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Chapter 748 - The Official Announcement Of The Glass Phone That Transcends Its Time!

Chapter 748: The Official Announcement Of The Glass Phone That Transcends Its Time!

With her keen sense towards news, Shasha’s mother felt that this matter would definitely cause a sensation and bring enough attention to the TV station.

‘If we want this press conference to have a good effect, the more explosive it is at the beginning, the more it will spread later.

‘Also, apart from having only Shanghai TV Station hold this press conference in Shanghai TV Station, the more other media companies join in, the better.

‘After all, the press conference is going to be held at Shanghai TV Station. So, there’s no way they can bypass us.’

With that thought in mind, after returning home, Shasha’s mother tested her glass phone before contacting the newspaper media, online media, and online platforms.

This time, Shasha’s mother had used all of her connections she had accumulated over the past decade and had invited all the local Shanghai newspapers, the South, Phoenix, and other well-known media outlets including Bilibili, Sohu and many other online platforms.

When the media first heard that Shasha’s mother was preparing to hold a press conference for a company, they were not very interested. Hence, they were only prepared to attend purely because of their acquaintance with Shasha’s mother.

However, when they heard that the company holding the press conference was the Jiadian Group and that Su Yang, the most popular celebrity on the internet at that moment, would be the spokesperson, everyone became excited. Especially when they realized that it was about the release of the glass phones that transcends its time!

After all, Su Yang was really popular at that moment, and the entire Internet was talking about him. However, Su Yang did not usually accept interviews and they did not have any sources where they could obtain news. Hence, now that Su Yang suddenly declared that he was going to hold a press conference, it was only natural that it would be very valuable!

Therefore, this piece of news ended up being spreaded gradually. Very soon, the various media outlets and the management of various companies all decided to take this press conference seriously and send their best teams to interview Su Yang.

Moreover, because too many people had come to learn about this, the news of the press conference spread like wildfire.

Su Yang+Jiadian Group+glass phone that transcends its time was a huge piece of news. Hence, many people within the media circles contacted Shasha’s mother, hoping they would be able to attend the press conference as well.

In fact, Shasha’s mother did not expect such a reception and only wanted to gather a few media outlets using her connections. In the end, all the major media outlets begged for her to allow them to attend.

Soon, not only the media outlets, but even the major technology companies’ marketing departments came to ask for a spot in the press conference as well.

Hence, Shasha’s mother was dumbfounded.

‘Why is this press conference so popular?

‘Have I misjudged the effects it would bring?’

As the matter had exceeded her expectations, she could not make up her mind. Hence, she gave Su Yang a call to ask for his opinion, who agreed to allow everyone to attend without any objections.

‘After all… Everyone who attends will end up being beneficial to me.

‘As long as they’re shocked by me and have more positive thoughts about their future lifestyle, I believe that there’s a chance that I’ll be able to benefit from this by gaining more people who would be influenced, which would earn me more coins!’

Since Su Yang was so open-minded about the matter, Shasha’s mother was relieved.

As more and more people wanted to participate, Su Yang’s press conference ended up requiring more and more preparations.

Initially, it was supposed to be held in a hall that would fit 100 people, then it went up to 200. In the end, it got changed to a hall that could fit 500 people, which was almost as big as a talk show…

On top of that, the news that Su Yang was going to release a glass phone that transcends its time also began to spread online.

‘Have you guys heard? Jiadian Group has developed a glass phone that transcends time. I heard it’s truly borderless and has a camera beneath the screen.’

‘Seriously? Jiadian Group? Who are they?’

‘Haven’t you heard of the Jiadian Group? It’s Su Yang’s company that was extremely popular a while ago.’

‘Oh… Oh! I remember now. They’re the ones who used artificial intelligence to do something about the stock market, aren’t they?’

‘Yes, that’s the one.’

‘They’ve gotten involved in the cellphone industry? Cellphones are an industrial chain though!’

‘I’m not sure, that’s why I’m skeptical as well.’

Hence, the news on the internet started to spread, and those who had been thinking about Su Yang’s glass phone all along knew about it.

The account with the transparent profile picture texted. ‘Su Yang is holding a press conference.’

Then, the one with the child’s profile picture replied. ‘I heard.’

‘Are you guys going?’

‘I’m going.’

Then, the one with the profile picture of a blue sky texted. ‘I’m going as well.’

Then, the one with the transparent profile picture texted. ‘Then, do you think we should deliberately ask some questions during the press conference? We could destroy the event on one hand and obtain some clues that would be helpful towards our plan on the other.’

The one with the profile picture of the blue sky replied. ‘I believe we should. I’ve always been interested in the theory and structure of this glass phone. It’s way ahead of its time.’

Then, the one with the child’s profile picture replied. ‘It’s decided then…’

Very soon, through Shasha’s mother’s hard work, Su Yang’s glass phone conference was officially held in the main hall of Shanghai TV Station.

To accommodate more than 500 participants, coupled with the stage effects of the TV station, this was more like a talk show. However, it made sense. After all, most cellphone companies’ are holding press conferences as though they were talk shows.

First of all, there was Mr. Jobs with the true black T-shirt, followed by Mr. Luo from the industry and Lei Mi who was always hungry for marketing. All in all, press conferences were becoming more like a marketing campaign in the form of talk shows.

That day, countless representatives from the media and industrial companies, passionate acquaintances, and even… Employees from the TV station as well as their… Family and friends all arrived at the studio, entering the stage earlier to prepare.

At the same time, Su Yang had put on a decent suit, a tie and a pair of leather shoes before he got into the car that Pan Zhaodi drove to Shanghai TV Station.

When they arrived at the Shanghai TV station, Su Yang’s assistant, Jia Xiaoqian, got out of the car and opened the door for Su Yang.

After that, Jia Xiaoqian closed the door and followed Su Yang to the TV station.

Shortly after, the two of them arrived at the recording studio with Pan Zhaodi following behind Su Yang.

Under everyone’s gaze, Su Yang brought his two “bodyguards” to the scene.

The moment Su Yang appeared, everyone’s attention was on him.

Hence, Su Yang felt his hair standing on its end. ‘It feels really exciting yet embarrassing being stared at by hundreds of people, I’m getting goosebumps.

‘They’re all sweet potatoes… They’re all sweet potatoes.’ As he thought of this, he walked in.

Behind him were discussions filled with either malice, curiosity, or jealousy.

“So that’s Su Yang?”

“He looks so young. I heard he’s only 19 years old.”

“Hehe, he seems like an average person. He’s not even as handsome as I am.”

“A 19-year-old who’s a billionaire? Is there someone backing him up from behind?”

Because he did not activate the [Detection] ability from his [Eye of Origins], Su Yang did not see a bunch of interfaces popping up in front of him, which also prevented him from having an “accident”.

After Su Yang chatted with the host for a while, the press conference officially started.

Then, the host walked onto the stage. At the same time, countless cameras in the studio lit up, and the official livestream began.

The host then briefly introduced the Jiadian Group and Su Yang. After inviting Su Yang out, he left the stage graciously.

After that, the stage darkened, and a spotlight shone on Su Yang as he walked onto the stage.

Arriving at the center of the stage, Su Yang activated [The Devil’s Angel Halo] and [Intermediate Verbal Cannon] that he had not used for a long time. He was ready to go all-out!

“Welcome, everyone. I am the founder and chairman of Jiadian Group, Su Yang.”

The moment Su Yang spoke, everyone felt as though they were basking in the spring breeze. Su Yang’s words made them feel comfortable, causing the entire place to falll silent.

“Many of you probably already know who I am a long time ago through the news about artificial intelligence and the massacre at the Hong Kong Stock Exchange… That’s right, I’m the one who did that.”

Everyone chuckled. They did not expect Su Yang to admit it in such a situation.

“However, I believe that after today, all of you will forget everything that happened before because you will only remember this glass phone that has transcended its time… Jiadian Mobile.”

As he said this, Su Yang waved his hand and a piece of glass instantly appeared in his hand.

The glass phone in his hand was about 5.6 inches long and could be held with one hand. However, it seemed like a piece of translucent matte glass.

Then, Su Yang picked up his glass phone and showed it to the audience and the camera. Then, he said, “You’re all curious about this, aren’t you? You’re all thinking, this is just a piece of glass, how could it possibly be a glass phone, aren’t you?”

Most of the people present were attracted by Su Yang’s speech and nodded their heads in agreement.

Then, Su Yang smiled. “That’s because this is a groundbreaking invention made by us, a cellphone that’s completely made out of glass.”

After he said this, Su Yang tapped on the upper portion of the glass phone and a screen instantly appeared on the glass. Then, within less than a second, the glass phone was switched on, and an interface appeared.

The interface was able to cover every corner of the screen with vibrant and beautiful colors without a single black rim to be seen.

‘A semi-transparent piece of glass has actually lit up on its own?!’

With a whole lot of “Wows”, the entire scene went into uproar!

In fact, some were so excited that they stood up in shock, wanting to see this new product.

After all, even if it was not a glass phone, it was already shocking enough even if it was just a screen!

Su Yang then held his glass phone and exhibited it from all angles and even got the cameras to zoom in on it.

As he did so, he explained, “This glass phone is already a mature product that can operate most of the softwares and apps on the market.”

A reporter sitting in the front row asked, “Mr. Su, does your glass phone operate using the Android System then?”

Su Yang turned and looked at him. ‘He’s from Phoenix Media.’

Then, Su Yang shook his head and explained, “Actually, no. The system that we’re using is the Jiadian System, which we have developed ourselves. This system has a natural confidentiality that far exceeds the convenience and compatibility this era has to offer.

“All the apps on the market, no matter which version it is, can be installed in this glass phone.

“On top of that, the glass phone can process all these apps with softwares, converting it to a suitable version before it gets installed automatically.”

With that said, the crowd was in an uproar once again.

Through the boisterous crowd, the representatives from various cellphone manufacturers were chatting softly in the last few rows amongst the audience. “Can this be done technically?”

“Logically speaking, it should be possible, but… This requires a lot of computational power, doesn’t it? So, how can an ordinary glass phone have such computational powers?”

The other person asked, “Isn’t this an infringement of copyright? This sort of conversion should be considered to be jailbreaking, shouldn’t it?”

“I don’t know how he’s doing the conversion, so I’m not sure if there are any copyright infringements involved, but there’s a high chance that this won’t stand. Or rather, even if it does, he will just deny all of it.”

That statement might have been a tongue twister, but everyone understood what he meant.

Hence, the few of them turned back to the stage and looked at Su Yang, who was taking a few steps on stage as he pressed on the remote control in his hand. Instantly, a video of the glass phone’s display appeared on the screen.

This video was created by Bubbles on overtime a few days ago. It mainly showed the glass phone’s functionality and how it operated. There was also a model in the video, and of course, the model was Little Deeny.

After the video was played, the screen showed the parameters of several flagship glass phone manufacturers including Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Vivo and so on.

In the video, it clearly listed the camera, battery capacity, processor, and other parameters of each model.

This was a comparison that many glass phone manufacturers would make during their product launch.

Then, Su Yang walked to the front of the stage and said casually, “As everyone can see, all the cellphone manufacturers around the world are upgrading their parameters and configurations. But we’re… Different.

“This is because ours is a cellphone that transcends time!”

As he spoke, all the parameters on the screen shattered and turned into the glass phone’s rotating graph.

Su Yang explained, “Our glass phone utilizes a technology that transcends time. It is free from the shackles of having to be charged daily because this glass phone will never run out of battery, so it doesn’t need to be charged! Hence, we’re the best in terms of battery charging.

“As for the screen, ours is completely integrated without any mainframe or borders, making us the best.

“As for the processor. Our processor uses the most advanced artificial intelligence processor that our company has developed. It can calculate the results that the user wants as quick as within the millisecond range. Hence, we have the best processor.


“From today onwards, we will redefine cellphones.

“This is a cellphone that doesn’t need parameters or configurations. As long as you use this, it’s the best.”

The crowd was in an uproar for the third time, which was also the loudest.

Everyone was shocked and looked at Su Yang as if he was a lunatic.

‘It doesn’t need to be charged? It has endless battery life?

‘A completely integrated screen without a motherboard?

‘The processor is based on artificial intelligence?

‘Is this a joke, or is all of this actually happening?

‘When has technology become so advanced!

‘I’ve travelled in time, haven’t I?’

Thus, the excitement was getting out of control.

On the other hand, the cellphone manufacturers sitting in the last few rows looked at each other and did not speak. However, someone on the other side could not sit still anymore. He suddenly stood up and said loudly, “Mr. Su, I have some questions. Would you mind answering them?”

Hence, everyone looked at him, including Su Yang.

Then, Su Yang smiled and said, “Am I allowed to not answer since you’ve already stood up?

“Which company are you from?”

That person was very straight. “Lianxiang.”

Su Yang nodded. “I see… You’re from Mei Di’s industry. Please, ask away.”

Su Yang had already expected that someone would raise doubts. Therefore, he did not care who it was that stood up. After all, he could answer any questions there might be since he already had a series of plans…

After Su Yang finished speaking, the representative from the association said, “I would like to ask… You claim that this glass phone is a product that transcends its time and doesn’t need to be charged at all. Instead, it’s able to be used 24 hours a day without powering out.”

“So you’ve invented a perpetual motion machine, haven’t you?”

The crowd instantly let out a soft chuckle.

“You claim that this glass phone only has a screen with no motherboard, so how does it operate? You can’t possibly be telling us that you’ve slapped a sticker onto the glass piece, can you?”

Many people then turned to look at the glass phone in Su Yang’s hand.

“You claim that the processor for this glass phone is based on your company’s artificial intelligence. May I ask if you’ve been able to miniaturize your artificial intelligence so that it can work hand-in-hand within our palms?”

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