I’ll Add Points To All Things

Chapter 10

Chapter 10: Special Item: Lucky Disfiguring Brick


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Su Yang had obtained the brick when he first moved to the neighborhood. The moment his eyes had landed on the brick, he felt like he was connected with it, so he brought it home.

After that, the brick followed him into several ‘conquests’. Wherever Su Yang went, the brick followed. It helped him complete the missions of saving damsels in distress and even brought the evil villains to justice.

Actually, all of that was made up in Su Yang’s mind. The brick was just a normal brick that he had picked up near a construction site.

However, he might be able to add some intellect to the brick, similar to what had happened to the little twig monster, Gru. It was a dead twig, for God’s sake!

With that in mind, Su Yang made up his mind and added the newly acquired Random Point to the brick.

Based on his previous experience, Su Yang washed his hands with soap carefully in the bathroom. He made sure that his hands were as fragrant as a flower before he went back to his desk to pick the brick up.

He opened the Point System and a translucent [+] icon appeared at the top right corner.

Praying hard, Su Yang tapped on the icon.

Just like every other time, the brick gleamed and the point was added.

The brick did not change in terms of appearance. Su Yang felt that it was strange. Did the point-adding fail this time? However, even if it did, there should have been some changes, or at least, an explanation should have been provided.

Just when he started to wonder, a translucent window appeared above the brick.

[Brick +1: Special ability acquired. Appraise?]

A special ability? Another special ability again!?

Excited, Su Yang pressed [Yes].

Right away, the description of the brick changed.

[Lucky Disfiguring Brick]

[Ability: Smash your face with the brick. The harder you smash it, the luckier you will get]

[Limit: Limited to one use per month and the luck will only last for 30 minutes.]

[Remark: Come on! Break your head, young man!]

Soo Yang was rendered speechless once more.

‘What the…? Is this lousy ability trying to kill me?’

Even if he smashed his own face, the luck could only last for 30 minutes and it could only be used once per month. This lousy ability could only be treated as a last resort and could not be frequently!

With that in mind, Su Yang decided to keep the brick away and only bring it out when he truly needed it. Of course, he would not want to use the brick for the rest of his life. His face was quite valuable after all.

After he put the brick away, Su Yang looked at Gru who was still dancing to the music. The little fellow was really lucky.

Su Yang had added points to more than a dozen items and the special effect [Life Evolution] had only appeared once for the dead twig, so its birth on this earth was actually a blessing from the earth itself.

Su Yang stretched his body after he was done being sentimental with Gru. He stood up and wanted to wash up, but when he turned around, he saw the bag on the floor.

His expression instantly turned heavy.

‘Sh*t, I forgot I still have to copy the lecture notes…’

He opened his bag and took the straight-A student’s notes to have a look, but after a few pages, he felt sleepy and wanted to go to bed.

‘Why don’t I start tomorrow since Chu Xia has already bought me another week? No matter how long I have, I still have to copy it on my own. I really don’t want to. If only someone could help me…’

With that in mind, his gaze unintentionally shifted to the waving Gru. His eyes gleamed.

‘Hmm, since Gru is a little monster, maybe it can help me copy the notes…’

Su Yang placed the notes beside Gru and pointed at the words. “Gru, do you know how to copy things?”

The dancing twig stopped moving and a tiny spout stretched out to scratch its head. “Gru, Gru?”

Judging from its looks, it could not understand what Su Yang said. However, Su Yang sharply noticed a second of delay in its reaction. With a twist in his thoughts, he tried to bribe the twig. “If you help me copy the notes, I’ll give you a packet of milk.”

“Gru!” Gru instantly put its sprout above its head and saluted him.

‘This little twig! I knew it was trying to play dumb. [Simple Intellect] is its description, huh? Hmph…’

The deal was made. Su Yang grabbed a packet of milk from the box under his bed. He cut it open and watered it over Gru’s head.

“Gru! Gru!” Its two little sprouts were wiggling happily as it joyfully absorbed the milk.

Su Yang accidentally discovered Gru’s love for taking a milk bath. A little black withered twig was somehow living better than a delicate woman.

After the milk bath was over, Gru curled its sprout around Su Yang’s pen and flipped the straight-A student’s notes open and Su Yang’s notebook. The copying process then started.

When the pen started to write, its handwriting was exactly like Su Yang’s.

‘This little b*stard was really hiding something…’

The lecture notes were settled and Su Yang happily went to brush his teeth before he threw himself on the bed. The scratching of the ball pen writing on paper sounded like a lullaby as he slowly fell asleep.

The next morning when Su Yang woke up, he noticed a stack of notes arranged neatly on his desk.

Gru was asleep beside it. He knew it was asleep because whenever the twig was sleeping, it would mumble its name with bubbles coming out of a fish’s mouth, “Gru, Gru…”

Su Yang picked up the stack of notes and went through it. He originally planned to copy only several pages of that particular class, but he forgot to tell Gru about it. The little fella copied the entire stack in a night!

His packet of milk was extremely worth it! Since Gru worked hard for this, Su Yang did not want to procrastinate anymore. He planned to visit Old Zhou later today.

Even though Chu Xia had pleaded on his behalf, he still had to complete the work on time, especially after Gru did an amazing job.

After his breakfast, Su Yang checked his timetable and realized that he had an English class in the morning. Unfortunately, it was Qu Xiaomeng’s English class. Based on what Chu Xia told him yesterday, the dorky lecturer was asking about him, so it would be better for him to attend the class.

However, the class was at 10 a.m., so he was in no hurry. He could see Old Zhou first before the class.

Su Yang tidied up his things and put the notes in his bag before he headed to campus to meet Old Zhou as planned.

Old Zhou was usually in the office of the faculty building. Unlike other lecturers, even if he did not have class in the morning, he would still go to the campus early in the morning and spend time in his office.

The girls in class even gossipped about him. They said that Old Zhou had married his wife through an arranged marriage and that they did not love each other and always argued.

The rumor was not entirely groundless either because several students had caught a glimpse of Old Zhou smoking at the entrance of his apartment before he headed home with a dismal expression as though he was going to meet his end.

Standing outside Old Zhou’s office, Su Yang knocked on the door and Old Zhou’s firm voice came from within. “Come in.”

Su Yang opened the door and saw Old Zhou reading the Shanghai Morning newspaper with his glasses on. He greeted the lecturer, “Mr. Zhou.”

Old Zhou lowered his glasses and glanced over at him. “Oh, Su Yang, come here.”

Su Yang walked over. He opened his bag and planned to hand the notes in, but Old Zhou gestured for him to wait and he started another topic, “I heard about what you’ve been going through lately.”

Su Yang’s hand froze in his bag as a big question mark hung over his face. “Excuse me?”

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