I Will Transmigrate In 10 Days; Fortunately I Have A Cultivation Emulator

Chapter 31 - The Strange Village

Chapter 31: The Strange Village

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The Dali Martial Temple was not far from Dali Confucian Temple.

Zhao Hao took a taxi and arrived in front of the Martial Temple.

Unlike the grand and magnificent Confucian Temple, the Martial Temple was relatively simpler. However, Zhao Hao did not mind this.

On the contrary, Zhao Hao’s expectations for the Martial Temple were actually higher than what he had had for the Confucian Temple.

After all, the Martial Temple had 10 military counsellors and 72 generals.

Zhao Hao was filled with hope as he entered the Martial Temple. Like what he had done in the Confucian Temple, Zhao Hao started collecting Cultivation Talents right away.

[Ding! The Purple Cultivation Talent selection pool has expanded.]

[Ding! The Blue Cultivation Talent selection pool has expanded.]

[Ding! The Orange Cultivation Talent selection pool has expanded.]

Zhao Hao had mostly obtained Orange and Gold Cultivation Talents at the Confucian Temple, but the talents he obtained here at the Martial Temple were much more mixed. Zhao Hao thought about it and understood.

Although the Martial Generals in the Martial Temple were either extremely powerful or great strategists, their strengths did not have much to do with cultivation talents. Even ordinary people with some luck and great perseverance could accomplish it.

After collecting talents from most of the tablets, Zhao Hao was still a little disappointed. Compared to the high-level Cultivation Talents collected in the Confucian Temple, only three of the 72 Generals in the Martial Temple had Gold Talents. All the other talents were not high-level talents.

[Ding! The Red Cultivation Talent selection pool has expanded.]

A notification instantly lit up Zhao Hao’s eyes. He raised his head and realized that he had unknowingly arrived in front of the tablets of the ten military counsellors at the Martial Temple.

And the person who had given him the Red Talent was… the God of War, Bai Qi.

“Eh? Although I don’t know what this talent is, I have a bad feeling about it…” Zhao Hao could not help but say as he looked at Bai Qi’s portrait and thought of Bai Qi’s battle record.

However, Zhao Hao then recalled that he had specialized in the Devil Cultivation in the Cultivation Simulation and had killed millions of cultivators. He felt that Bai Qi’s battle record was only average.

Following that, Zhao Hao began to collect the talents of the ten military counsellors at the Martial Temple. Apart from Zhuge Liang, who did not give any more talents, Zhao Hao received another eight Gold Talents.

“As expected, none of the ten military counsellors are ordinary.”

After letting out an exclamation, Zhao Hao walked into the main hall, the King Wucheng Hall.

There were two types of King Wucheng Hall where different man was worshipped. Before the Qing Dynasty, Jiang Ziya had been worshiped, whereas after the Qing Dynasty, Guan Yu had been worshiped.

The Dali Martial Temple had existed for a long time, so of course, Jiang Ziya was worshipped there.

This time, Zhao Hao did not bow to Jiang Ziya, mainly because he was afraid that Jiang Ziya would not be able to take it.

After all, he was the Descendant of Taoist Trinity, so there was still a gap between his status and Jiang Ziya’s status as a disciple of the Yu Xu Temple.

Zhao Hao did not think too highly of Jiang Ziya’s Cultivation Talent. After all, there were records that even the Primordial Lord of Heaven had said that Jiang Ziya was not suitable for cultivation. Thus, he had let Jiang Ziya go down the mountain to enjoy the title of “God of War” and a lifetime of wealth.

[Ding! The Orange Cultivation Talent selection pool has expanded.]

“As expected, I knew the level would not be high.”

Zhao Hao could not help but smile. He thought about how there were so many talented bigshots in the Martial Temple, but they were all suppressed by Jiang Ziya alone. This was the benefit of relying on bigshots.

After the trip to the Martial Temple, the cooldown time of the Cultivation Simulator had also ended, and the Cultivation Talent pane had reset.

Zhao Hao found a nearby hotel and excitedly activated the Cultivation Simulator.

There were at least four Red Cultivation Talents in the cultivation talent selection pool. Zhao Hao even felt that it was enough for him to use for a few days.

He could take advantage of these few days to properly plan things in the cultivation world.

“System, activate the Cultivation Simulator.”

[To enable the simulation, you may select only three of the following Cultivation Talents.]

Ten rays of dazzling golden lights appeared in front of Zhao Hao. Although there was not a single Red Cultivation Talent, 10 Gold Cultivation Talents appeared simultaneously. The scene really dazzled Zhao Hao.

[Learned Scholar (Gold Talent): Your intelligence increases by 100. You have the talent to practice Confucian Cultivation Methods. Evil beings cannot get close to you easily.]

[Speech Materialization (Gold Talent): Your intelligence and agility increase by 100. You can make the things you say become a reality by expending your scholarly energy.]

[Heroic Righteousness (Gold Talent): Your luck increases by 100. With your righteousness coming from the Heaven and Earth, one word of yours can kill evil demons.]

[Mahayana Holy Body (Red Talent): All your basic attributes increase by 300. This is a unique physique that is rarely seen in a million years. It is the strongest sacred body in the martial arts world. Your aptitude to practice all kinds of Cultivation Methods is the world’s highest. Your attack power is twice the original attack power.]

[Born Arhat (Red Talent): All your basic attributes increase by 300. You were born an Arhat, a candidate for a Buddha. You can comprehend Buddhist divine skills on your own and cultivate all kinds of Buddhist Cultivation Methods.]

[Descendant of Taoist Trinity (Red Talent): All your attributes increase by 500. All the Spiritual Roots in your body are Heaven Spiritual Roots. You’re an Orthodox Taoist with an inherent cultivation technique, “Tao Te Ching”. You can cultivate all Taoist Cultivation Methods.]

After carefully screening them for a while, Zhao Hao finally selected three Confucian Cultivation Talents.

[The simulation starts now.]

[On the first day, you reached the Core Formation stage. With your righteousness coming from the Heaven and Earth, the ghosts and monsters were very disgusted with you. You began to focus on cultivating the Tao Te Ching.]

[On the third day, your cultivation reached the peak of the Core Formation stage, and your aura attracted the village head. The village head quietly watched you for a long time outside the house before sighing and leaving.]

[On the fourth day, you just went out and encountered Widow Zhang. Widow Zhang spat at you, and a basin of washing water fell on your face.]

[On the fifth day, you discovered that this time was special. It seemed that the entire village was very hostile to you. You went to Blacksmith Wang’s house. Blacksmith Wang found you very unpleasant and wanted to smash you to death with a big hammer on the spot. Fortunately, the village head arrived in time to stop Blacksmith Wang. The village head whispered something to Blacksmith Wang, so you were able to escape.]

[On the sixth day, you were well aware that everyone in the village did not like you and viewed you with hostility. Based on your talents, you could easily tell that no one in the entire village seemed like a normal person. You were a little scared, so you stayed in your room and quickly cultivated, hoping to leave the village as soon as possible.]

[On the 15th day, you reached the peak of the Nascent Soul stage. Just as you were about to leave the village, you realized that a formation engulfed the village. There was no way for you to escape.]

[On the 16th day, you used the formation breaking method in the Tao Te Ching. Although you successfully broke the formation, you failed to notice there was another layer outside. The breaking sound of the formation woke up all the people in the village. Your Cultivation Base was sealed, and you were tied up.]

[On the 17th day, you were in the village head’s house. In your eyes, he had used to be just an ordinary old man from the countryside. But now that you were tied up, this place was like Hell on Earth in your eyes. And the village head only looked at you for a while before leaving.]

[On the 20th day, many people came to the village head’s house for a meeting. However, they quarreled midway. Widow Zhang even fought with Carpenter Li. Your knowledge is shallow, so you could not tell the cultivation level of these two people. You can only see ghosts wailing and wolves howling outside the window, as well as the figure of an incredibly long and patterned spider.]

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