I’ll Add Points To All Things

Chapter 70 - Continuous Random Missions?

Chapter 70: Continuous Random Missions?

Su Yang had somehow became the president and even realized he became the owner of the group chat as the chat was moved to his WeChat.

‘Doesn’t it need my permission to move ownership? WeChat’s function is really lousy and insecure…’

If he had not noticed this particular point, if the group members talked about the government or whatnot, the government might visit his place and invite him back for ‘coffee’ without his knowledge.

While he was thinking about shifting the responsibility, the group started to mention him and tag him.

“@Su Yang, President, you there?”

“Yeah, President, we need your guidance!”


“President, say something…”

‘What am I supposed to say?’

Su Yang decided to play dead. He pocketed his phone and went to the subway. He spent 4 yuan on the fare to reach the nearest station to his neighborhood and walked home.

He reached home around 9 p.m. Then, he opened the system and checked his gains for the day.

[Mission completed: Random Point +1]

The last Random Point was used on Sanque, and now, the number changed from 0 to 1 again. It put a smile on Su Yang’s face. However, just before he turned off the system, he realized that the tutoring mission had not gone away.

[Random Mission: Tutor Tang Xiaomi for once (2).]

‘Huh? There’s a (2) behind it. Is it a second mission? Does it mean I can keep completing this mission? If after I complete (2), will it become (3)?’

If his theory was correct, he would just have to tutor Tang Xiaomi four times to get four Random Points. He had always wanted to ‘farm’ Random Points with Old Sixth Liu but failed. Never did he expect to find it with Tang Xiaomi.

Su Yang did not know whether to cry or to be happy about it. It seemed like he must help someone with his heart to be able to trigger the mission.

Defeated, he discarded the thought of beating the street gangster up for Random Points.

Since he had just completed two point-adding sessions, he was not in a hurry to add more. According to the iron rule of gacha gaming, after getting two SR items, the odds of getting the third in a row would be extremely low.

It would be better for him to save the Random Points up for now and add them together. After all, he had a stable source of Random Points from Tang Xiaomi’s mission and it was uplifting enough.

As for what to add the points to, Su Yang came up with several candidates in his mind.

‘The soap? A paper bag? Or should I add points to the trash can? Shanghai is undergoing trash segregation, so maybe I’ll get something awesome.”

‘Trash can: Sir, what kind of trash do you have there? Throw it inside and let me identify it for you.’

Regardless, he ought to let Little Hus sniff around first. If the item smelled good, he would add points to it. If it reeked, he would skip it.

Su Yang realized that out of all the little monsters he added, Little Hus was the most useful.

The trouble he caused the other day and the torment he put Su Yang through did not match his usefulness at all.

It was a quiet night. On the second morning, Su Yang woke up extra early because it was Monday when he had the most classes. After he cleaned up, he grabbed his bag and headed to campus.

However, along the way to campus, he noticed a lot of passersby greeting him, most of them strangers.

A young girl in a dress was walking towards him. “Morning, Su Yang.”


A boy with a buzzcut passed him. “Morning, mate!”


A girl heading out with her school bag. “M-morning, S-Su Yang.”


Even a guy with a Bluetooth earphone stopped his morning walk and took off his earphone to greet him, “Morning, Brother Su!”


‘I guess the true nature of humans is really to repeat. Everyone is saying the same thing. But why does everyone seem to know me overnight?’

Even though Su Yang was a little famous in his faculty, the Faculty of Arts was not small, so it was unlikely for all the students in the faculty to know him.

When he reached the lecture building, more and more students greeted him and some even giggled as they walked away.

‘What the hell happened?’

Right after the question popped up in his head, he noticed that a group of people had gathered in front of the notice board and they seemed to be discussing something.

He walked over on tiptoe, wanting to see what was going on, but there were too many people and their heads blocked him from having a clearer look.

With no other options, he simply grabbed someone and asked, “May I know what happened? Did someone get punished?”

He thought he was the one getting the punishment because of the number of students greeting him that morning.

The student looked at him impatiently and said, “What punishment? It’s Han Yi’s fan club.”

‘Fan club?’ While Su Yang was stunned, the student had a closer look at him and squealed, “Eh?! Aren’t you Su Yang? The president of the fan club?”

Su Yang did not know what to answer. ‘What is going on? What’s with the president thing again?’

Before he could react, all the other students turned around and every one of them looked excited.

‘What are you people looking at? I’m not a mantou.’

Thankfully, the students were only excited and were not fanatics. They realized that Su Yang was trying to have a look at the notice board, so they opened up a small path for him to pass.

After Su Yang got nearer to the notice board, he saw three posters pasted on top.

The first one was Han Yi’s poster. The evening gown she wore made her look elegant and on her left was a line of words: Han Yi Shanghai Fan Club is established! Organized by Shanghai University’s Faculty of Arts!

The second poster had Su Yang and Chu Xia’s faces on it and there were descriptions about their posts and background. Su Yang was the president of the Han Yi Shanghai Fan Club while Chu Xia was the vice president.

In Su Yang’s description, other than emphasizing his wide connections and rich resources, and that one time whereby he led everyone to attend the variety show recording at the TV station plus the meeting with Han Yi, it even labeled him as the student whose busking performance had gone viral.

Chu Xia’s description defined her as the most charming class secretary of the Faculty of Arts.

On the poster, they looked handsome and beautiful. Su Yang started to wonder where the designers got his picture.

The last poster was a collage of pictures during the recording of the Ace Variety Show. There was the group shot in front of the TV station, the picture in the studio during the recording, and Han Yi’s picture with six lucky fans, plus the presents from her.

Each picture had its own description and it attracted a lot of attention.

Su Yang finally understood why everyone in the faculty had greeted him and why everyone had looked at him with an enthusiastic gaze.

If he looked at this from another perspective, as someone who could sing well and was famous throughout the campus plus was able to lead the fans to participate in a popular variety show’s recording and meet a popular artist face-to-face and get presents from her, who would not want to be close to him?

Su Yang looked at the students around him and awkwardly cleared his throat. Just when the students thought he was about to announce something, he lowered his head and fled.

After he escaped from the enthusiastic crowd, he frowned at the situation. ‘What the hell? I’m totally not prepared for this!’

He called Chu Xia right away and told her to meet him in the little garden behind the lecture building. He must make this clear and solve the problem! What if Lin Jiali found out about him?

On second thought, even if Lin Jiali found out about him, nothing would happen, but if she thought that he was Han Yi’s fans and categorized him as hostile, what would happen to his Bronze Mission?

Would Lin Jiali still have a heart-to-heart talk with him?

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