I’ll Add Points To All Things

Chapter 50

Chapter 50: The Door And Windows That Can’t Be Opened

Deeny propped her chin on her hand outside the door. “Master, you only have a single bank card bound to your phone and that card balance is 0. Even if you add more digits to it, it’s still 0.”

‘Deeny, you are such a conversation killer…’

Su Yang changed his approach. “Then, can you hack other people’s phones or a company server?”

This time around, Deeny was quick with her reply, “I can’t. If I could, I would’ve topped up the phone credit by myself.”

He adjusted his posture in the bathtub. “I guess the A.I.s in the movies are much better than you.”

Deeny propped her chin on her hand again, just about to search the net about A.I.s in movies and how they should behave, but Su Yang quickly halted her. “Stop! Don’t surf the net! I just got myself a new data package!”

She put her hand down. “Master, I searched on Baidu and Wiki. I’m not an A.I., I’m the phone itself.”

Su Yang acted like nothing happened and played with the water, “Everything written in Wiki are lies, you are an A.I..”

“Am I?” Deeny’s big round eyes showed confusion. She instinctively wanted to prop her chin and search the net again but Su Yang already stopped her from doing it, so she was clueless about whether Su Yang was correct or wrong.

After his bath, Su Yang put on the bathrobe and walked out. Deeny obediently went in to release the bathtub water and cleaned it.

Su Yang happily headed to the bedroom Deeny prepared for him.

At first, Deeny wanted to give Su Yang the master bedroom but Su Yang believed since he was her master, there was no need for him to take her room for himself.

Of course, the other reason was that Deeny’s room was pink and as girlish as it could get. Su Yang felt like a little princess when he walked in.

Therefore, in order to remind himself that he was still a man, Su Yang decided to sleep in the other bedroom.

The villa had three bedrooms and a study room. Su Yang picked the second biggest bedroom that was almost 40 square meters large, it has an independent toilet as well. It was ten times better than Su Yang’s basement back in the real world.

Su Yang decided to move his stuff into the villa step by step. This place would be his house in the future.

As for his rented basement, he still had two more months left in the contract, so he might as well finish it. If he did not have enough money, then he would move out again.

As he walked to his bedroom while humming a melody, Su Yang suddenly realized something. This villa was equipped with windows and doors, but all of them were shut.

Su Yang went to his bedroom and checked the window. The glass on the window was opaque, so when he put his face near the glass, he could not even see through it. Then, he tried opening it but failed.

‘Is this window a decoration?’

“Deeny! Deeny!” Su Yang returned to the bathroom and saw Deeny scrubbing the bathtub attentively. “Are all the windows and doors in the villa locked?”

Deeny’s cute face revealed a blank expression. A while later, she shook her head. “I don’t know. Should the doors and windows be opened?”

Su Yang did not know how to answer her.

‘I really should let Deeny surf the net. This girl sure feels like a retard without mobile data. Tomorrow…I’ll sign up for an unlimited package and then get broadband.’

As for why should he not do it right away, he was simply procrastinating.

Su Yang explained the function of a door and a window to Deeny. After she learned what they were used for, she felt curious as well. “Hmm, it really is locked. I wonder why.”

The two of them tried opening every window in the rooms, but they realized that all the windows were the same. All of them were made of opaque glass. During the day, the light would come through the window and bask the room with warmth. At night, the light would slowly fade and the lights at the ceiling would turn on automatically.

As for the door, there was only one door in the living room, but both Su Yang and Deeny could not even make it budge no matter how hard they pulled or pushed.

‘How strange…’

Su Yang had a feeling that beyond the door was a secret, but both he and Deeny were not qualified to find out about it yet.

Besides, Su Yang believed that brute strength was not the key to open the door because not only were he and Deeny were pulling or pushing, but even Gru was summoned to transform to help. Nonetheless, the door did not even budge.

While the three of them were drenched in sweat, Little Hus hopped over to the three of them. “What are you guys doing, playing tug-of-war?”

“More like tugging the door.”

Little Hus stared at Su Yang with its signature husky death stare. “What? Tugging the door? That’s what I’m good at!”

Su Yang was silenced by Little Hus’ shameless approach.

“Come on! Why didn’t you invite me to play? Tugging doors are fun!” Little Hus stared at Su Yang again with its death stare as if he had stepped on its tail.

Su Yang kicked Little Hus in the face. “Shut up.”

Looking at the immovable door, Su Yang believed that he must meet some requirements before he could open the door and that the requirements revolved mostly around Deeny.

Maybe as Deeny grew, she might have the ability to open this door and the windows.

‘What’s beyond the door and the windows?’

With that question in mind, Su Yang fell asleep for the first time in the villa.

On the morning of the second day, after he washed up and returned to his basement in the real world, he felt like crap. People used to say that it was easy for the frugal to be extravagant though it was very hard to reverse the process. Su Yang was finally experiencing it himself.

He had just slept in the villa for a night, and when he saw his basement again, it felt like a messed up lair of some sort.

With a sigh, he looked at the timetable on his desk. He had only one class today which was Advanced Mathematics. The lecturer was Ms. Yuan from the Faculty of Information. That woman was a narrow-minded one, so it would be best for him to be on time for the lecture. He grabbed his books and his bag before he headed out.

Before he entered the campus, he saw a big banner at the gate.

‘Celebrating the first and successful Shanghai University Campus Singing Competition’

‘Damn, does a singing competition organized by three universities need this much exposure? Must it be this grand?’

If the universities had the time and money to hold such a competition, they might as well throw in some prize money and Su Yang would have joined.

As he criticized how stingy the organizer was, he walked into the campus. Along the way, he heard a few groups of students discussing the competition. It seemed like the exposure of the competition had exploded.

Most of the students lived in the campus dorms, but Su Yang lived outside the campus. Therefore, he might not get first-hand news about what had happened over the weekend.

A group of three girls walked towards him. They were discussing the changes in the singing competition.

“Did you guys hear? The organizer invited Han Yi.”

“Han Yi?! Oh my gosh! I really like her.”

“Han Yi? What’s so good about her? She looks fake.”

“How did our school invite her?”

“I don’t know. I heard that our school has some connections to her. She came to Shanghai for some events, so she had the time to come here as a judge, but she’s only here for the finals.”

“Oh my gosh! I’m so excited! I want to sign up now!”


“Who do you think will win the competition?”

“I don’t know, I don’t think anyone from our faculty can sing well.”

“Lin Zhihao sounds quite good.”

“Is it? Oh right, I suddenly thought of that video I saw in my Friend Circle that day…that busker at the entrance of the campus. If he has joined the competition, he will win for sure!”

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