I’ll Add Points To All Things

Chapter 39

Chapter 39: Persuade Wang Dong

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With that in mind, Su Yang did not contact Wang Dong right away. He knew he was just a university student who did not have any funds or a reliable family background. To be able to recruit Wang Dong, he would have to prove his unique value and lay out his dreams for the future, or in simple words, sell him a bloated dream.

When he got home, Su Yang carefully listed out his own strengths and weaknesses besides taking Wang Dong’s concerns and ideas into consideration. He prepared everything and stored all the information in his mind.

Ever since his high school exam, he had never tried so hard to prepare or execute a certain matter.

After everything was settled, he confidently went to bed.

Running into problems was a vicissitude of life. Jiang Yan’s rejection was nothing surprising, and since he could not change her mind, he ought to steer the matter in a better direction.

On the morning of the second day, Su Yang sent a message to Wang Dong. He wanted to talk to the man over lunch and Wang Dong agreed.

After his class, Su Yang stormed out of the classroom for the meeting, but right after he stepped out, he ran into Li Runze who was wearing a pair of glasses and standing in the corridor outside class, reading a book seriously.

‘Huh? Didn’t Li Runze say he was going to study today and was busy? Why is he here?’

One of Su Yang’s strengths was his limited curiosity. The thought only flashed across his mind and did not even leave an impression. He planned to greet Li Runze before leaving for the meeting.

Suddenly, Li Runze looked at Su Yang with an expressionless face. “Oh, you’ve finished your class.” He made it sound like he was waiting for Su Yang.

“Yeah, you are waiting for me?”

Li Runze nodded. “Yeah. Do you want to have lunch together? We can study Mathematics together after that.”

Su Yang was rendered speechless, obviously dumbstruck. Li Runze pushed his glasses up slightly and said with a blank look, “Ms. Yuan said you scored 98 points in Advanced Mathematics last semester. That’s not bad.”

Embarrassed, Su Yang replied, “Can we do this another day? I have an appointment in the afternoon today.”

Li Runze did not show any expression as he nodded and replied, “Sure. When will you be free?”

‘Huh?! People usually use this kind of excuse to reject invitations yet he asked to reschedule?’

Curious, Su Yang came up with another excuse, “Next… week?”

Li Runze nodded again, “Which day?”

Su Yang gave up, “Let’s make it on Monday.”

“Sure.” Li Runze nodded and walked away.

Su Yang wiped the sweat off his forehead. He somehow felt pressure when facing a dull straight-A student like Li Runze.

After he discarded Li Runze out of his mind, Su Yang checked his watch. He still had time, so he quickly sprinted towards the promised location.

Soon, Su Yang reached the restaurant for lunch.

It was the same restaurant where Wang Dong had gotten drunk. Su Yang tasted the food the other day and was quite fond of it. Furthermore, the price range was also decent and the service was good. More importantly, it was where he had the first dinner with Wang Dong, this place held a special meaning.

To be honest, Su Yang was a poor young man and had not been to other restaurants, so he did not know a better recommendation.

When he arrived, Wang Dong was already sitting at the table where they sat the other day. His brows were tightly locked as he scrolled his phone.

Su Yang walked over and caught a glimpse of the screen. It was a job-finding website. It seemed like Wang Dong had planned to look for a job, which was a good sign, meaning the man was eager to find a job.

Su Yang sat opposite Wang Dong who greeted him first, “You’re here.”

“Let’s order something first,” Su Yang nodded and said with a smile. He was holding the initiative for this conversation after all.

The two of them ordered three dishes. When the waiter left for the kitchen, Su Yang took the initiative to speak first, “Brother Dong, I met your boss yesterday.”

“How did it go?” Wang Dong’s attention was captured by Su Yang’s words.

Su Yang shook his head. “She didn’t agree to hire you back.”

Despite being prepared for this, Wang Dong was still disappointed by the answer.

Su Yang saw his dismal expression, so he smiled and consoled, “But, Brother Dong, I might have found you a new job.”

Wang Dong instantly perked up as he looked at Su Yang in surprise. “For real?”

Su Yang nodded. He did not blurt out his true thoughts. Instead, he asked, “How much did Junqing Intermediary pay you the last time? Do you get commissions and bonuses?”

Wang Dong thought for a while. “My basic salary is 6,000 yuan per month. I didn’t get any commission at first, but now, I can rake in around 1,000 a month. The company benefits are quite good. Everyone is given double pay at year-end, or the 13th month’s salary. As for the bonus, it varies depending on positions and performance. I usually get around 3,000.”

Su Yang quickly calculated the number in his head. Wang Dong’s annual salary was around 94,000 yuan, which worked out to be an average of 8,000 monthly. It was considered a slightly above-average salary in Shanghai but was still within his expectations.

Carefully, he said, “The new company can give you almost similar benefits. The basic is 5K and you can get more commission, around 10%. If you can perform, you can get a few thousand without a problem.

“There will be three months of probation period without social security. Social security will only be given after the probation period. There’s double pay during year-end and bonuses will be given. What do you think?”

Wang Dong was in awe, but he did not agree right away. He marked down the terms in his mind and asked, “What kind of company is that? What does it do?”

“It’s an intermediary company that specializes in finding people part-time jobs, similar to what you do at Junqing. It’s all about looking for clients and then introducing the jobs to students or people who have free time on their hands. As for the company, it’s a startup. There’s barely anyone and it’s still taking shape,” Su Yang said with a solemn expression.

Wang Dong was a little suspicious after he heard Su Yang’s explanation. It was only normal for him to react like this since most people who jumped from a big company to a smaller startup would also hesitate.

Su Yang spotted the hesitation on Wang Dong’s face, so he started to boast, “But since it’s a startup company, you will be one of the pioneer employees, and when the company expands, you will grow together. From a normal employee to a supervisor to a manager or even a director, it is possible. It’s at least better than staying in an established company where you have to climb up bit by bit and to wait for the higher-ups to leave, am I right?”

Su Yang’s persuasion started to move Wang Dong.

He saw Wang Dong’s wavering heart, but he still had not made the decision, so Su Yang brought out his killer move. “Besides, this company appreciates employees like you who bring resources to help it grow, so you will have the right to get equity shares.

“After the probation period, you can get 2% of the company shares and the company also has an option pool. You will be able to get more options based on performance at a later stage. It’s all up to your hard work and results.” (Options are different from shares.)

Wang Dong was moved by Su Yang’s terms. He hemmed and hawed, and finally, he clenched his teeth and said, “Okay! I’ll do it! An ordinary 9 to 5 has really ground my mentality down. I should take the risk for once!”

Su Yang flashed a bright smile after Wang Dong agreed.

‘We are already halfway through. The plan is progressing smoothly…’

After Wang Dong agreed, he then asked, “So, what’s the company’s name? Where should I meet them for an interview?”

Su Yang pointed at Wang Dong and then himself. “You’ve already been interviewed. I’m the company.”

Wang Dong’s mind turned blank right away. His jaw dropped to the ground and the shock on his face was brazen.

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