I’ll Add Points To All Things

Chapter 35

Chapter 35: The Perfect Way To Solve The Problem

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‘Advanced Random Mission?’

Su Yang was surprised.

‘The missions are classified as Advanced and…not Advanced? Why didn’t I know this before?’

He called the system up and checked the new mission.

[New Advanced Random Mission: Solve the problem caused by last night’s drinking]

[Due to the excessive drinking last night, Wang Dong was late for work and got fired. It also indirectly canceled the part-time job during the weekend. Try to correct the matter to a satisfactory level. Make Wang Dong and the students who signed up for the part-time job happy. 1 to 6 Random Points will be rewarded depending on the completion of the mission]

[Remark: Getting fired is a vicissitude of life. Don’t turn away from it. Don’t give up. Solve the problem directly.]

Other than the mission description, there was a tiny [?] button beside the Advanced Random Mission. Su Yang tapped on it and the description for the Advanced Mission popped up.

[Advanced Missions are rare events. The rewards and the trigger conditions are random. 1 to 10 points will be given based on the completion of the mission. All Random Missions, Bronze Missions, and Silver Missions have a chance to trigger the Advanced version.]

Should Su Yang accept the mission?

Without hesitation, he took it! He would be an idiot if he did not!

As long as he could solve the matter, regardless of how he did it, he could get Random Points. Furthermore, the better he solved the matter, the more points he could get. If he did not take the mission, what else would he be if not an idiot?

Besides, this Advanced Random Mission did not clash with his Silver Mission. In Su Yang’s plan, which he just came up with in the past few days, Wang Dong and Junqing Intermediary were one of the ways to complete the Silver Mission, or at least, move closer to his goal.

Now, before he could even earn 100 yuan from it, let alone a million, the source snapped. Su Yang did not want to simply give up on this source.

After he accepted the mission, he returned to the call with Wang Dong. “Brother Dong, wait for me. I’ll go find you now.”

He hung up and sprinted towards Junqing Intermediary.

Along the way, Su Yang analyzed the mission carefully.

There were two keys to the mission: Wang Dong and the students who signed up for the part-time job.

If the mission had not appeared, Su Yang would have probably apologized to the students and maybe consoled Wang Dong. The matter would have ended there and then.

However, it was not enough to complete the mission.

The best way to make Wang Dong and the students happy was actually by helping Wang Dong get back into Junqing Intermediary so that the collaboration could continue.

It was Tuesday, which was four more days until Saturday when the property show would be held.

There was still much to be done!

When Su Yang was a street away from Junqing Intermediary, he saw Wang Dong holding a box with his head down while talking to a fat man in a suit. Su Yang slowed down, not wanting to interrupt the two of them.

After their conversation ended, the fat man in the suit patted Wang Dong’s shoulder, heavily sighing before he left. Wang Dong looked dispirited and his eyes were a little red.

Su Yang waited for Wang Dong to calm down before he walked up to him. “Brother Dong.”

Wang Dong forced a smile on his face when he saw him. “You are here.”

Su Yang reached his hands out to Wang Dong. “Let me help you with that.”

However, Wang Dong shook his head. “It’s fine. It’s not that heavy.” Because of that, Su Yang did not insist.

When they were having dinner last night, Su Yang spotted a cafe nearby. He took the initiative to say, “Brother Dong, why don’t we have a seat at the cafe? I have something to talk to you about.”

Wang Dong nodded.

The two of them arrived at the said cafe. Su Yang ordered two beverages before he sat down with Wang Dong who took out some documents from his box and looked at them with a heavy expression.

When Su Yang came back with the beverages, Wang Dong put the documents aside and said, “Su Yang, I’ve asked my supervisor regarding your job. Our company signed a legitimate contract with you regarding this job, so since our company violated the contract one-sidedly, we will compensate you for the liquidated damages.

“You got a deposit of 480 yuan yesterday, and since the compensation is also 20% of the contract value, that’s also 480 yuan. So, you do not have to return the money. You can head to the company for a follow-up later and sign another release contract. You will be free then.”

A little pause later, Wang Dong added, “Your commission is only 400 yuan but you got 480 for doing nothing, so you aren’t losing anything in this deal.”

Su Yang remained silent.

As a matter of fact, Wang Dong was correct. Junqing Intermediary was a generous and legitimate company, so his 480 yuan was practically free money. If he did not have the mission, this would probably be the best for all parties, but he had a mission to complete.

He might be happy with this 480 yuan, but would Wang Dong be happy? Would those students who were waiting for a part-time job be happy?

Su Yang looked at Wang Dong’s dispirited face, not sensing any happiness in the man since the compensation was for him.

After some thought, Su Yang skipped to the point. “Brother Dong, what is your opinion on this?”

Wang Dong hesitated for a while before admitting, “I don’t know, but I have to thank you for last night.”

Su Yang continued to look at him without saying anything. Wang Dong then added, “I broke up with my girlfriend of six years a few days ago. She never ever complained about a single thing when we were together. I tried very hard to create the future that we both wanted, but I didn’t know she was also having a hard time. The pressure almost suffocated her.”

Wang Dong lowered his head and sighed. Some silence later, he did not continue on the details. Instead, he said, “Anyway, we broke up for good, but after you called her last night, she came and took me home. We also sat down and had a good talk yesterday and decided to give it another shot. We don’t want to give up so easily.”

He then bitterly chuckled. “But as you can see, I just got fired. Now, I don’t even have a goal to work towards. I don’t know whether I should leave Shanghai and I have no idea how to face her. My life is a mess.”

Su Yang nodded. “Then, do you want to go back to work?”

Wang Dong’s eyes shone. “Do you have a way?”

No.” Su Yang shook his head.

As he watched the color in Wang Dong’s eyes fade, Su Yang said, “But after getting to know you for two days, I can feel that you are passionate about your job. I believe you are a good employee. You showed me your passion for your job through the phone call and meetings even though this job with me was a small deal for your company.

“Besides, despite having a hard time in your relationship, you showed professionalism.”

A little pause later, Su Yang continued, “Let’s look at it from a different angle. If I were in your shoes, I might not have been able to deal with the situation as well as you did. So, I want to talk to your company on your behalf. Maybe there’s a chance.”

Before he ended, Su Yang elaborated, “Of course, I really wanted to continue to work with you, Brother Dong. Other than the property viewing event, we still talked about the fan service for that online artist, didn’t we?”

Wang Dong stared straight into Su Yang’s eyes, and his face slowly revealed a smile. After a long while, he said, “Thank you.”

In the afternoon, Su Yang arrived at the entrance of Junqing Intermediary again.

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