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Chapter 375 - 375 The Gathering of Daoists

375 The Gathering of Daoists

In an inn of Renjia Town, a rare group of Daoists was gathered.

Qiu Sheng, who was standing behind Ninth Uncle, said impatiently, “Master, who is this Shi Jian? He’s so powerful that he even asked us to wait for him here. Those who don’t know him would think he’s a powerful man.”

The way he called Shi Jian’s name displeased the other disciples, and some of them even frowned.

No matter what the reason was, Shi Jian was still their Eldest Senior Brother and Qiu Sheng’s senior uncle. It was disrespectful to address an elder by his name.

However, since Qiu Sheng was not their territory and Ninth Uncle was the host, they did not speak.

Fortunately, Ninth Uncle’s morals were still protected, and he immediately rebuked, “Shut up! Who are you to call Eldest Senior Brother’s name? Have you forgotten all about seniority?”

Ninth Uncle’s tone was so stern that Qiu Sheng shivered in fear.

“Master, I know I was wrong.” Qiu Sheng hurriedly apologized and stood behind Ninth Uncle, not saying another word.

Ninth Uncle was not putting on an act. His two disciples had poor innate abilities and did not work hard in cultivation. If they did not pay attention to etiquette and hierarchy, they would not have a good ending when he left in the future.

Moreover, Qiu Sheng’s actions had embarrassed Ninth Uncle.

The other seniors and juniors would not say that Qiu Sheng did not know his manners, but they would think that he did not teach him well as his master.

As they were talking, you and Shi Jian strode into the inn.

All of a sudden, all the Daoists stood up and said to Shi Jian respectfully, “Eldest Senior Brother.”

Ninth Uncle said to Shi Jian as he hurried forward, “Eldest Senior Brother, I’m really sorry to have invited you to come personally. I’ve delayed your cultivation. I’m here to apologize to all my Senior and Junior Brothers.”

Ninth Uncle knew that he did not get along well with the Elder Brother, so in order not to get into trouble, he had lowered his attitude very, very low.

Shi Jian’s face had been gloomy the whole time, and he wanted to take the opportunity to make fun of Ninth Uncle.

However, since Ninth Uncle had said so, he could not say anything.

After all, the Eldest Senior Brother had to show his generosity.

The Four-Eyed Daoist also stepped forward and helped Ninth Uncle out of the situation.

“That’s right, Eldest Senior Brother. We’re all disciples of the Mao Mountain, and we should help each other. Senior Brother has his own difficulties, so please don’t blame him.”

Since the Four-Eyed Daoist had spoken, Daoist Thousand Cranes, Mommi, and the other Daoists with extraordinary cultivation bases also spoke up.

Even Mommi, who disliked Ninth Uncle the most, spoke up, not wanting Shi Jian to explode.

Shi Jian couldn’t do anything about it. After all, if he didn’t let it go, people would say that he was narrow-minded.

After all, it wasn’t Ninth Uncle’s fault, but his two disappointing disciples.

Now that he had shown his dignity as the Eldest Senior Brother, Shi Jian didn’t become unreasonable and said, “Since that’s the case, we’ll leave this matter as it is.”

Ninth Uncle quickly thanked him.

Shi Jian waved his hand and said decisively, “Alright, there’s no need to say anything else. We received your letter for help. There’s no time to waste. We should make preparations as soon as possible.”

“Yes, thank you, Senior Brother.”

“Senior Brother, please come to my place. I’ve already made the arrangements,” Ninth Uncle said politely.

“Yes, let’s go.”

Shi Jian flicked his sleeve and led the way out of the inn.

After that, the group of people headed straight for the Memorial Hall outside the town.

When they arrived at the Memorial Hall, everyone gathered together to discuss how to capture all the ghosts once and for all.

Otherwise, if they were to catch them one by one, who knew how long it would take?

Shi Jian, the Eldest Senior Brother, quickly suggested that they could use the Innate Eight Trigrams Formation to trap the ghosts.

This way, they could capture those ghosts.

However, someone had to attract the ghosts and enter the formation.

And this candidate naturally became a problem.

You had been standing behind Shi Jian the whole time, but suddenly, you noticed that Wen Cai was looking at you with fear in his eyes.

It was obvious that Wen Cai has seen you before regarding the matter of Old Master Ren’s corpse. He should have recalled it by now.

You ignored Wen Cai and directly said, “Senior Uncles, the Mao Mountain disciples always take responsibility for their actions. Whoever started the trouble should be the one to deal with it.”

The moment you opened your mouth, it immediately won you a round of praise.

Shi Shaojian—you were known as the Little Celestial Master of the Mao Mountain, not because you were the disciple of the Eldest Senior Brother, but because you had gained the approval of the Mao Mountain Elders with your true abilities.

Even the few people who were not on good terms with Shi Jian looked at you with admiration.

It felt like Mao Mountain had a worthy successor.

At that moment, Qiu Sheng, who was standing behind Ninth Uncle, suddenly stepped forward and said, “What do you mean? We didn’t say that we wanted someone else to come.”

Qiu Sheng was very unhappy with you showing off. For some reason, Qiu Sheng had a natural aversion to you.

This was probably the feeling of a commoner meeting a rich second generation.

“It’s best if the two of you can go. I’m just afraid that your cultivation is not high enough. Before you can enter the formation, you will be killed by the evil ghosts.”

You really didn’t show Qiu Sheng any face. You had already been unhappy with these two idiots for a long time.

“Senior Brothers, stop quarreling. Why don’t I do it? I have thick flesh and can run fast. I can do it.”

Le, the disciple behind Daoist Four-Eyes, volunteered when he saw his Senior Brothers quarreling.

“Look at Le. He’s not talented, but he’s hardworking. At least he has the courage to face it,” you said in a weird tone.

This sentence immediately infuriated Qiu Sheng and Wen Cai, and they immediately spoke.

“There’s no need for Junior Brother Le to go. Wen Cai and I will do our own thing. We will be the bait.”

This time, Qiu Sheng had caused a big mess as Ninth Uncle’s disciple.

Ninth Uncle’s Senior and Junior Brothers had all brought a few disciples to gain some experience.

After all, subduing evil was a skill.

If one did not have any experience in catching ghosts, they would not be considered a qualified Daoist.

However, the job of subduing evil was not easy. If one were not careful, their life would be in danger.

It was a big scene where Senior and Junior Brothers worked together to attack.

They might not even see each other once or twice in their entire lives.

After all, there weren’t many opportunities for a disciple to gain knowledge and experience while being safe.

“Good, you’re willing to be the bait. That’s great.”

There was a faint smile on your face. You had already made arrangements among those ghosts.

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