I Will Transmigrate In 10 Days; Fortunately I Have A Cultivation Emulator

Chapter 43 - Reappearance of Red Talent  

Chapter 43: Reappearance of Red Talent

The old man in the Confucian robe also nodded and spoke.

Zhao Hao directly used the Illusion-Breaking Divine Eyes on the old man, and all the information appeared.

Name: Kong Qingshan

Race: Human

Cultivation: Peak-Stage Nascent Soul

Introduction: The current leader of the Kong family in Qufu. He is one of the eight committee members, cultivates the ‘Noble Morality’, and has reached the state of being a Scholar. He has several Confucian treasures, and even a Soul Formation cultivator would not be his match.

Zhao Hao turned his head helplessly. He could still find an opportunity to deal with Master Du Le, but he should not provoke the head of the Kong family in front of him.

Not only was he an peak-stage Nascent Soul cultivator, but he also had Confucian treasures. Even a Soul Formation cultivator would not be his match. The most important thing was his identity.

If this person was serious, he would probably be able to transfer hundreds of nukes.

After Kong Qingshan finished speaking, everyone present also nodded.

Following that, the meeting was convened and presided over by Kong Qingshan. All the experts expressed their opinions one after another and studied the countermeasures.

“Amitabha. If it’s really, as this young friend has said, the oddities inside are all incomparably powerful. Why don’t we seal off the area within 100 kilometers and physically transcend it?”

Master Du Le was still smiling, but his words were devoid of mercy.

“This penniless priest feels that we can set up some formations and seal off the Qin Mausoleum. When our cultivation level increases, we can come and have a look again.”

Zhang Zhiwei said, “Should we try to enter and negotiate with them? After all, they’ve just broken through the seal, so they must be extremely weak. Great Qin was filled with Spiritual Qi, so they must have left behind many ancient records. If we could exchange them, that would be great.”

Below them, a Level 8 paranormal suggested, “No, since ancient times, people and anomalies have been at loggerheads. How can we side with them for the sake of benefits?”

“That’s right! They’re called anomalies because they hate humans to the extreme. There’s no negotiation with them, and only one side will be destroyed…”

“Let’s directly fight! I want to see just how powerful that anomalies can be…”


In an instant, many of the team leaders began to speak.

All of them wanted to have a big battle.

In the eyes of these people, even though what Zhao Hao had said was alarming, they were still fearless.

In this era, they had been standing at the top of the experts for too long. Even when they faced powerful anomalies, they did not have a trace of fear in their hearts. Instead, they treated it as an opportunity for them to break through.

The crux of the matter was that they could guarantee that even if they couldn’t win and fell into a crisis, they would be safe as long as they ran out.

The nukes that had been transported over there were their safety valves.

And with Golden Core experts being the weakest among them, they were all confident that they could guarantee their safe retreat even if they lost.

Therefore, they didn’t have any fear of fighting in the Qin Mausoleum.

The crowd was excited, and the morale of the army was high. Even Kong Qingshan didn’t say anything. Instead, he ordered all the paranormals to gather at the Qin Mausoleum the next day.

They had to fight, or else they wouldn’t be able to explain themselves.

Zhao Hao didn’t say anything. He had already said what needed to be said, and he had so many tricks up his sleeve, so he didn’t panic at all.

As Zhao Hao belonged to Bai Bing’s Spirit Brigade, he didn’t go to the accommodation areas arranged by the squads. Instead, Bai Bing brought him to a separate tent.

“You can stay here. My tent is not far from yours. It will be a tough battle tomorrow, so rest well and adjust your condition,” Bai Bing said to Zhao Hao seriously.

She felt a little guilty about Zhao Hao. He had never wanted to join the Spirit Brigade, yet they would send people over to find him every time. They had agreed to give Zhao Hao a week off, and it hadn’t even been two days before they called him again.

“Mm, okay. Be careful tomorrow. Don’t rush in the front lines. I have a feeling that there must be something powerful and strange in the Qin Mausoleum.”

Zhao Hao nodded at Bai Bing as well.

He was in the Spirit Brigade, so his relationship with Bai Bing was still alright. He had even asked Bai Bing to help him solve the problem of flying in the air the last time. Furthermore, when thinking about it carefully, Bai Bing was not a bad person, just a little arrogant.

After parting ways with Bai Bing, Zhao Hao walked into his tent.

It was a very simple military tent. Although it wasn’t big, it was well-prepared, with even a heater as the temperature in Mount Li had dropped. There was a military bed in the innermost area, and Zhao Hao sat on it.

‘There’s still an hour before the simulation starts. I’ll continue cultivating.’

Seeing that the cultivation simulator was still cooling, Zhao Hao sat down cross-legged and began to cultivate The Classic of the Way’s Virtue1.

Due to the recovery of Spiritual Qi near Mount Li and the opening of the Qin Mausoleum, a large amount of Spiritual Qi was gushing out. It could be said that this was a precious place for cultivators to cultivate.

Cultivating here for an hour was equivalent to Zhao Hao cultivating outside for a day.

Soon, a huge amount of Spiritual Qi followed Zhao Hao’s guidance and began to rush into his body. The sound of wind could be heard within the tent. It wasn’t because the tent hadn’t been set up properly, and the wind from outside blew in. It was because Zhao Hao was absorbing the Spiritual Qi too quickly, creating a vortex of Spiritual Qi.

Fortunately, the Spiritual Qi in the vicinity of Mount Li was abundant, so Zhao Hao didn’t cause much of a stir.

An hour and a half passed quietly, and Zhao Hao’s realm also broke through in an instant. The Spiritual Qi in his entire body swelled, and he directly entered late-stage Golden Core.

With the support of many Red Talents and the cultivation of top-notch cultivation techniques like The Classic of the Way’s Virtue, breaking through to the next realm would be a piece of cake as long as Zhao Hao was given time and sufficient Spiritual Q.

“Alright, now that my cultivation has reached late-stage Golden Core and I have many divine abilities, I should be able to guarantee the safety of my trip to the Qin Mausoleum.”

Zhao Hao thought for a moment and decided to carry out a few more cultivation simulations. Although he already knew the truth of that cultivation world and had extracted the Red Talent for the fourth day, it would still be good to go through a few more cultivation simulations. It would also be good to collect more information about the cultivation world.

“System, activate the Cultivation Simulator.”

[To enable the simulation, you may select only three of the following Cultivation Talents.]

Another red light flashed. This was the second time that Zhao Hao had obtained a Red Talent today.

[Peach Blossom of Fate (Red Talent): Your charm increases by 1,000. All kinds of female cultivators with great opportunities will be attracted to you. However, each female cultivator will become your tribulation in the end. After successfully resolving 99 of them, you will directly ascend in the daytime.]

Looking at the Red Talent that appeared in front of him once again, Zhao Hao was in a dilemma for a moment.

Not to mention other things, these female cultivators with 99 great opportunities would all become his tribulation in the end. He didn’t dare to guarantee… whether or not he could survive.

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