. Why isn’t there a motherboard or CPU, you ask?

“Because it’s just a screen.

“Our company has the most advanced artificial intelligence technology and cloud computing technology in the world. It’s able to store all the data on the glass phones into the cloud, where each user will be given their unique backup copy. When needed, they’re able to transfer it directly from the cloud to their glass phone.

“Therefore, the glass phone does not need to store or operate any data within it at all!

“As for how this glass phone is able to operate without having the need to charge it…” Su Yang looked around the entire venue and said, “This is because it’s using a graphene technology that the entire world has yet to conquer.

“Graphene is a single-layer graphite with great mechanical strength, good stretching performance, good conductivity, good thermal conductivity, and other advantages, giving it a very valuable purpose to be used. Thus, our glass phones have been created using this technology. Hence, when it’s used normally, it can be charged with both kinetic energy and solar energy. During the day, it only needs to absorb in the sunlight, or even when their users are exercising to maintain sufficient power.

“At night, due to the electricity stored during the day and the fact that everyone uses their glass phones at night, there is still sufficient battery power within.”

After he said this, there was absolute silence throughout the entire venue.

Actually, Su Yang’s [Eye Of Origin] had displayed all the technology and fundamentals used in the glass phone, so he was just reading them out loud.

After he was done, Su Yang pointed behind him and said, “I might have been explaining it too vaguely just now. So, allow me to invite our company’s artificial intelligence, Mini Deeny, to explain in detail.”

As Su Yang finished his sentence, the screen darkened. Then, a huge ball of light appeared on the screen, and Little Deeny’s voice could be heard.

Compared to Su Yang, Little Deeny was much more professional. She explained the principles in detail, what kind of technology was used, and what materials were used.

Actually, these things were not exactly classified information.

After Su Yang used his left eye to look at the glass phone, he realized that other than the technology in the virtual space, the other technologies that were displayed were already being developed or used by the society already.

Of course, Su Yang was not afraid of exposing these secrets and letting others learn his skills because even if they realized that these technologies were useful, they still would not be able to overcome the difficulties they would encounter, let alone implement the technology.

Just like how nuclear weapons are produced and what materials were involved…If one were to search online for this information, they could very well find it.

However, it would be useless even if they found it because an ordinary person would not be able to obtain the materials needed, nor would they be able to obtain the tools needed to build it. Hence, it would be absolutely futile.

The same could be said for Su Yang’s technology.

Graphene has long been discovered, and its basic utilization has also been developed.

However, the only problem is that no one is able to figure out how to integrate it with existing technologies, nor do they know how to reduce the cost, which is the main key to implementing new technology.

Therefore, after everything was said, the venue and the Internet fell silent.

No one expected Su Yang to reveal his own technologies used.

Moreover, after he made it public, they realized… ‘This doesn’t seem that difficult to make, does it?’

However, only the professionals knew just how difficult it was to integrate so many advanced technologies together like Su Yang had done.

Every country, company, and research centre had been researching for many, many years, and it was not easy for them to make a breakthrough. But now, all of their projects have been completed and integrated perfectly right in front of their eyes.

‘This… Feels like a dream.’

When Little Deeny was done, Su Yang looked at the man who stood up and asked, “Do you understand everything now?

“Sometimes, we haven’t actually invented a product that transcends its time because all the technology is out there, you just can’t use it.”

When he heard this, the man in the back row just stood there with a dark expression.

In fact, he was the one who wanted to expose Su Yang in public.

Indeed, he has done as the group had agreed.

However, he did not expect that other than promoting Su Yang and making his company look better, there was no other effect.

Then, he was slightly unwilling as he said, “Mr. Su, I understand the technology you’re talking about, but there’s one thing I don’t understand. How have you been able to develop all these things?”

In fact, the man no longer tried to hide his intentions and decided to cut straight to the chase as he said, “Setting aside everything else, let’s just talk about the use of graphene. There are many companies, both domestic and foreign that are developing cellphones. Plus, there are other companies that are developing batteries as well. However, none of them have been able to breakthrough till date.

“So, who gives you the right to be able to achieve this breakthrough?”

His question was so direct that even the netizens could not stand it anymore. Hence, they began having a discussion.

‘Who’s this guy? Why can others develop this technology? Who says they can’t develop me? Are you trying to say that you’re the only one who can develop it then?’

‘Exactly! He’s just being salty because he’s not the star!”

‘I think he’s from Baidu, I remember seeing him apologizing earlier.’

‘Baidu eh… I understand what’s happening now. Everything they do is extremely normal.’

On the other hand, Su Yang looked at the bespectacled man without a hint of anger or frustration in him as he said, “Who gives me the right, you ask?

“I have no idea myself.

“After all, the world of science is like the vast sea that would always wash a few beautiful seashells to the shore, and I just so happened to pick up one of them.”

Su Yang’s quick-witted reply caused a round of applause.

“Well said!”


“Nice one! Nice one!”

Su Yang smiled as he stretched out his hand and gestured for the crowd to remain calm. Then, he said, “There might even be people questioning me why no one has been able to pick up any of these seashells, yet I managed to pick up so many.

“Actually… The seashell I picked up isn’t referring to this technology, but my artificial intelligence.”

Then, Su Yang tapped his finger lightly, and an image of columns appeared on the screen. The columns were labelled with 7, 10 and 49 respectively.

No one understood what that meant.

At that moment, Su Yang pointed at the image.

“Everyone here should have heard of quantum mechanics, am I right?

“So, if we view quantum mechanics at a microscopic level, there are many things that remain unknown, so it can only be portrayed with probability.

“Before a particle gets observed, it’s in multiple states, and it’s in a magical superposition state. Hence, the discovery of this physical phenomena has overturned the entire world of physics.

“However, other than making all of us doubt everything we know, there is another important usage, quantum computers.

“Quantum computers are a scary existence compared to traditional computers. Even if traditional computers have enough computing power, they can only operate on one or more lines.”

“But quantum computers can allow microscopic particles, such as photons, to operate in a superposition state, and then perform parallel computations. In theory, their computational ability can be hundreds of millions of times better than traditional computers.

“The only problem with these quantum computers is that the progress of our research has always been slow. Currently, one of the two most advanced quantum computers in the world has achieved seven quantum bit calculations. The other has achieved ten quantum bit calculations, but it’s only considered a concept.

“According to scientists’ calculations, as long as it reaches 49 quantum bit entanglements, it can be at a level that’s better than our top 500 supercomputers.

“However, the quantum computer that our company created has already achieved this goal with 50 quantum bit entanglement operations, and it is able to parallely operate at 50 quantum bits on two units. So, it’s 600 billion times more advanced than the world’s most advanced quantum computer by being able to process 11259 billion floating-point commands per second. This has reached the level of the world’s most advanced supercomputer group.

“It’s also because of this foundation that we’ve been able to develop the world’s best artificial intelligence.

“Hence, it’s because of these quantum computers and artificial intelligence that we’re able to easily break through so many technologies.’

Everyone present, including netizens, were stunned when they heard this.

No one expected to hear the latest advanced data from a press conference.

‘More than 600 billion times faster than the world’s most advanced quantum computer?

‘Is this something us humans are able to come up with?

‘He’s bragging, isn’t he?’

However, when they thought about the technological products that had surpassed the era, they had to admit that perhaps this was the most logical explanation.

‘Without a quantum supercomputer, how could there be so many technological breakthroughs?’

Hence, after the press conference ended, everyone was shocked!

Everyone who lived in this era, those who attended this press conference, and those who watched it online, did not expect for the day they became close to history to arrive.

In fact, everyone felt like they were in a dream. In the past, they would always read about a certain technological change that had happened in a certain year, a certain event that had changed the world, and they would be fascinated by it.

So, they imagined what it would be like to be in that era.

But now, when everyone was really a part of such a historical moment, they were at a loss.

The world seemed to have reached a crossroad, where no one knew what would happen in the future. They only knew that they were inside the wheels of history.

Therefore, when the press conference ended, the wave that it caused was imaginable.

Countless people were discussing the authenticity of these technologies, and many people were looking up these new technologies and the materials involved online.

In fact, those who originally did not know about this conference were brought into the discussion of their own accord or through others because there were just too many discussions about it.

Thus, Weibo, Zhihu, Baidu, and all the hot searches on the websites, even Xiao Huangshu and TikTok, were flooded with news about Su Yang’s press conference.

With the appearance of various high-tech terminologies, it managed to attract everyone’s attention.

Thus, this brought Su Yang more and more coins.

During the live broadcast of the press conference, especially when he was talking about the changes that new technology could bring, Su Yang’s coins skyrocketed by the seconds.

In the end, this press conference brought Su Yang 80,000 coins and 80,000 people influenced!

So, Su Yang was only 40,000 people away from completing his Gold Mission!

This wave would obviously last for a long time, making it enough for Su Yang to “ascend”.

At the same time, after Su Yang announced everything and showed them his glass phone…

The relevant departments of various companies and countries started to make their move because the impact of this press conference was just too great. It displayed so many new technologies in one go, which was enough to overturn the times.

In fact, it was not only the local news that was spreading like wildfire, even the foreign platforms such as Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, and Tiktok were very quickly coming to know about this news as well.

Hence, in just one day, people in many countries knew that a big company from the East had developed a quantum computer that was being put to practical use. Its computing power was comparable to the current supercomputer group, and it was 60 million times better than the most advanced quantum computer. Furthermore, it has used this computer to develop many advanced technologies as well.

Every piece of advanced technology it has could affect the entire era.

Of course, even though they knew, they did not contribute much to Su Yang’s coins because they did not have a strong sense of patriotism since it was not their country that had invented it.

At night, in the Imperial Capital, at the Academy of Science, a few experts were staying up late to study the technology displayed during Su Yang’s press conference.

An old man with white hair sat at the head of the table. He patiently watched the group of experts discuss, and there was no sign of anxiety on his face.

On the other hand, a few experts were arguing in the room.

“How is it possible to actualize this technology??”

“How is it not possible! I think the kid gave a pretty solid explanation there!”

“B*llshit! He doesn’t even know what a quantum computer is. He said that he achieved 50 quantum bits, but is that a logical bit code? What about his external factors? What about noise? What about quantum errors? He didn’t even say anything about this except for a bunch of b*llshit? I think he’s just a scammer!”

“He’s not a professional researcher, so it’s only normal that he can’t explain. Even if you were to talk to me about this, I wouldn’t understand as well.”

“You… You… Why are you here if you don’t understand what I’m talking about?”

“I’m here to verify his graphene technique.”



Seeing the scientists arguing, the old man did not show any impatience. Instead, he just waited patiently.

The meeting lasted for three hours before a report was placed before the old man.

The old man took a look and saw that it was an assessment of Su Yang’s technological level.

In the field of quantum computers, many well-known experts in the country agreed that it was fake. The principles and applications of this quantum computer did not have much to do with what Su Yang said.

As for graphene, bone conduction earphones, glass phones, and many other fields, after a comprehensive evaluation, scientists in other fields believed that it was feasible. It was very likely that it was real, but they did not know how to achieve it.

However, they were also worried about Su Yang achieving these technological breakthroughs. Without the support of the country, it would be impossible for such technological breakthroughs…

At the same time, other countries, large forces, and companies also started to evaluate Su Yang’s press conference.

However, the conclusion they came up with was different. This was especially true for the other countries, who ended up believing Su Yang even more because of certain errors in their judgement.

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