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Chapter 75 - Become A Part Of The Family?

Chapter 75: Become A Part Of The Family?

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Su Yang called Deeny over. She tacitly brought up his phone home page in front of him.

Su Yang checked the notification from WeChat and realized it was from Mr. Smart Guy, Li Runze.

Li Runze said: [I heard you created a Han Yi fan club.]

Even through the messaging app, Su Yang somehow painted the cold and emotionless face of Li Runze in his mind when he typed the message. He replied: [I didn’t create the group. It was Chu Xia, but due to various reasons, I became the president.]

Li Runze said: [Not important. I want to join.]

‘Huh? Mr. Smart Guy wants in? Is he joining because of Han Yi? Or is it because of…me?’ 

The thought popped up in Su Yang’s mind and he felt a little insecure.

However, it was a good thing to have Li Runze in the fan group because he was quite respectable in his faculty. He was famous, in fact. He also had a certain reputation throughout the campus because he got into Shanghai University as the top student of his high school.

It was said that with his results that got him first place in his high school, he could easily get into the renowned Tsinghua University, but since he was a local Shanghainese and Shanghai University agreed to a lot of his terms, he chose Shanghai University over the best.

Su Yang was unsure whether the choice was worthwhile because he never had such opportunities. Therefore, after a quick thought, he succinctly replied: [Sure.]

He planned to use Li Runze’s reputation and expand his fan club into the Faculty of Information. From the fan club, he would then select those who wanted part-time jobs to fill his shortage of manpower.

Meanwhile, in another part of Su Yang’s neighborhood, Qu Xiaomeng was humming a melody while devouring a piece of Korean fried chicken in her teddy bear pajamas.

She had ordered spicy-sour flavored chicken and it was glazed with sauce. Since there was no one around, she abandoned her image and devoured the piece of chicken like a hungry wolf. Her mouth was painted red by the sauce and it made her look like a glutton with a big appetite.

Amidst her happy munching, knocks came from her door.

Surprised, Qu Xiaomeng anxiously swallowed the chicken and asked, “Who is it?”

The slightly lazy voice of a male replied, “Qu Xiaomeng, it’s me.” The voice sounded like the combination of a lion and a tiger’s roar, terrifying her like a frightened rabbit. She quickly tossed the fried chicken back into the bowl and wiped her mouth with a piece of tissue.

She then grabbed the bowl and sprinted towards her bedroom like a mad lady. She wanted to hide the bowl of fried chicken in her drawer, but before she closed it, she hesitated.

Grabbing a drummette, she shoved it into her mouth before she shut the drawer, and ran out of the bedroom. Everything was done within a single breath.

She returned to the living room to check for any leftover residue, and while she chewed on the drummette, she cleaned the sauce on the table with the tablecloth.

Lastly, she drank a mouthful of water and gargled her mouth before she opened the door.

The tall and handsome young man in front of her door was her little brother, Qu Xuan.

Qu Xuan arrived at Qu Xiaomeng’s door with two bags of groceries. He looked at his sister impatiently and asked, “What are you doing? I’ve been standing here for ages.”

She averted his questioning gaze and said, “N-nothing. I was having a nap.”

Grunting suspiciously, Qu Xuan pushed Qu Xiaomeng away and made his way into the house. He put all the groceries on the table and said, “Mom said you can’t eat a lot during your diet, so she told me to bring some apples and bana-…”

“Hmm?” Qu Xuan paused all of a sudden and started sniffing around. “What’s that smell?”

Qu Xiaomeng nervously closed the door. She conveniently grabbed the air freshener at the porch and sprayed it beside Qu Xuan. “Smell? What smell? There’s no smell here. Maybe it’s because I didn’t open the windows.”

Qu Xuan turned towards the windows in the living room. It was wide open and the breeze was blowing comfortably, causing the curtains to flutter. The atmosphere suddenly turned awkward when the two of them looked at the opened windows in silence.

He looked askance at his sister. “Crazy woman. You are acting strangely.”

After he put the groceries down, he sat down on the sofa and reclined like a paralyzed man. He said in a relaxed tone, “Ahhh, training is so tiring. Lying down is the best.”

Qu Xiaomeng finally got the opportunity to counterattack. “All you do is lie down every day. Mom and Dad forbid you from lying down at home, yet you come to my place and lie down like a paralyzed person. You are as lazy as slime. Are you sure you are a sports student?”

Qu Xuan’s eyes were half-opened when he looked at his sister. He turned his face away and did not reply. Just when he wanted to shut his eyes for a nap, a piece of paper under the tea table entered his sight and caught his attention. ‘Huh? What’s this?’

He sat up straight and grabbed the paper.

When the piece of paper was picked up, Qu Xiaomeng knew she had blown it because it was the receipt of the fried chicken she had ordered!

She jumped over nervously and wanted to tear the evidence to pieces, but Qu Xuan swiftly turned around and dodged her attack.

He quickly went through the 10 lines of orders and then looked at his sister with a grin. He teased, “Look at you, Qu Xiaomeng, having fried chicken, are we? YOU ARE SO DONE! I’ll tell Mom about this! Your diet plans are dead again!”

“NO, YOU WON’T! Qu Xiaomeng bared her fangs and claws like a desperate beast, determined to get the piece of receipt back, but Qu Xuan raised it up high.

They were brother and sister, but the difference in their height was heaven and earth apart. Qu Xuan was 180 cm and Qu Xiaomeng was only 160 cm.

No matter how high she jumped, she could not get the piece of paper.

The two of them fooled around for a bit before Qu Xuan noticed something. He shot his sister a doubtful look. “Are you having spicy fried chicken? What about your stomach? Doesn’t it hurt anymore?”

The receipt clearly stated sour-spicy Korean fried chicken.

Qu Xiaomeng’s family actually knew that she had damaged her stomach from all the irregular dieting, but they failed to talk her out of it, so the best they could do was advise her to take less oily food and consume more fruits.

Qu Xiaomeng was all serious when her brother mentioned it. She said, “My stomach actually hurt like hell this morning, but one of my students gave me a cup of water. After I drank it and took a nap, I felt a lot better. My stomach feels fine as well.”

Qu Xuan did not believe what his sister said. “What? Do you think this is a movie? A cup of magical water and your stomach is cured? It must be your mind acting up.”

She furrowed her brows and pondered. “I thought about it too. It might’ve been my mind playing tricks on me, but my stomach really feels a lot better. I ate a lot during lunch too and I’m still hungry now. My stomach used to hurt whenever I overate.”

Qu Xuan rubbed his chin and said, “Sounds miraculous enough, but can he cure sexual dysfunction?”

Qu Xiaomeng kicked her brother’s shin. “Qu Xiaoming! Can you be a little more serious?!”

The moment he heard his sister call him by his real name, the relaxed expression on his face faded. “Qu Xuan! I’m Qu Xuan now! I’ve changed my name!”

“Qu Xiaoming! Qu Xiaoming! Qu Xiaoming!” Qu Xiaomeng did not care about her brother’s complaints and screamed his name repeatedly which sparked another great war between them.

After World War Two ended, Qu Xuan collapsed on the ground. He asked his sister from the sofa, “So, who is this magical student?”

Qu Xiaomeng said without a second thought, “Even if I said his name, you wouldn’t know who it is. His name is Su Yang.”

“Su Yang?” Qu Xuan muttered the name and suddenly had a strange expression.

‘Why wouldn’t I know the name? This Su Yang guy is the one who lives in the same neighborhood as my sis and the guy my sis paid attention to.’

After the first meeting, Qu Xuan asked around about Su Yang and actually grasped the situation clearly. Now, when his sister mentioned the name a second time, he looked at her with a ridiculing and meaningful gaze.

‘I guess it’s time for me to make acquaintance with this guy. Maybe he will become a part of the family.’

Su Yang did not know that Qu Xiaomeng’s little brother had his eye on him.

Ever since he decided to use Han Yi’s fan club members to expand his company’s manpower, he became busy for the whole week.

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