I’ll Add Points To All Things

Chapter 26

Chapter 26: Job Settled

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The name sounded familiar.

Su Yang quickly searched his memories and realized that the name was actually an online personality that he once saw on Tieba, the one looked like a Westerner.

‘Who would have thought that an online newcomer would have to buy fans to support her? Lesson learned.’

After he got more details from the young man on the other side, Su Yang agreed to take the two jobs.

He had resources at hand. During his last semester, he had been working part-time for his senior, doing tasks such as sending out flyers or wearing a bear costume for promotion purposes, and so on. After a whole day of hard work, he was only paid 60 to 70 yuan.

In the end, Su Yang realized that his senior was actually taking commissions from his job at quite a high percentage, around 30%. Therefore, he quit and tried to work for himself instead.

After he went solo, his income was relatively higher since there was no middleman earning commissions from his jobs. Sometimes, when more manpower was needed, he would introduce the job to several of his closer classmates.

As he continued to find part-time jobs, some other hardworking students in the same course heard of his connections, so they started to look for Su Yang for part-time gigs. He was not a greedy person and would bring several classmates together on the job. As for the middleman commission, he would only take around 5 to 10 yuan as token fees. The other students could only get 60 to 70 yuan from their seniors, but they were able to get around 80 to 90 yuan from Su Yang.

His classmates appreciated his good intentions as well, and as the jobs went on, Su Yang could easily get a dozen of them with a single call.

However, since Su Yang was not a local, he had limited opportunities of getting a large-scale job. Therefore, he could only pull his classmates together on a job occasionally. He was not a direct competition to his seniors, so nothing bad happened to them.

This time, it might be an opportunity to utilize his resources.

Even if he paid every student 100 yuan, including the labor fees and travel expenses, he could probably earn 4,000 to 5,000 yuan after the two jobs. The payment for the job with the online artist was particularly quite decent.

Although 4,000 to 5,000 yuan was only a drop of water compared to the vast ocean of 1 million yuan, if he did not start somewhere, he would not move closer towards his goal. Earning every cent possible would eventually lead him to where he wanted to be, so he had to be hopeful.

With that in mind, Su Yang mentioned everyone in his part-time chat group.

‘@Everyone. I have a job on Saturday. I need 20 pax. Travel fees and lunch not included. 100 yuan for half a day. PM me if interested.’

Right after Su Yang sent the message out, the chat group got lively.

‘Wow! Admin is amazing! It’s a good-paying job!’

‘I know right! Is this for real, admin?’

‘The wage is a surprise!’

After a ton of replies flooded the chat group, someone asked: ‘Su Yang, do you get any commission from this?’

Su Yang checked the message. It was from a classmate who he had worked with since the early days.

Right after that classmate’s question, everyone kept quiet. It seemed like everyone thought that Su Yang was not getting commission from this job and always shared his profit with everyone else.

Su Yang chuckled and replied: ‘I am, so relax.’

With the confirmation, everyone started to get responsive, and soon, more than 30 students signed up for the job.

Su Yang took everyone’s details down because he had to filter the candidates later.

Besides that, he had to meet the representative of the intermediary company tomorrow after his morning class. A contract must be signed beforehand and he must ask for a deposit first. After all, it was his first large-scale event, so he had to be careful.

When he was done with all the necessary work, Tang Xiaomi came to his side with Gru. She spread her hands wide and demanded, “Su Yang, carry me.”

Su Yang carried the little girl in his arms. He saw her little pouting mouth and asked, “What’s wrong? Are you hungry?”

Tang Xiaomi nodded meekly and Gru even pretended to be hungry by rubbing its stem with its sprouts.

Su Yang checked his watch. It was already 6 p.m. A child had a better digestive system, so it was quite normal for her to be hungry.

However, Tang Jing was really not a responsible mother. The sun was setting soon and she had yet to notice her daughter had disappeared again. It was no wonder that she left her daughter in Tisneyland in the first place and that Tang Xiaomi was so independent.

If Su Yang was the kid’s parent, he would not be this cold.

Therefore, he ordered takeaway for Tang Xiaomi: yellow stewed chicken rice.

It was the best takeaway that he knew of and even he himself did not always have it. After all, he was still on the path of earning a million yuan.

In order to save some money, he ordered a set of chicken with two packs of rice.

Soon enough, the delivery guy reached his door. Su Yang then poured out a bowl of chicken for Tang Xiaomi and helped her to mix the rice in. A while later, a bowl of tasty and aromatic yellow stewed chicken rice was ready although it did not exactly seem appetizing.

Su Yang then poured the leftover soup into his own bowl of rice and started eating.

Tang Xiaomi frowned at the bowl of strange-looking rice at first, but when she saw Su Yang was having a good time with it, she gulped it gluttonously.

She tried a mouthful of the rice. When she put it into her mouth, her eyes shone. “Delicious!” She started to gobble down the bowl of rice.

The kid might have skipped her lunch altogether since she enjoyed the bowl of yellow stewed chicken so much. Su Yang could not help but chuckle at Tang Xiaomi and the way she ate. He somehow felt like having a little sister was not a bad experience.

Tang Xiaomi noticed him watching her. She lifted her head up from the bowl. Her cheeks were covered in rice and soup since she devoured it like she was a hungry kitten. Su Yang found it amusing.

Su Yang wiped her mouth with a tissue and caressed her head. “Finish your rice.”

Tang Xiaomi nodded. Right as she wanted to bury her face into the bowl, she saw Su Yang’s bowl.

Su Yang’s bowl did not have a single piece of chicken while there was a thick layer of chicken on top of her bowl of rice. Her nose twitched unintentionally as sourness and heartache mixed with warmth filled her heart.

Tang Xiaomi lowered her head and quietly wiped her eyes. She then picked up a piece of chicken and wanted to put it into Su Yang’s bowl.

However, he moved his bowl away and looked at her. “What are you doing?”

Her hand holding the chopsticks froze in the air while she looked at Su Yang and said heavily, “You have some too. I can’t finish it.”

Su Yang looked at her with disgust. “You have to finish it even if you can’t. Kids can’t be picky.”

Tang Xiaomi looked even more troubled. “I want you to have some too.”

Su Yang looked even more repugnant. “I don’t want to eat your leftovers.”

Tang Xiaomi pouted and sulked. ‘You bully.’

However, as a precocious child, Tang Xiaomi knew that Su Yang was finding excuses to make her eat the chicken. She did not argue anymore and quietly finished her bowl of yellow stewed chicken.

Su Yang also finished his bowl of rice mixed with only the broth from the yellow stewed chicken.

After the meal, he even mischievously said, “I’ll take note of what you ate today and claim it back from your mom.”

Tang Xiaomi looked at Su Yang with her big, round eyes. It was quite rare for her to stay quiet, and after two seconds of silence, Tang Xiaomi called him, “Su Yang.”

Su Yang looked at her with a confused look.

“I’ll buy you a big meal one day.”

“How big?” Su Yang smiled.

Tang Xiaomi extended her petite arms and signaled. “This big! Or bigger than this!”

She tried her best to search for appropriate words to describe the meal, “Three Michelin stars, four stars…No, a hundred stars!”

Su Yang chuckled and caressed her head. “Of course, but you have to use the money you earn by yourself. You can’t ask for money from your mom.”

“Mmm!” Tang Xiaomi nodded strongly.

It was then that Su Yang’s phone finally rang and this time, it was Tang Jing.

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