I’ll Add Points To All Things

Chapter 24

Chapter 24: Tang Xiaomi Visits

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Su Yang was on the bus with raging ambition burning in his heart. He was ready to figure out how to earn himself a million.

However, as he further pondered the question, he slowly fell into despair.

A million! That was 100 times 10,000!

After hustling back and forth, he only had 30,000 at the moment, and that amount included his daily expenses and tuition fees for the next semester. Truth be told, he barely had any savings, so how should he earn this first million? And in six months?

In six months, he had to multiple his current net worth by 30 times.

A quick calculation later, Su Yang almost broke down. For a university student, especially him, it was practically an impossible mission!

Using his smartphone, he calculated and realized that in order to earn a million in six months, he would have to earn at least 17,000 per month, meaning that he would have to save 17 Tang Xiaomis a month.

‘Are there that many lost children in Shanghai?’

With that in mind, Su Yang’s eyes started to glance over at the children on the bus, and they looked somewhat like cash.

Right before he transformed into a kidnapping demon, his phone rang. He checked it and saw a message from Tang Jing via WeChat: ‘Su Yang, where are you? I’m waiting for you at the entrance of your neighborhood.’

Su Yang finally freed himself from his bitter emotions but was immediately confused by the message.

‘Tang Jing is looking for me? What’s up? Could Tang Xiaomi be lost again?’

With that in mind, he somehow felt excited for some reason.

Ahem…I shouldn’t think like this. I might really become a strange person if I continue…

Su Yang quickly pulled his thoughts back. He checked the stations before he replied: ‘I’ll be at the entrance in 5. Hold on.’

Five minutes later, he arrived at the entrance of his neighborhood. He looked around but did not find that familiar Porsche. There was only a taxi parked at the side.

‘Where is Tang Jing?’

Just as he peered around, a tiny figure popped up in front of him. “Su Yang!”

Su Yang looked down right away. “Tang Xiaomi?”

The little mischievous kid was in a pink dress and looked like a princess today. When she saw Su Yang, her smile widened and two dimples flashed on her cheeks.

“Where’s your mom?” asked Su Yang as he tried to caress her head.

Tang Xiaomi squatted down to avoid him and answered, “She’s at the office.”

Su Yang was immediately rendered speechless.

Tang Xiaomi looked at him with a playful look. “Are you trying to find out why would my mom send you a text in WeChat?”

After that, before Su Yang could reply, she took out a smartphone from her pocket. “Tada! I took my mom’s phone out!”

Su Yang’s face was petrified. ‘This kid is going out of control!’

He knocked her head gently. “I’ll ‘tada’ your head. Give me the phone.” After that, he snatched the phone from Tang Xiaomi and tried to contact Tang Jing.

To his surprise, Tang Xiaomi started to scream, “Robbery! Someone took my phone!”

Su Yang was shocked. He immediately covered her mouth, but he did not realize his action made him even more suspicious.

He was completely defeated by this mischievous child. No wonder she could cross half of Shanghai from Tisneyland and return to the villa in Jiaan safely.

‘With her mischievous mind and energetic spirit, she could have sold the kidnapper instead.’

With that in mind, Su Yang suddenly thought of a news article that he saw some time ago. He could not help but size Tang Xiaomi up. The little girl replied with a bright smile.

‘Hmm, there’s no way she’s that kid. That kid is much more obedient.’

After he gave the phone back to the mischievous kid, Su Yang admonished her, “Taking things without permission is stealing. You just stole your mom’s phone.”

Tang Xiaomi clicked her tongue. “I didn’t steal her phone. My mom left her phone at home and I want to deliver it to her.”

“Then, how did you end up at my place? Your mom isn’t here,” Su Yang said.

Tang Xiaomi grinned awkwardly as if she was a real child and not an imp reincarnated. “I forgot the name of my mom’s office and the door at home is locked, so I can’t get home. I was forced to come here…”

Su Yang was dumbstruck by her explanation.

‘She’s as ridiculous as her mother…’

Then, Tang Xiaomi tugged Su Yang’s hand and said, “Oh, I called a taxi here, and I haven’t paid the driver.”

“A taxi?” Just as Su Yang’s face turned blank, the window of the taxi beside the road rolled down and the driver waved at Su Yang.

“Kid, I’ve been waiting for you with the meter running.”

Again, Su Yang failed to comprehend the situation. He could not simply say that he did not know the kid.

‘This little imp! The taxi meter is running and she’s talking with me. Why can’t she tell me to pay first before she talks to me?’

Su Yang paid the taxi for Tang Xiaomi with a sour look. To his surprise, the taxi fee cost more than 250 yuan!

‘You are really a 250…”

Su Yang kept the receipt and planned to claim it back from her mother. He also asked the taxi driver for more receipts just so he could use it to earn some extra money during his next Random Mission to save the next damsel in distress.

As the taxi drove off, Su Yang and Tang Xiaomi looked at each other. The tall man and the short girl spoke at the same time, “Where are we going next?”

“Why are you asking me? You should remember the name of your mom’s office. I’ll send you there. I’m quite busy, you know!”

Tang Xiaomi did not answer his question. Instead, she asked, “What’s are you so busy with?”

“I’m busy finding a way to earn a million in six months!” Su Yang answered in an upset tone.

Tang Xiaomi tapped her petite chest after she heard that and she said confidently, “It’s simple. I know a way!”

Su Yang was shocked. “You do?”

‘Are all the wealthy kids this smart?’

Nodding, Tang Xiaomi signed Su Yang to squat down and come closer.

For a million, Su Yang did not care about his image, so he squatted down and moved his face closer to her. “What’s the deal?”

“Do you know Alipay?”

“I do.”

“Alipay’s released a new Yu’e Bao function with a high interest rate. You can get around 4% per year.”

Su Yang nodded. The function had been released quite a long time ago, but what did it have to do with a million?

“If you store 50 million inside, you’ll get a million in interest within half a year.”

Su Yang thought he heard it wrongly. He looked straight into Tang Xiaomi’s eyes and the little girl blinked seriously at him.

‘This little…’

Su Yang sighed heavily and stood up. He did not want to talk with the imp anymore.

When Tang Xiaomi saw that he was upset by her joke, she quickly hugged his leg and begged, “Come on, don’t get mad, please. Okay, I’ll stop making fun of you. Worst case scenario, I’ll steal my mom’s car and sell it. It’s worth a million, I think…”

Su Yang knocked her head again. “Don’t steal stuff!”

Tang Xiaomi pouted with her tongue stuck out.

He could not get mad at her cute little face, so he said, “If you mom can’t get to you, she will be worried.”

Tang Xiaomi shook her head. “She won’t. If she can’t find me, she will find you instead.

Su Yang squinted his eyes. ‘Hmm, she’s right.’

Tang Xiaomi realized that Su Yang somehow listened to her, so she quickly tugged his pants and begged with her big googly eyes, “You can just take me to your house and wait for my mom there.”

Su Yang hesitated. He did not know whether he should bring the imp back home since he had many secrets back in his basement.

At that very moment, a beep sounded in his head.

[New Random Mission: Entertain Tang Xiaomi at home and prepare dinner for her.]

Since the system was even giving him a mission about her, Su Yang no longer hesitated. He just had to be careful.

He smiled. “Fine, but let me make this clear: don’t mess up my house.”

“Roger!” Tang Xiaomi saluted and smiled, showing her cute little dimples.

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