I’ll Add Points To All Things

Chapter 720 - The Little Monsters’ Chat Group

Chapter 720: The Little Monsters’ Chat Group

Ever since the little monsters had a glass phone in their hands, they seemed to have let their hair down and would chat in the group everyday.

In fact, cellphones were truly a great invention. They could easily close the distance between the little monsters.

Originally, the little monsters would gather together and would “live” in the group as if they were face to face.

However… The only group that everyone joined was the one created by Su Yang, so it was inconvenient for the little monsters to talk about certain topics.

Therefore… The behavior that is commonly seen in dormitories during college was also born amongst the little monsters, which was to open up a new chat group.

Zhou Shuren once said, “If there are six people in a dormitory, there would be seven groups.”

Based on this, it could be seen that living in different groups is a common trait of all living beings.

Most of the little monsters were more well-behaved. In the beginning, no one opened up another chat group. Later on, when Su Yang and Chu Xia went on a date that day, everyone was filled with complaints and wanted to talk about something. Hence, under Little Hus’s lead, a new chat group was born.

In the little monsters’ chat group—

Little Hus. ‘Here, here.’

Little Deeny. ‘?

‘Little Hus, you actually created a new group behind Master’s back! I’m going to report you!’

[“Little Deeny” has been kicked out of the chat group by the administrator.]

The Clown Sea Serpent. ‘…’

Janet. ‘…’

Satantan. ‘Little Hus, you actually created a new group behind Master’s back! That’s just… Awesome!’

Dagger Girl. ‘Brother Little Hus, we are a loving family. How can we kick Sister Little Deeny out of the group?!’

[“Janet” invited Little Deeny into the group chat.]

Janet seemed to be “apologetic”. ‘Little Deeny, sorry. Little Hus is a little insensible. I will teach it a lesson.’

Little Deeny was “speechless”. ‘I’m isolating myself. You guys carry on.’

Little Hus sent a “delighted” emoji. ‘Have you guys seen Su Yang and Chu Xia’s date today?’

Sanque. ‘Yes.’

Janet. ‘Saw it.’

Pool “popped up”. ‘Of course I saw it ಠﭛಠ.’

Little Hus. ‘Do you guys think they can be together?’

Old Tungsten. ‘Of course.’

Little Hus was “suspicious”. ‘Old Tungsten, do you have some inside information?’

Old Tungsten. ‘You guys were playing outside that night and I was the only one in the house. So, I saw a lot of stuff that you guys didn’t see.’

The Clown Sea Serpent “popped up”.

Pool “popped up as well”. ‘` ͜ʖ´’

Gru. ‘Gru, Gru?’

Jin Jin. ‘(`▽´) Hmm? What’s happening?’

Little Hus was “surprised”. ‘Even Jin Jin’s here? Where have you been recently? Why haven’t I seen you?’

Jin Jin. ‘My cooldown is up and my body has turned golden again. So, I’m hiding because I’m afraid that Su Yang will catch me and turn me into a circus again.

‘Enough about me. Hurry up and tell me, Old Tungsten.’

Under everyone’s jeering, Old Tungsten told them what it had seen and heard that day. After hearing about the series of interactions between Su Yang and Chu Xia, the little monsters were all excited.

Moreover, Pool had finally picked up its old habit… Gambling.

Pool. ‘Right then, let’s bet on whether Master Su Yang and Lady Chu Xia will be able to get together. Place your best, 100 yuan per bet, all pays 1 to 1.’

Little Hus sent a dog head emoji. ’10 stakes that they don’t get together.’

Sanque. ‘Two stakes, they will.’

Dagger Girl. ‘Brother Pool, I don’t have much money… Can I bet with 10 yuan?’

Everyone was more patient with this little cutie.

Hence, Pool replied. ‘Sure, are you betting if they will get together or they won’t?’

Dagger Girl. ‘They will! I like Sister Chu Xia. Sister Chu Xia can definitely get together with Brother Su Yang!’

Before Dagger Girl had finished typing everything…

The Clown Sea Serpent. ‘200 stakes, they won’t.’

The Clown Sea Serpent’s bet shocked everyone.

Little Hus. ‘How do you have so much money?’

The Clown Sea Serpent. ‘` ͜ʖ´ Janet and I went out get rid of an organization. So, of course we have a lot of money.’

Little Hus. ‘…

‘(`Д´*) Wifey! I’ve been short of money recently! I need pocket money!’

Then, the group fell silent.

After a while…

Janet’s text appeared. ‘The Clown Sea Serpent took it all, I didn’t take any.’

Little Hus wailed. ‘Ah! My road to gigolo! Wifey! I want a hug!’

Bubbles sent an emoji of her “eating”, then replied. ‘Let’s just kick Little Hus out, shall we? It’s just a dog, yet it’s still showing off its lovelife. It’s going too far.’

Little Deeny, who had not spoken for a long time, appeared. ‘Agreed, kick it out.’

Little Hus. ‘Doge.

‘Sorry to remind you, I am the admin of this group (`∀´).’

Pool. ‘Anyone else wants to bet?’

Little Deeny. ‘10,000 stakes, they will.’

All the little monsters were stunned. ‘Another rich woman has appeared!’

Actually, the little monsters in the group were very well-mannered. Instead of placing their bets verbally, they actually sent red packets or even directly transferred the money to Pool.

Pool, on the other hand, was rich enough to accept everything. After all, among all the little monsters, it was probably the richest.

Sanque on the other hand, was more gloomy. It did not ask for shares or dividends when he opened the health supplements company. Hence, Su Yang, the black-hearted capitalist, pretended that nothing happened and did not even give it a single cent. Hence, Sanque was very poor.

Of the other little monsters, only Little Deeny had the income from TikTok, so she had some money. On the other hand, Bubbles had participated in the video production, so Little Deeny gave part of the money to Bubbles as well.

Apart from that, the other little monsters were all living bitter lives. So, it was no wonder that Little Hus was crying that its road to gigolo went poof in smoke.

On the other hand, Dagger Girl received her 10 yuan after Su Yang opened up the group chat and gave out red packets to everyone. Hence, Dagger Girl managed to silently snatch 10 yuan from it.

Compared to these little monsters, Pool was much richer. The milk tea shop that it opened now had a daily revenue of more than 10,000 yuan. In fact, almost all of the revenue was net profits. Other than giving Su Yang the bulk of the money, the rest were its own. Hence, Pool was a true tycoon among the little monsters.

After everyone placed their bets, the [Little Monsters’ Chat Group] gradually fell silent.

Everyone waited silently for the development of the situation.

Before Su Yang knew it, countless pairs of eyes were looking forward to his relationship with Chu Xia…

The next day, Su Yang received a call from Young Master Ying the moment he woke up, saying that the money had been transferred.

Hence, Su Yang was shocked. ‘I really didn’t expect Young Master Ying to resolve the matter in such a short time.’

Hence, the two of them arranged a time and planned to have dinner that night with several bank presidents as well.

That night, Su Yang arrived at the restaurant that Young Master Ying had booked. The restaurant was not particularly high-end, but it looked very unique.

After telling the receptionist Young Master Ying’s name, the smile on the receptionist’s face brightened. She quickly got someone to replace her as she personally led Su Yang to the private room.

When they reached the private room, the waitress pushed open the door. Young Master Ying had already arrived and was seated with his back facing the door while the other presidents were seated around the dining table. Among them, two of the older men were seated at the main and secondary guest seats. Everyone had unanimously left the seat facing the door empty, which was obviously meant for Su Yang.

In China, the seating arrangement at the dining table was very particular. The most “honorable” seat was the host’s seat. From this, one could tell how much Young Master Ying valued Su Yang.

Upon seeing Su Yang, Young Master Ying turned around and stood up. “Young Master Su, you’re here.”

With him taking the lead, the few presidents also stood up.

Actually, before Su Yang arrived, the few presidents had been grumbling in their hearts.

Young Master Ying was the son of the big boss of Shanghai, Ying Tianhou. In the entire Shanghai circle, other than the top one, he was the biggest.

In the end, Young Master Ying only sat in the secondary host’s seat and not the host’s seat. This obviously meant that the host’s status was even higher than him.

Therefore, everyone was very curious about who it was.

‘Could he be the daughter of the big boss in Shanghai? Or perhaps he’s the grandson of another big boss in China?’

Hence, they waited for a long time before they met Su Yang.

Even though they had no idea what Su Yang’s identity was, the presidents had already memorized Su Yang’s appearance in their hearts. They planned to treat him with caution the next time they met him.

Su Yang chatted with Young Master Ying for a while before taking the main seat.

Young Master Ying had shown all of them immense respect and introduced them to Su Yang as if he was their subordinate. “This is my brother, Young Master Su Yang. You may all address him as Young Master Su like I do.

“I’ve called all of you here today mainly because I wanted to talk to you earlier today. You’ve all agreed to my request, so I’m here to meet the main character so that we can work together.”

While Young Master Ying was talking, Su Yang was sizing up the middle-aged men. ‘There are a total of seven people at the table. Other than myself and Young Master Ying, the other five should be the bank presidents of the five banks.

‘Young Master Ying really used his connections this time.’

Amongst them, Su Yang knew one of them, Kong Chang from the bank that he had received his loan from. When Cao Qiguang called and talked about him, Kong Chang was the one who livestreamed the whole process.

However, in the end, Kong Chang rejected Cao Qiguang’s request and even asked Director Zhao to send a beautiful woman to liaise with him.

Because he was thinking about Mr. Kong, Su Yang’s gaze lingered on him for a while.

Mr. Kong had never seen Su Yang before, so when he noticed Su Yang’s gaze, he touched his face in confusion.

Soon after, Young Master Ying introduced Su Yang to the five presidents and they added each other on WeChat.

No matter what kind of social occasion it was, adding each other as friends on WeChat was a must. It would be as if the person had never attended the meeting without adding each other as friends.

It was just that most of the time, after these friends were added, they might never talk again…

After adding the five presidents as friends, Su Yang realized that the five presidents were very interesting. Their avatars were all pictures of sceneries, where two of them were blue skies and white clouds.

Su Yang could not help but wonder if most of the middle-aged men he knew were similar.

Su Yang did not think much of it before, but now that there were five more people who were the same, he found it interesting.

This was as if when a man reached forty years old, a mysterious voice would whisper into their ears, “Change your profile picture. If you do, you can avoid losing your hair.”

When he thought about how many middle-aged people had similar avatars, Su Yang felt that there must be other notifications for this mysterious voice. For example… “If you forward this notification to your friend, your hairline can move forward by 2cm.”

Su Yang suppressed his wild thoughts and chatted with the bald middle-aged men about the upcoming collaboration while eating.

According to their own authority, the five banks each took on a transfer of between 100 to 600 million yuan. However, they had other conditions.

They hoped that when Su Yang was around, he would be able to deposit the cash into these banks. If he wanted to transfer the money from overseas, he would have to go through these banks. On top of that, the ratio used would also be based on how many banks he had.

Su Yang agreed immediately to those conditions.

‘Well, these banks are now helping me, plus I’m someone who knows how to repay favors. So, I’m willing to work with them.’

Other than that, they also made a small request, hoping that Su Yang could provide them with some oral fluids.

When Su Yang heard this request, he glanced at Young Master Ying. He suspected that Young Master Ying was the one who suggested this condition to stockpile his oral fluids.

But soon, these presidents told Su Yang that his oral fluid was really popular.

This was because they said that they wanted to use the oral solution themselves, but they could not buy it. They were already middle-aged and could not do much, so they wanted to maintain their health.

In fact, one of the presidents even said that he had a friend who was also bald like himself. Then, after he used Su Yang’s oral fluid to wash his hair, it actually grew! Therefore, this president wanted a few boxes of oral fluids to wash his hair and see its effect.

After he said that, Su Yang noticed that the other presidents’ eyes lit up.

Su Yang’s entire expression was like this, (꒪⌓꒪).

‘These people are probably teasing me.’

Then, he especially wanted to say, “Even the Prince of England is bald, so it clearly meant that they were a hopeless case…”

However, on second thought, Su Yang felt that it was better not to disappoint these poor middle-aged men.

‘Humans are either fighting against the Heavens, the Earth, or their own hair.

‘This was especially true for the first two. Perhaps as they grow older, they would slowly accept their fate, compromise and stop fighting it. There’s only one last requirement, which is a person’s career. Especially men, who would want to continue resolving these issues for the rest of their life.

‘I only hope I can avoid these issues…’

After the meal, both the guests and the hosts were delighted.

Before they left, Su Yang went back to the car and pretended to take ten glass phones from the car. Then, he gave two units to each of them.

When they got the glass phone, because there was a box packaging on the outside, the presidents did not think it was a special gift. Only Mr. Kong looked at it for a long time before exclaiming in surprise, “Is this the glass phone?”

Su Yang smiled and nodded.

The other presidents looked at him in confusion.

In the end, Mr. Kong did not even explain and quickly opened the box before taking out the glass phone to admire it.

After admiring it, he explained to the other presidents, “This cellphone has been very popular recently. It’s a product that transcends its times.

“Rumor has it that Young Master Ying’s father used it first, but the other bosses saw it and spread rumors about it. Now, many bosses want this phone, but they just can’t get their hands on it.”

“I never would’ve thought that… This belongs to Young Master Su’s company.”

At this point, he looked at Su Yang and then at Young Master Ying. Suddenly, a look of realization appeared on his face.

‘No wonder Young Master Ying’s father has this cellphone… It’s because of Young Master Ying.’

Hearing Mr. Kong’s words, the other presidents could not help but feel surprised.

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