If the Deep Sea Forgets You

Chapter 192 - Going home

Chapter 192: Going home

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Xia Qingyi had used this time to secretly hide some of the metal wires used at work on her before she continued to work.

People were the most tired between four and five in the morning. Xia Qingyi had not slept for the night, as she secretly counted the time before she quietly got up before the sun had risen. She took only a metal wire as she quietly headed towards the door.

It might have been because Xia Qingyi had regained her memories, but she had actually remembered how she had fought with Third Young Master’s subordinate. Her footsteps were usually light and her eyes could actually see some things clearly in the darkness with the aid of the moonlight. She pressed herself against the wall while she sneaked into the security room. The windows were not closed inside and the moonlight shone into the room brightly. That person was still sleeping. The drawer was not locked as expected and she did her best to slow her every action as she pulled the drawer open and took all of the money inside.

As expected, the person sleeping on the bed behind her woke up the moment she had gotten the money as he made a noise.

Speed was the most important at this moment.

Within that second, Xia Qingyi had taken a metal tin from the table and hit it towards his crotch with all of her strength.

That person screamed as the same time that Xia Qingyi had jumped onto the table and out of the window frame with her hands supporting her. The person chased behind her while scolding her. She could hear the vicious dog in the courtyard barking crazily at the commotion. The gate was locked, though Xia Qingyi knew how to open such an old-fashioned lock since someone had taught her how to open it in school before. It needed time however.

That person quickly picked up a wooden club placed against the wall next to him when he saw Xia Qingyi opening the lock and smashed it towards Xia Qingyi.

When the wooden club had swung towards Xia Qingyi, her memories of fighting desperately with Third Young Master’s subordinates all came back to her. The eight years spent training her fighting skills under Third Young Master had finally come to good use. She dodged the wooden club easily. She had gotten the upper hand after exchanging a few blows with that person. Xia Qingyi used her palm to slice towards his neck and kicked hard towards his crotch again.

That person fell on the floor, moaning in pain. The vicious dog kept barking loudly at Xia Qingyi, still tied to the fence as the metal chains had yet to be untangled. The metal chain was about to break from the dog’s struggles to break free. The dog was about to pounce on her while she heard the sound of another person approaching her quickly from behind.

She still had 30 seconds. If she did not leave within 30 seconds, she would be locked up here for the rest of her life.

Xia Qingyi turned around to deal with that lock. Her palms sweated while her heart thumped. She kept panting, as she tried to calm down to use the metal wire to deal with that lock. The dog behind her kept trying to break free from the metal chain as it let out intimidating barks. That man behind her was running towards her, as the sound of him running was getting closer to her.

The lock in her hands opened within 10 seconds.

Xia Qingyi pushed open that door and started to run out as if she was crazy. The person behind her chased after her. The sound of the dog was also approaching her and she increased her speed. She did not dare to look back, nor did she dare to stop as she ran towards the grass field at a distance away.

The moonlight shone on her face that had undergone long hours of labor. Xia Qingyi cried as she ran.. Her eyes were filled with tears, though she kept her mouth shut. She did not dare to make a sound, because the people behind her would hear them. In the darkness, her tears were the only ones that fell as she ran. There were only the soft sounds of the wind blowing by her ear from her running and the soft rustling of the grass under her feet.

Faster. She needed to run faster.

She needed to be more careful.

Xia Qingyi told herself silently as she stood in the vast and empty field, as the sound of the wind blew against her ears,and as the moonlight shone on her faintly.

She needed to leave this place for good. She needed to run to where Mo Han was.

She could not stop. Mo Han was waiting for her.

He was waiting for her to return in a very far place.

She needed to see him. She need to stay with him. She want to not leave him again for the rest of her life.

On the 45th day that Xia Qingyi had left him, Mo Han finally returned to D City.

The Disaster Prevention and Rescue Center could no longer provide any more new information. They had all thought that Xia Qingyi had passed away during that disaster together with the other missing person. After all, the chances of surviving that disaster were so low.

Mo Han was still unwilling to leave as he kept waiting at the hotel that Xia Qingyi had stayed at. When the rescue team had already declared the end of their operation, Mo Han drove into that desert alone as he searched for her by himself.

He searched for her in that desert for a week, though he still could not find any trace of Xia Qingyi. In the end, he still found nothing even though he had searched every part of the desert, even the patches of sand that were far away from where the sandstorm had struck.

No-one knew that he had cried for a very long time in his car for the few days that he had returned from the desert.

He felt desolation for the first time in his life.

He had been trying so hard to find her, trying so hard to make her return to his side. In the end, however, he realized that he could not do nothing else but wait.

In the first half of his life, he had a lot of knowledge, wealth, a good job and a lot of things that others would not be able to get even if they toiled their life away.

But, he suddenly felt that he actually had nothing from the day that Xia Qingyi had left him. Xia Qingyi seemed to have packed and taken everything in his world.

In these 45 days, he had been waiting for Xia Qingyi to return.

However, he was too exhausted. There was not a day where he could rest at ease in the 45 days of searching for her. He kept having nightmares, and he could not longer fall back to sleep after he woke up.

He became very unkempt. He did not even change his clothes, shower or shave for a week, despite being a clean freak before. His eyes were deeply sunken, and it made him look like he was 10 years older in the blink of an eye.

Mo Han had fallen ill. The hospital in D City did not offer the medical operation that he had to do, but he was unwilling to leave D City. He was even unwilling to stay in the hospital. Withno choice in the end, Bai Yu and Liu Zhiyuan had to come all the way from S City to make Mo Han unconscious in order to take him back to S City for the operation.

When Mo Han woke up, the operation was over. He lay on the bed in the hospital ward as he stared at the hospital ceiling for a very long time without speaking. Bai Yu and Liu Zhiyuan sat next to him, accompanying him. They did not dare to say anything either, having only placed a bowl of porridge in front of her and told him to eat it.

Mo Han did not speak, as if someone had stolen his soul.

“Do you still want to wait for the day when Xia Qingyi returns?” Liu Zhiyuan said.

Mo Han finally had a bit of a reaction when he heard her name. He sat up and slowly ate the porridge in the bowl.

On the third day after the operation, Mo Han had strongly asked to be discharged from the hospital even though he was still supposed to be hospitalized with his condition. He had even packed all of his things and instructed Liu Zhiyuan on all the things to be settled in the law firm with his pale face. He was going to return to D City.

Liu Zhiyuan and Bai Yu had both stood up to pull him back. They both stopped him from returning to D City, telling him that he needed to stay in the hospital.

Just as they argued, Mo Han’s phone rang.

After Xia Qingyi had gone missing, Mo Han had never set his phone to intercept unknown numbers. He would answer every unknown number seriously, no matter who it was.

The room quietened suddenly. Mo Han picked up his phone, seeing an unknown number on the screen on his phone. Mo Han’s heart thumped crazily and even Liu Zhiyuan and Bai Yu could see his hand that was holding onto his phone shaking terribly.

Mo Han answered the call, and the voice on the opposite end said, “Hello… Mo Han.”

Mo Han was sure that it was Xia Qingyi’s voice.

“Come and pick me up please. I’m so tired.” Xia Qingyi’s voice was very soft, though Mo Han could still hear her clearly. His voice shook unconsciously as he spoke, “Where are you?”

“I’m at the airport…” Xia Qingyi’s voice was becoming softer.

“Give me 20 minutes.” Mo Han hang up the phone and pulled onto Bai Yu’s arm as he asked, “Where’s your car?”

Bai Yu was a little dazed from hearing the two’s conversation. Mo Han’s grip on him was a little hard and he was forced to think. “It’s in the basement car park. This is the key…”

Mo Han took the keys and seemingly flew out of the door. Liu Zhiyuan and Bai Yu watched Mo Han’s back view before they hurriedly followed after him in another car, afraid that something might happen.

Xia Qingyi jumped down that long ditch.

She could still hear the sound of the dog behind her faintly. The dog’s nose was very sensitive, and it would be able to find her. Xia Qingyi had no other choice but to jump down that dirty and smelly sewer. She pinched her nose as she hid under the platform, not daring to breathe too loudly.

She heard the sound of dogs and humans behind her as they slowly approached her and then slowly left.

She waited for a very long time before she climbed up carefully, taking advantage of the still dark sky as the sun had not yet risen. She moved in the direction that she had found long ago, walking towards a place where there were many people outside.

Her clothes were covered in the black and solidified sludge. She arrived at the airport with a terrible smell on her. She had arrived at the airport under the suspicious stares of the airport staff.

This was a small airport, which was why the procedures of buying air tickets was not that complex. She used her poor English to beg the people around her to help her buy an air ticket back to China with her money.

She was a person without any identification documents after all.

An American had finally taken pity and agreed to help her buy an air ticket back to China after seeing her tearful eyes from begging for such a long time.

Maybe it was because she had been so unlucky in her life before, but she finally felt that she was the luckiest at this point.

There were only two locations in China that the planes in this airport flew to, and S City was one of them.

Xia Qingyi’s tears fell uncontrollably as she held onto the air ticket back to S City. All of her emotions burst in that moment. She could not even hide her sobs as she merely held onto that air ticket tightly, trembling while she sobbed. The foreigners waiting in the airport all turned to look at her at the sight of a girl squatting down to sob, even the security guard had rushed to her to ask if she was alright.

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