Ileus: The Dark Prince

Chapter 569 - Instruments

Olivia had never thought that anyone would ever say that to her. I love you. Such simple words but had so much effect on her that her throat choked. She wanted to say it back to him, but she decided to make it special. 

Kaizan was walking in the grove on his estate. He was overlooking the servants who were pruning the branches for the next season. He chose to stay on the trees that were nearest to his mansion, from where he could see the window of his room. He was sure that Olivia must be there. Taking her and marking her had only enhanced his appetite for her. Even now as he stood amongst the chatter of the servants and noise of branches creaking and falling on the ground and wind rustling the grove, he grew hard recalling how her naked body looked like in the warm glow of fire and being surrounded by her citrusy smell. He had taken her again and again throughout the night and even in the wee hours of the morning. And Olivia—she responded to him every time. She was too good at making him come in pure ecstasy, especially when she straddled him. He wanted to possess every inch of her body and that thought plagued him now that he was standing away from her. 

In the morning after their lovemaking, he had run his fingers over her arms and then those delicate fingers of her. "How often did you train in your home?" Her hands were soft and delicate though he expected that they would be calloused because of training like a warrior. 

"My parents stopped my training after Luke died…" she replied feeling sad. Did Kaizan kill Luke? "My father had strictly forbidden me to train and hardly ever took me for battles or wars. He sometimes called me to join the council meeting, but that wasn't often. I remained in my mother's care when I was at the Whiteclaw pack." 

He had splayed his palm over her buttocks and wondered if he had ever felt a smoother and curvier bottom. "So, what did you do in your place?" 

She stiffened a little at his discomforting question, but she didn't refrain from answering. "The usual household chores, which my mother assigned to me and they mainly comprised of overlooking the maids."

Kaizan knew that she was thinking about her brother's death, but he didn't pry the subject and carefully avoided it. "Prince Ileus has asked you to meet Murtagh. Do you want to meet him?" he asked and hoped that she would refuse. 

"I would like to!" said Olivia with excitement. "I saw him long back when he was our Alpha and when father met him. But I was too young at that time, only twelve." She caressed the length of his thighs and then played with the hair on his chest, drawing lazy circles. She leaned and kissed him near his nipple. 

Kaizan's muscles jumped over there. The temptress. 

"They never really talked about you in our pack." She rested her palm on his cheek. He was so beautiful and yet so merciless. So warm and so cold. "No one mentioned your name even though everyone knew about you." Her blue eyes reflected the fire from the hearth. 

His lips kicked up. "I wouldn't even have doubts about it. I was their enemy and perhaps too dangerous." He emphasized on 'was their enemy'. He wanted to tell her that he wasn't anymore. 

"I heard you were notorious for killing people ruthlessly." She was beginning to feel uneasy again. 

He pressed his hand over her finger and said, "Olivia, war is not a bed of roses. If you are at war, you don't expect petals to fall. Bodies fall. And I was given the task to handle the Whiteclaw revolution. What do you think I should have done?" 

Olivia's eyes closed for a long time as she steadied her anxious mind. When she looked back at him, sympathy showed in her eyes. "Do you hate our people?" 

If she only knew how deep the hatred ran when he was the General on orders. But now he shoved those thoughts, savoring the warm body of his mate. "Not now…" he replied. They both were instruments of their packs in order to tie them in the peace treaty. Who would have thought that Olivia would be his mate? He hoped that the mission that they were in, succeeded. "Don't despise me, Olivia…" he added. "It was—" 

She placed a finger on his lips. "I can never despise you, Kaizan." She leaned and placed a kiss on her finger. Kaizan removed her finger and her lips pressed on his. 

He had never felt this urgency for any other woman. She was so beautiful and giving and he yearned for her every moment he wasn't with her. He growled in her mouth and rolled her beneath him. He thrust himself inside her with one push and sank slowly in her tight heat. She grasped his hips and dug her nails until he increased his pace and was maddened with need. He lowered his mouth to hers and kissed her passionately, until both of them were shaking, breathless and scared of how much they wanted each other. 

Kaizan's eyes shot to the window of his room to catch a glimpse of his wife, his mate, but not finding her there only made him cranky. He barked an order at a servant for not handling a shear properly to cut a branch. He took the shear from his hand and managed to snip a small overhanging branch without cutting his thumb. 

"M'lord," Finn's voice pulled him out of his frustrated venture. 

Kaizan turned to look at him and frowned. "What is it, Finn?" he asked as Finn bowed to him. Why wasn't she coming out to the window and looking at him? What was she doing inside? 

"There will be a council meeting today." 

"I know!" he snapped. 

"The meeting will start in an hour. Let me know if we have to prepare something ahead of time."

"No," he said. "But I would like you to take Olivia to meet Murtagh today.. I have Ileus' permission for the same." 

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