I’ll Add Points To All Things

Chapter 37

Chapter 37: Aren’t We Good Friends?

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After making sure of the direction, Su Yang did not act right away. Instead, he sent a message to Wang Dong: ‘Brother Dong, what is your boss’ surname? Qiao or Jiang?”

A moment later, Wang Dong replied: ‘Sis Qiao is our company’s commerce director. The big boss of the company is Jiang if I remember correctly, but we usually call her ‘boss’.’

If Su Yang was 60% sure before, he was 80% sure when he heard Wang Dong’s reply. He quickly replied with a message: ‘Do you have a picture of the big boss?’

Wang Dong replied almost right away: ‘No, but, Su Yang, I don’t recommend you find her. You have never seen her before and you won’t understand. Normal people can’t even speak properly in front of her as her presence is very strong, too strong, in fact. She won’t listen to anyone’s explanation.’

Su Yang replied: ‘I’ll take note of that. Thanks, Brother Dong.’

In a rented apartment on the outskirts of the city, Wang Dong sighed when he read Su Yang’s last message on WeChat. He knew that Su Yang had not taken his advice.

‘He’s still too young, but since I was already fired, what’s the worst that could happen? Getting fired twice? Just let him be. My priority is to figure out my future. What should I do and where should I go?

Su Yang was almost certain that Jiang Yan was Wang Dong’s boss. He twirled his pen with his fingers as he thought of a way to locate her.

He knew that the chances for Jiang Yan to take order back were slim, but based on the remark of the Advanced Mission, there were always unhappy things in life or at work, but you should not escape from problems. As an adult, you should learn to solve the matter and take responsibility for your actions.

Despite the odds being slim, Su Yang decided to give it a try.

Su Yang thought of everyone within his circle and the only possible candidate was Chu Xia, thus he decided to make a move on her.

He called Chu Xia via messenger. As for why he did not make a call, a phone call charged money while making a call via messenger was free.

A few seconds later, Chu Xia picked up the call.

“What’s up, Mr. Big Star? Changed your mind about the singing competition?”

Su Yang giggled and said, “Nope.”

“Then, what is this call about?” asked Chu Xia.

“Can I ask you to introduce me to your friend? I want to buy her a meal to thank her.”

Su Yang’s ambiguous request confused Chu Xia for a moment. “Who are you trying to ask out?”

“Jiang Yan, you told me she’s the one who introduced me to the gold shop, remember?” explained Su Yang.

“Ohhh! Shouldn’t you buy me a meal first? I did ask her on your behalf.” Chu Xia finally remembered the favor, but her sharp senses told her something was not right.

Su Yang cleared his throat and said awkwardly, “I’ll buy you both a meal, but can we keep it under 480 yuan?”

“Why?” asked Chu Xia.

Su Yang would never have told her that if the meal cost more than 480 yuan, he would lose money in this deal. He came up with an excuse and said, “Come on. You weren’t this fussy last time. Can you please help me?”

Chu Xia grunted softly, “No.”

“Why not?”

“I can’t call her out myself. She’s too busy. I barely see her every day. She won’t have a meal with us just because of this tiny matter,” said Chu Xia seriously.

Su Yang rubbed his chin. It seemed like asking Chu Xia for a face-to-face with Jiang Yan was no longer viable. He quickly compromised and said, “Then, can you send me a picture of her?”

“Hey! Don’t you think you’re a bit too much? What are you trying to do with her picture? Don’t tell me you are going to thank her picture instead of her in person!”

Su Yang rolled his eyes. “I want to worship her like a God. Can I?”

Chu Xia did not reply right away as she felt suspicious. It seemed like she would not simply send him the picture without a valid reason. Su Yang’s mind spun rapidly and quickly came up with another excuse.

He faked a cough to cover up his awkwardness and said in a bashful tone, “Actually…that gold shop owner said your friend is very beautiful. He said she’s like a deity, so I’m just curious…”

Chu Xia could not help but chuckle at Su Yang’s excuse. It seemed more like Su Yang’s character, but for whatever reason, her heart felt a little uneasy. She did not give the feeling much thought though. After the call, she headed to Jiang Yan’s Friend Circle and picked a picture for Su Yang.

Su Yang saw the picture Chu Xia sent over. He realized that his random excuse was really a great one as Jiang Yan was really a beautiful woman.

In the picture, Jiang Yan wore a black oversized coat as she stood on the observation deck on the rooftop of New Era Plaza. She was gazing into Shanghai’s nightscape further away. The dark sky in the picture was garnished with some stars, elevating the atmosphere of the whole picture.

New Era Plaza was a 5A super-building in Shanghai that combined business and commerce. Only the top business elites of Shanghai could be at the plaza and those who lingered on the rooftop were people that commoners could never imagine existed.

Of course, it was impossible for Su Yang to know Jiang Yan was standing on New Era Plaza’s observation deck based on a single picture. He was just amazed that the picture was well shot.

Inside the picture, it was already night time, but the exterior glass wall of the building was embedded with beautiful lighting. It made the entire building resemble the stairway to heaven and Jiang Yan was standing on the first step of the stairs, gazing down at the whole Shanghai like an empress who had ascended to the throne.

Had it been taken by a drone? The camera angle was obviously extended into the air.

It was probably another extravagant way of life of the wealthy for even a selfie to be taken with a drone.

After seeing how Jiang Yan looked, Su Yang took out his [Fruit-loving Pen] which he had not used for a while. He ate an apple which was the only fruit that he had in his basement.

However, the pen did not respond even after he finished the apple.

‘Hmm, as expected, the daughter of the heavens isn’t around the campus. Well, this place is rather remote, so…’

Su Yang just wanted to narrow down the search range with his little test.

If he searched all over Shanghai and realized that Jiang Yan was in the Baoshan District, where Shanghai University was located, that would be a shame for him and for her.

“Su Yang, what are you eating?”

Right after Su Yang checked Jiang Yan’s location, Little Hus jumped in front of him. Its round doggy eyes were looking at the apple core in Su Yang’s hand.

Su Yang rolled his eyes at the husky bolster. “I’m eating an apple. Do you want some?”

“I want! I want! I want!” Little Hus’ eyes widened and its husky picture revealed its desire for the seed. As it stuck its tongue out, Su Yang could even see saliva at the edges.

Su Yang touched it. The bolster was dry. It seemed like only the picture of the husky changed. He put the apple beside Little Hus’ mouth. “Here.”

Little Hus opened its mouth and tried to eat it, but it was still a bolster. How could it really eat something? It spun around the apple core eagerly. It was so excited that its face turned red.

After it tormented itself for two minutes, it gave up. It stared at Su Yang with its husky eyes and said, “Su Yang, why must you toy around with me? Aren’t we good friends?”

Su Yang watered Gru and said without being concerned, “Are we good friends?”

“You humans said it yourself. Dog is man’s best friend, isn’t it?”

“But you aren’t a dog.”

“I am.”

“Okay, okay, as long as you are happy.”

After he finished teasing Little Hus, he tidied up and went out. He headed to the supermarket for a bag of grapes and went on a journey to search for Jiang Yan.

He should settle this matter as soon as possible as time was ticking.

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