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Chapter 41 - The First Emperor's Mausoleum

Chapter 41: The First Emperor’s Mausoleum

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Soon, the passenger plane from Dali to Lishan arrived at its final destination.

There was no airport near Lishan, so a piece of land was bombarded and flattened a piece of land in order to make it easier for paranormal1s from all over the world to land.

After the engineers’ emergency repairs, it was considered a simple airport for the plane to land.

Zhao Hao trailed behind Bai Baichuan out of the plane, with all the paranormals of the Dali Brigade following them.

Some members of the Supernatural Special Forces were already at the airport to welcome them. Zhao Hao looked around but didn’t see Bai Bing. Instead, he saw a familiar face among the members of the squad.

It was the little fatty who had thrown him into the river last time.

The little fatty had a very resounding name, Zhao Dezhu, also known as “The Shield.” He was a Level 5 paranormal who specialized in Buddhism. He was the second strongest person after Bai Bing in the Spirit Brigade and the vice-captain.

Now, he was in charge of welcoming the paranormals from various brigades at the airport.

When he saw the familiar figure of Zhao Hao, Zhao Dezhu’s chubby face slightly trembled. He clearly remembered that this person was a bigshot—one he had offended before.

At that moment, Zhao Dezhu swore that he had had no idea that Zhao Hao was so powerful. He had seen the information on the video and had been under the impression that Zhao Hao was a physical-type paranormal. Therefore, he wouldn’t have any problem fighting against the strange creatures.

However, he hadn’t expected that Zhao Hao would be able to catch all of the tens of thousands of strange creatures with just one move. Moreover, all of them were alive. The tens of thousands of strange creatures were still in the research institute, being sliced up and studied.

The moment Zhao Dezhu saw Zhao Hao, he wanted to avoid danger. However, Zhao Hao had already seen him and was walking toward him.

Zhao Hao did not hold back and said to Zhao Dezhu with a cold smile, “Hello, fatty who threw me out…”

“Uh… Big Brother, it’s all a misunderstanding, a misunderstanding! Oh right, our Captain Bai said that since you’re here, he wants to bring you over quickly. Little Wang, quickly bring this Βig Βrother over to the captain.”

Zhao Dezhu was quick-witted and immediately called out to one of his subordinates.

Zhao Dezhu pushed out said subordinate before the latter could react. Helpless, he could only listen to his orders and bring Zhao Hao to look for Bai Bing.

As for Bai Baichuan and the other Dali Brigade members, they were stationed together with the rest of the team. They were then dispatched to their respective areas for the meeting.

Zhao Hao followed Little Wang and soon arrived not too far away from the mausoleum. Zhao Hao could already sense the thick Ghost Qi1 from this position.

Layers of dark clouds covered the entire sky, and muffled thunder rumbled in the clouds. Just the Ghost Qi alone was enough to change the entire sky. It could be seen just how terrifying Emperor Shi’s mausoleum was.

Looking at the protruding mound in front of him, Zhao Hao subconsciously used the Illusion-Breaking Divine Eyes and managed to gather some information.

Region: The Mausoleum of Emperor Shi (Ying Zheng, also known as Shi Huangdi)

Description: The mausoleum of the First Emperor of Qin, Shi Huangdi, was situated on an extremely strategic piece of land with a river in front and a mountain towering behind. The lay of the land from Mount Li to Mount Hua was shaped dragon-like according to traditional Chinese geomancy. The imperial tomb was at the eye of the dragon.

To build the mausoleum, stones and sand were quarried from both sides of the mountain. Even the Wei River was stopped for the construction of the mausoleum. During its construction, the tomb was left exposed to the cold.

In fact, it was Ying Zheng, himself, who had caused the end of his own lineage. To the south of the Qin Mausoleum was Mount Li. The coarse sand surrounding the burial land coupled with a few other contributing factors in geomancy led to the downfall of his muddleheaded and incompetent descendant, causing everything to fall under the control of Zhao Gao.

Looking at it from a geomancy point of view, not only did the surrounding coarse sand block out the light from entering the mausoleum, but it also disturbed its peace. All of these resulted in a cold war that broke out everywhere, resulting in millions of corpses and rivers of blood.

The ruler of the nation that came after sought to uncover the secrets hidden within the mausoleum but because more war had broken out, he had no choice but to seal it deep and well, in fear of it being uncovered by others.

However, many years have passed since then. Gradually, the Yin Qi surrounding the burial area had lifted, and it was time that the world-famous Qin Terracotta Warriors and Horses revealed themselves to the world once again…


Zhao Hao’s words were the quintessence of the nation, and Little Wang, who was leading the way, couldn’t help but tremble. He thought he had done something wrong, which made the bigshot behind him unhappy.

Little Wang had heard that the person behind him had captured tens of thousands of strange and ruthless creatures alive.

Zhao Hao asked Little Wang, “Where is Bai Bing?”

“Where is Bai Bing? I have an important report. Quickly bring me there.” Before Little Wang could speak, Zhao Hao grabbed Little Wang and flew into the air in the direction that Little Wang was pointing.

When Zhao Hao found out that Emperor Shi was still alive and had turned the Dragon Vein of an empire into the Yin Dragon Vein, he knew how terrifying this matter was.

After thinking about it, he understood how powerful Great Qin was back when it had united the six major states. It could be said to be the most powerful empire since ancient times. At that time, it had still been possible to cultivate.

The Qin Mausoleum, which had been built at the expense of the entire empire, must have been a terrifying existence. Even back then, it must have been a forbidden zone.

Now that the Spiritual Qi had just been restored and the paranormals hadn’t become powerful yet, it would be impossible for them to conquer the Qin Mausoleum.

Zhao Hao was very anxious. He was afraid that if he was too late, the officials would start the physical explosion.

Now that they were facing off against Great Qin’s Yin soldiers, there was still room for negotiation. If they started fighting, it would be too late to do anything.

Soon, Zhao Hao led Little Wang all the way to a large camp, which armed guards surrounded. Seeing Zhao Hao and Little Wang descend from the sky, a few guards hurried forward to stop them.

Although it was an emergency, not everyone could enter the headquarters camp.

Fortunately, Little Wang took out his identity certificate, which explained Zhao Hao’s identity and who he would meet. Only then did the guards let him pass.

Little Wang led Zhao Hao into the camp’s main tent, where dozens of powerful people had gathered. They were all captains of various squads from all over the country, as well as some hermit experts who were visiting dignitaries.

Zhao Hao looked around and found that most of them were Level 7 paranormals. In this era, Level 7 paranormals could be considered powerful people.

In other words, in the Chaos Era, a Golden Core expert was a human-shaped nuclear weapon.

Among these dozens of people, a few existences gave Zhao Hao a faint sense of danger. There were four of them in total. One of them was a fat monk with big ears and a big smile.

It was autumn, and Mount Li was affected by the bone-chilling Ghost Qi. Yet the monk was bare-chested and was laughing foolishly.

Zhao Hao didn’t look down on him. The monk was chatting with Ma Zhuisheng, and the two of them sat opposite each other. Obviously, they were of the same generation. From that, it could be concluded that this was a Level 9 expert.

There was another one who Zhao Hao knew at a glance. He wore a Daoist1 robe from Mount Longhu and had a kind expression on his face. It was none other than the current Celestial Master of Mount Longhu, Zhang Zhiwei.

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