I Will Transmigrate In 10 Days; Fortunately I Have A Cultivation Emulator

Chapter 46 - I was Kidnapped  

Chapter 46: I was Kidnapped

[On the 41st day, after careful consideration, you discovered that you could no longer mingle in the cultivation world. All sorts of beautiful women appeared one after another, and each of them was their own Peach Blossom Tribulation. It was simply too difficult to deal with. You quickly thought of a good idea. You found a mortal country, the Western Chu Country, and planned to cultivate there for a while to raise your cultivation level.]

[On the 45th day, when your cultivation reached mid-stage Profound Void, your Peach Blossom Tribulation continued to descend. Even in the mortal world, it was the same. There were already 13 beautiful women who wanted to have s*x with you in just four days for various reasons. Among them there were famous heroines from the cultivation world, daughters of high-ranking officials and aristocrats, and even the princess of the royal family.

[You pulled out your sword and destroyed the flowers with a vicious hand, easily passing through 13 Peach Blossom Tribulation. Because you killed all the women who loved you, The Classic of the Way’s Virtue automatically became the Supreme Oblivion Record. By doing so, you offended the entire Western Chu, but no one attacked you for the time being because of your powerful cultivation.]

[On the 50th day, you continue cultivating in the Western Chu Country. The news of you killing 13 heavens’ favored daughters has already spread throughout the entire Western Chu Country. The entire population of the Western Chu Country can’t wait to kill you…]

[On the 55th day, on this day, two Profound Void experts came from the Western Chu Country. They were the direct subordinate sect of the Western Chu Country, the Azure Cloud Sect. After receiving the monarch’s report, they sent out experts. You easily killed two Profound Void experts. Subsequently, you knew that this place wasn’t a place you could stay for long. You’re too familiar with the Azure Cloud Sect. It is a top force in the world, with an Ascension expert overseeing it. Currently, it’s not suitable for you to fight with them, so you left the Western Chu Country.]

[On the 62nd day, you flew for hundreds of thousands of miles and again came to a mortal country. On the way, you encountered a total of 2 Peach Blossom Tribulations. A Saintess was bathing, but you accidentally peeked at her when you passed by. Beautiful demonesses blocked your way, but you killed all those who wanted to discuss the great Yin and Yang Daos.

[Just as you were about to enter the mortal country, you suddenly fell into a formation, and 10 peerless beauties who were as beautiful as flowers appeared beside you.

[Those 10 peerless beauties are well-known throughout the cultivation world. They were all at the Form Synthesis realm, each of them extremely beautiful and powerful. However, these 10 people did not belong to a sect. Instead, they like to be bandits. The 10 beauties had long since discovered you, so they set up a great formation and chose to act at this moment in order to capture you alive.

[Since you faced 10 Form Synthesis experts, you were helpless and could only surrender. You promised the 10 beauties that you would go back with them and do something foolish… be their shared husband.]

[On the 65th day, you were brought to their lair, the 10 Ultimate Peaks. You were married to the 10 beauties and became a shared husband on the same day. The 10 beauties who were like sisters even had a big fight over your overnight rights. In the end, the leader was the one with the most powerful cultivation level, and she won the right to bring you home tonight.

[You were very obedient. You even used the Joyous Union Heavenly Scripture that night, causing the leader’s body to go limp. At the same time, your cultivation base increased…

[On the 66th day, after resting for a day, you waited for the second beauty, the second-in-charge with the second strongest cultivation base. Just as you were preparing to continue cultivating like yesterday, two women suddenly appeared in the room. Both of them were masked, and their auras were concealed, making it impossible to determine who they were. The two joined forces to launch a sneak attack and captured the second-in-charge, sealing her cultivation base and tying her up.

[You looked at the two beautiful women walking toward you while taking off their clothes even though their faces were covered. You snorted in your heart.

‘Hmph, you can try two at a time. Today, I’ll let you see how powerful I am.’

[Just like that, under the second-in-charge’s eyes that were about to crack, you completed several rounds of cultivation…

[On the 67th day, due to the incident with the second-in-charge, the leader called the other eight women over and gave them a good scolding. However, unintentionally, her beautiful legs were slightly trembling, seemingly to be saying something else.]

[On the 76th day, after being reprimanded by the leader, there were no more terrible incidents like the second night. You can finally cultivate in peace. You only need to accompany one beauty every day, and the 10 beauties are all very satisfied with you. Your cultivation has also reached peak-stage Profound Void due to the efforts you disdained.]

[On the 79th day, when you were cultivating with the third-in-charge, you heard the third-in-charge’s complaints. After asking in detail, you discovered that there was a lot of dissatisfaction among the 10 beauties who were like sisters. Just like the females of your previous life, they were split in cliques.

[Then, you came up with a plan in your heart. You praised the third-in-charge and then belittled the other nine beauties. The third-in-charge was very satisfied and had the idea of monopolizing you.]

[On the 87th day, after diligently cultivating, you finally entered the Form Synthesis realm. You used the same method and said the same thing to each beauty. Under your peerless looks, flattery, and belittlement, all of the beauties had the idea of monopolizing you.

[Finally, on this day, a huge battle broke out between the 10 beauties who were like sisters, and the 10 Ultimate Peaks collapsed. In the end, the blood-covered leader with torn clothes successfully killed the nine beauties and walked to you with serious injuries. You opened your arms when she hugged you and shattered her heart with a palm strike.

[At that point, the 10 Peach Blossom Tribulations were resolved in one move, and you left the 10 Ultimate Peaks.

[On the 88th day, you did a detailed calculation. The Ginseng Doll counted as 1, the 13 beauties of Western Chu counted as 13 times, and the 10 beauties of the 10 Ultimate Peaks counted as 10. Since then, you have already passed the Peach Blossom Tribulation 24 times.

[You have experienced it with Widow Zhang and Mu Ling, but they haven’t been resolved yet, so it doesn’t count as passing the tribulations. You kept analyzing and found that mortal kingdoms are still better. The cultivation world is a dangerous place. You picked another mortal kingdom and flew all the way.]

[On the 91st day, you arrived at the Chentang State. As soon as you flew into its capital, you saw a bunch of commoners begging for rain from the heavens. After a careful search, you found out that there was a volcano near the Chentang State. Three years ago, an unknown monster had come and forced the entire Chentang State to relocate 1,000 kilometers away.

[Now, there hasn’t been any rain for three whole years. Although the monarch of the Chentang State reported to the cultivation sect behind them, the few cultivators he had sent didn’t come out after entering the volcano. Therefore, these commoners who didn’t know the inside story gathered there and pleaded for the autumn rain.]

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