I’ll Add Points To All Things

Chapter 722 - I’ve Drugged You

Chapter 722: I’ve Drugged You

Su Yang’s words obviously stunned Cao Qiguang.

Cao Qiguang had come from a wealthy family and had been spoiled since he was young. As a result, he had gradually become very arrogant.

Even when he started up his own business later on, where Zhao Licheng had a higher authority than he did, he still had a lot of say in the company. In fact, even Zhao Licheng had to give in to him most of the time.

Now that Zhao Licheng was gone, he was even more free to do as he pleased. He felt like a tyrant in a company that was being held in high regard by everyone.

Unexpectedly, Su Yang did not give him any face and rebutted him directly.

After Cao Qiguang’s shock ended, his face visibly darkened.

Then, he slammed the wine glass on the table and said directly, “Little Su, it seems that you really are young indeed. You think the world revolves around you while you’re the protagonist. You have no idea how vast this world is, nor do you know how cruel it can be.

“Are you still at the age where you’re reading wuxia books? An eye for an eye?

“Let me tell you this now, the world is a cruel place. No one is able to have their way!”

As he spoke, his dark eyes were fixed on Su Yang as if he was threatening him.

Su Yang, on the other hand, did not seem to mind at all. He smiled and said bluntly, “That’s right. No one is able to have their way in this world, including… You.

“So, why should I care about your opinion?”

“Furthermore, who still reads wuxia novels now? Light novels are the new generation right now.

“Mr. Cao… times have changed.”

Cao Qiguang did not expect Su Yang to use his own words against himself. Hence, he was so angry that he laughed out loud.

If what Cao Qiguang had said just now was defined as a silent threat, he was now openly threatening Su Yang.

Hence, he looked at Su Yang with an oppressive gaze and said with a faint smile, “You can ignore my opinion and even go against me. But… You’d better make sure that you’re able to bear the consequences.

“Allow me to tell you a story.

“Once upon a time, there was someone who was even more confident of himself than you are, more knowledgeable than you, had a higher IQ and EQ than you and possessed a greater leadership quality than you do. That someone once stood before me.”

At this point, Cao Qiguang’s eyes were filled with reminiscence. “He’s like the sun in the sky, making everyone around him feel the heat and light coming from him.

“Only I… Was able to stand shoulder to shoulder with him and compete against his radiance.

“However, at the very beginning, we were certain that he was the leader while I was his right hand man.”

Su Yang frowned as he listened to the description. ‘The more I listen, the more I think that he’s talking about Zhao Licheng.’

“After that…” Cao Qiguang paused for a moment and poured himself a glass of wine. He then picked it up and gulped it down before slamming the glass on the table and said, “He died. ”

Instantly, Su Yang’s pupils slightly contracted.

Actually, he was not afraid of Cao Qiguang. In his opinion, Cao Qiguang was not strong enough to be a threat to him. Instead, Su Yang suspected that Zhao Licheng had something to do with the matter.

Furthermore, from Cao Qiguang’s tone, it sounded as if there was more to Zhao Licheng’s death.

Sure enough, Cao Qiguang looked at Su Yang with a tipsy expression and said, “Do you know how he died?

“Car accident.

“A large truck slammed into him.

“Then, he just… Died. Hahaha.”

Cao Qiguang chuckled a few times before he retracted his smile and looked at Su Yang. “Sometimes, being alive is more important than anything else. Don’t you think so?”

Su Yang looked at Cao Qiguang and did not speak for a long time.

After a while, Su Yang said, “You killed him.”

Cao Qiguang’s face was full of innocence. He spread out his hands and said, “What are you talking about? I only told you about my friend. I didn’t say that I killed him, so you mustn’t make baseless accusations, or I’ll send you a lawyer letter.”

A smile appeared on Cao Qiguang’s face. “I’m telling you this story to tell you that the heavens are jealous of talented people. Some people will die young if they reveal too much of their abilities. So, you should… Be more careful.”

Then, he picked up the document beside him and slammed it on the table. He said, “I’m not asking for much. 100 million yuan for 10% of the shares in return. If you accept my terms and sign the contract, we can forgo our issues and become friends.”

Su Yang retracted his gaze after quickly glancing at the contract. “What if I don’t sign it?”

The smile on Cao Qiguang’s face did not change. “If you don’t sign it, then it will depend on your luck. Perhaps… God is watching over you.”

Su Yang looked at Cao Qiguang and shook his head with a smile. Suddenly, he asked, “By the way, have you been feeling unwell recently?”

Instantly, Cao Qiguang’s expression changed, but he did not say anything.

Su Yang continued to speak slowly, “For example… You’ve got a very strong desire, but you just aren’t able to get it done no matter how hard you try.”

Cao Qiguang’s pupils contracted slightly.

Su Yang replied, “You weren’t able to find out what the problem is even after you’ve been to the hospital, were you not?”

At that moment, Cao Qiguang’s expression became more and more uncontrollable.

Su Yang then said, “Don’t misunderstand me, I could tell based on your physiognomy.”

As he spoke, Su Yang clicked his tongue and frowned. He drew some lines in the air across Cao Qiguang’s face and said, “Physiognomy is something that’s been passed down in my family for generations, which is why I had a look at your facial expression when I entered the room just now. Your forehead seems to have turned dark, so very soon… You’ll be dead.

“Hence… Mr. Cao, you’re the one who has to be more careful.”

Cao Qiguang could no longer hold back. He let out a loud “Ah!”, stood up and wanted to rush over ferociously.

Su Yang hurriedly raised both his hands. “You’d best not come over. I was only telling you things, I haven’t lifted a single finger against you. So, if you come over, I’ll call for help and it’ll be self-defense.”

Su Yang’s words made Cao Qiguang freeze on the spot. His chest was heaving up and down as he glared at Su Yang with bloodshot eyes. There was a ferociousness in his eyes that could not be overlooked.

Then, Su Yang smiled and picked up the chopsticks on the table. After that, he took a mouthful of food and shook his head as he ate. “I thought you were good at managing your anger, so it seems it’s not all that great after all.”

Su Yang glanced at Cao Qiguang who was still standing there and asked, “Do you want to know the solution to your problem?”

Cao Qiguang’s bloodshot eyes quivered as he stared at Su Yang.

Even though his pride prevented him from speaking, from the look in his eyes, that was what he wanted.

Su Yang smiled. “If you want it, just tell me. How am I supposed to know whether you want to know or not if you don’t tell me?”

Cao Qiguang stood there, no longer high-spirited or arrogant, but a little lost.

Hence, Su Yang smiled again. “Do as I say and I’ll teach you how to resolve the issue.”

Cao Qiguang’s mouth moved. At first, he did not say anything. It was only when he opened his mouth for the second time that he spoke. “Why… Why should I believe you?”

Su Yang shrugged. “You don’t have to believe me, I don’t care. Plus, you don’t have many days left anyway.”

Then, Su Yang stood up. “Alright, have a good think about it then.”

After saying that, Su Yang patted his butt and turned to leave the room. The moment he left the room, he patted the door lightly with his hand that was holding the hourglass and said, “By the way, give me a call once you’ve come to a decision.”

After that, Su Yang then made a phone call and left the room.

However, no one realized that the moment the hourglass in his hand hit the door, the hourglass silently turned upside down. In that instant, all the sand that had been gathered at the upper part was flowing downwards.

After leaving the room, Su Yang’s face darkened. He strode out of the restaurant and stood silently on the street for a while before calling Pan Zhaodi to send him home.

Clearly, Pan Zhaodi had been waiting on stand-by. In less than a minute, she came out of the restaurant.

If she was someone else’s secretary, she would probably have a chat with Su Yang and ask how it ended so quickly. However, Pan Zhaodi was even more reserved than Li Runze, the top student. Without asking anything, she started the car diligently.

Then, Su Yang got into the car and said, “Let’s go home.”

“Okay,” said Pan Zhaodi sullenly.

Su Yang looked out the window as the car sped along the streets of Shanghai. However, his mind was filled with the memories that he had seen from Cao Qiguang.

Because of Cao Qiguang’s “hint”, Su Yang did not look through what Cao Qiguang was scheming against him. Instead, he looked through Zhao Licheng’s death.

In the end, he did find a few related memories.

‘So… Zhao Licheng’s death really was related to Cao Qiguang.

‘Cao Qiguang and Zhao Licheng have worked together for 10 years and have accumulated a lot of conflicts. Moreover, Cao Qiguang thinks highly of himself and believes that he is to be credited for most of the company’s current development.

‘Although the shares of the three partners are about the same, Zhao Licheng was still the general manager of the company, while Cao Qiguang was just a vice-president. Even though there was only a difference of just one rank, this was akin to one being the emperor, while the other is his minister.

‘Plus, he had communicated with some of the investors in private and received their acknowledgement, which ended up making him feel even more in power.

‘That’s why Cao Qiguang has always wanted to gain power and control the entire company. To do so, he tried to find Zhao Licheng’s weakness or problems to force him into retirement.

‘However, Zhao Licheng’s greatest strength is that he’s reliable, so Cao Qiguang could not find any fault with him.

‘In the end, Cao Qiguang waited year after year as the company grew bigger and bigger, but he still remained as the second in command. Therefore, at this time, he could no longer suppress his ambition and decided to kill Zhao Licheng!

‘In order not to implicate himself, he found his confidant and asked him to find a driver who needed money urgently.

‘After that, he made sure he knew Zhao Licheng’s exact route and arranged for the driver to drive there and… Bang into Zhao Licheng.

‘In order to implement this plan, he had the truck driver drive through that area four times. It was also during the fourth time that the driver, who lacked money, finally found an opportunity to kill Zhao Licheng.

‘Despite it just being a traffic accident, the punishment is still rather severe if a life has been lost. However, for a person who has been living at the bottom of society, he would not have been able to resist the temptation of receiving millions of yuan after being imprisoned for a few years.

‘That’s how this entire incident happened flawlessly.

‘After Zhao Licheng passed away, Cao Qiguang became the owner of the company as expected…’

After reading through the memories, Su Yang took a look at Cao Qiguang’s plan, but was surprised to find that there was nothing.

However, Su Yang refused to believe it and searched for a long time, only to realize that Cao Qiguang had initially planned to deal with him by using a certain incident to reenact what he did previously. However, at the same time, the drug took effect and Cao Qiguang ended up losing all interest. Instead, he would go and have his illness checked everyday, which was why he did not have time to come up with any plans.

As for which incident he was going to use, Su Yang found it very strange and decided that he had to investigate further.

Other than that, Su Yang was still busy in Cao Qiguang’s memory corridor, so he went to check on Xinli Education’s quarterly financial report.

In the end, he received a piece of bad news. ‘Cao Qiguang has indeed falsified the company’s quarterly financial report and has completed it. However, in the end, he actually hesitated.

‘Perhaps he’s the kind of “talent” who has started from scratch, who would subtly rather protect his company. Hence, he could not help but feel uneasy, which was why he ended up preventing his financial report from being released.

‘This is also the reason why Zhao Licheng and myself haven’t seen any financial reports no matter how long we waited.

‘Hmm… Now that I’ve exposed to Cao Qiguang that I’ve “drugged” him, I might just be able to turn the situation around.’

After checking Cao Qiguang’s memory, Su Yang realized how dangerous Cao Qiguang was, so he left a backup plan. He had Janet follow Cao Qiguang to monitor his movements.

After setting up a large net, Su Yang was certain that Cao Qiguang was firmly in his grasp. All he could do was struggle a while longer and he would end up dead. Thus, Su Yang felt slightly more at ease.

When they reached home, Su Yang cooked dinner since they had not eaten.

After eating, Pan Zhaodi quietly washed the dishes and left the villa.

During the hour that they were cooking, eating and washing the dishes, there was only one conversation.

“Pass me a piece of paper please, Sister Zhaodi.”


This made Su Yang feel as if he had found a mannequin to be his secretary. ‘Isn’t she talking too little? It’s like there’s no one in the house!’

After Pan Zhaodi left, Su Yang called Zhao Licheng and told him about his discovery.

No one did not care about their own life and death. If Su Yang was Zhao Licheng, he would probably be so angry that he would kill Zhao Licheng if he heard that Zhao Licheng, whom he had known for 10 years, killed him for power.

However, to Su Yang’s surprise, Zhao Licheng was surprisingly calm. It was as if he already knew about it.

Zhao Licheng told Su Yang the truth. Before Cao Qiguang coveted his wife and did not expose her photos, Zhao Licheng did not suspect anything and had always felt that his death was an accident.

However, after the incident, he no longer trusted Cao Qiguang and immediately started to suspect that Cao Qiguang was the cause of his death.

Hence, his suspicions ended up unearthing many of Cao Qiguang’s dubious matters.

Hence, Su Yang merely verified Zhao Licheng’s suspicions.

Then, Su Yang asked him if there was anything he wanted to do.

Zhao Licheng actually said that there was nothing he wanted to do about it. At that moment, Zhao Licheng only wanted to empty out Xinli Education and earn some money. After that… Zhao Licheng only thought of sending Cao Qiguang to prison.

Zhao Licheng said frankly that he didn’t even want Cao Qiguang to die, because he felt that killing him would be too easy. He wanted Cao Qiguang to spend the rest of his life in prison and enjoy his genderless state.

Perhaps in the future, he would become the ideal “playmate” for the big shots in prison.

After Su Yang heard that, he felt that he might be able to bring this revenge to a higher level. For example, when Cao Qiguang was filled with hope, Su Yang would make him fall hard and be filled with despair.

However, in order for all of this to take place, Cao Qiguang would have to submit to Su Yang, or at least on the surface…

However, Su Yang did not wait for long because Cao Qiguang had called the next morning.

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