I Will Transmigrate In 10 Days; Fortunately I Have A Cultivation Emulator

Chapter 48 - Supreme Oblivion  

Chapter 48: Supreme Oblivion

[On the 107th day, you had a friendly exchange with the Drought Demon and discovered that she was actually a very kind woman. Everything she had done was for the sake of revenge. Under your mediation, Lin Shuang did not take it to heart that the Drought Demon had killed Feng Wuhen.

[When the Drought Demon discovered that Lin Shuang actually had a Pure Yin body, she was overjoyed and said that she wanted to take Lin Shuang as a disciple because she had also had a Pure Yin body 10,000 years ago.

[Lin Shuang acknowledged the Drought Demon as her Master. You asked what the Drought Demon used to be called, but she didn’t want to mention it. As such, you kindly gave the Drought Demon a new name, Zhao Ji, to signify this new life.

[The Drought Demon happily agreed. When you saw the way these two women looked at you at the same time, you were sure that the two Peach Blossom Tribulations must have struck these two women.]

[On the 112th day, just like that, you brought Lin Shuang and Zhao Ji and traveled the cultivation world. You accidentally met 25 women and killed them all without mercy during these few days. You survived 57 Peach Blossom Tribulations.

[Widow Zhang, Mu Ling, Lin Shuang, and Zhao Ji’s tribulations had yet to be resolved.

[As Lin Shuang betrayed the Joyous Union Sect and Zhao Ji personally killed the Joyous Union Sect Leader’s son, Feng Wuhen, the Sect Leader personally went after the three of you.]

[On the 130th day, the three of you were not a match for the Joyous Union Sect Leader, who had already reached the peak of the Tribulation Transcending realm, so you were exceptionally careful along the way.

[Unfortunately, your charm was too great. Even though you had an ugly face, there were still women who were deeply attracted to you. Every time, you were forced to kill them. In these few days, you killed a total of 21 more, reaching 78 Peach Blossom Tribulations in total.

[However, this left a deep impression on the Joyous Union Sect Leader. Your cultivation has reached the peak of the Form Synthesis realm.]

[On the 132nd day, following the traces you left behind, the Joyous Union Sect Leader successfully caught up to the two of you. Zhao Ji relied on the great power of the Drought Demon to fight against the Joyous Union Sect Leader, buying time for the two of you to escape.

[You are well aware that the current you is absolutely no match for the Joyous Union Sect Leader. Thus, you left with Lin Shuang, and Zhao Ji was captured alive by the Joyous Union Sect Leader. When he discovered that she also had a Pure Yin body, he was overjoyed and stopped chasing after the two of you. He left with Zhao Ji.

[On the 133rd day, you and Lin Shuang ran all the way. After confirming that it was safe, you started to worry about Zhao Ji’s safety. After that, you started to reflect on yourself. In this simulation, you had been too conservative. You wanted to live to the end, so not only did you delay your cultivation, but you even acted like a coward.

[You reflected deeply on yourself, and then you directly requested Lin Shuang to dual cultivate. You also clearly pointed out that you needed to raise your cultivation level as soon as possible because Zhao Ji might be in danger.

[Although Lin Shuang and Zhao Ji had only been together for a few days, they were very close. They were like sisters. In addition, Lin Shuang was already interested in you, so she shyly agreed to your request…

[On the 134th day, you received the nourishment of the Pure Yin body and broke through all the way to the Tribulation Transcending realm. Because you cultivated the Joyous Union Heavenly Scripture, Lin Shuang’s cultivation base did not disappear. Instead, she broke through to the peak of the Dimension Sundering realm.

[You brought Lin Shuang to a small town and told her to wait for you there. Then, you took your leave.]

[On the 150th day, you did not go directly to the Joyous Union Sect. Instead, you wandered among the top sects in the cultivation world. Over the past 10 days, you encountered a total of 17 Peach Blossom Tribulations and successfully passed through 16 of them. They were all Saintesses from famous sects. You did not reject any of them. You used the Joyous Union Heavenly Scripture to dual cultivate. After absorbing their cultivation base, you decisively killed them.

[These women were all blessed with great opportunities, and you obtained them all. After digesting them, your cultivation base rose to mid-stage Tribulation Transcending. The one Peach Blossom Tribulation that you did not pass was because she was the previous Sect Leader of the Celestial Sound Mountain, a peak-stage Ascension expert.

[Up to this point, you have gone through a total of 94 Peach Blossom Tribulations, leaving behind only Widow Zhang, Mu Ling, Lin Shuang, Zhao Ji, the previous Sect Leader of the Celestial Sound Mountain, and the other five tribulations.

[As you have killed all sorts of peerless women who fell in love with you over the past few days, The Classic of the Way’s Virtue has automatically evolved into the Supreme Oblivion Record. You no longer wish to save Zhao Ji, but instead, you begin to think about how to resolve these five tribulations, go through these 99 Peach Blossom Tribulations, and ascend in the daytime.

[On the 151st day, you came to the small town. Because you have just started cultivating the Supreme Oblivion Record, you have not really forgotten all your emotions. When you appeared in front of Lin Shuang, she was very happy.

[Lin Shuang asked about Zhaoji’s safety, but you did not answer. Instead, you fed her a poisonous pill. She asked you what it was, but you still did not answer. Then, you brought Lin Shuang to play in the city. You went shopping, watched a play, ate a sugar figurine together, and walked hand in hand on the streets at dusk. You used your power to release fireworks that lit up the entire night sky.

[Lin Shuang looked at the fireworks excitedly before closing her eyes in your arms

[You achieved a breakthrough with the Supreme Oblivion Record, and your cultivation has reached peak-stage Tribulation Transcending.”

[On the 153rd day, you arrived at the Celestial Sound Mountain. You easily entered the important area of the Celestial Sound Mountain due to the token you obtained from the previous Sect Leader and saw Mu Ling, who was in closed-door cultivation.

[When Mu Ling saw you, she was first overjoyed, then anxious. The Celestial Sound Mountain had never allowed men to enter.

[You didn’t say much. The Supreme Oblivion Record had already begun to influence your emotions seriously. You directly told her that she was your tribulation.

[The three lives and three lifetimes that you had accompanied each other in the mystic realm of inheritance had allowed Mu Ling to understand you incomparably. After listening to your narration, Mu Ling fell into a long period of silence.

“Can you love me one more time?” Mu Ling’s eyes flickered with sparkling tears.

[She had already made a certain decision in her heart. You directly went forward to hug her, and your clothes slowly fell down.

[On the 154th day, you left the Celestial Sound Mountain. Mu Ling was dead. She had severed her heart meridian and destroyed her cultivation base in front of you this morning. She died in your arms, but her hands still tightly held onto yours.

[You achieved another breakthrough with the Supreme Oblivion Record, and you reached mid-stage Ascension.]

[On the 158th day, you arrived at the headquarters of the Joyous Union Sect. Without saying anything, you directly attacked the mountain gate and killed over 10,000 Joyous Union cultivators along the way.

[The Joyous Union Sect Leader did not appear, but the Joyous Union Sect used all of its resources. One peak-stage Ascension and two initial-stage Ascension experts started a great battle with you.

[On the 159th day, although you were only a mid-stage Ascension expert, theSupreme Oblivion Record was already extremely powerful. In addition to your many talents and methods, you successfully killed three Ascension Joyous Union experts.

[You turned the entire Joyous Union Sect into ruins by you. Two figures slowly walked toward you from within the ruins. One was the Joyous Union Sect Leader, whose cultivation had already reached peak-stage Ascension. The other was Zhao Ji, who had once again transformed into a Drought Demon and recovered her cultivation to her peak.]

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