I Will Transmigrate In 10 Days; Fortunately I Have A Cultivation Emulator

Chapter 29 - The Entire World Is the Enemy

Chapter 29: The Entire World Is the Enemy

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[On the 52nd day, you heard from the River God that there was a mystic realm hidden in the mountains not far away. You could enter it through a waterway. You thought of what had happened in the mystic realm previously. There were still more than ten days before its real opening, so you decided to go there to take a look first.]

[On the 53rd day, you came to the entrance of the mystic realm through the water passage and found that there was a big formation blocking your way. As your Cultivation Base was too powerful, the River God did not dare to trigger its trap. With what you had learned about formations from Tao Te Ching, you entered the mystic realm successfully. Instead of searching for treasures in the outer area of the mystic realm, you chose to walk right into the depths of the mystic realm. Deep in the mystic realm, there was a stone tablet. Only then did you know that this mystic realm was called the Qiankun Mystic Realm. It was the legacy land left behind by Elder Qiankun who had transcended the tribulation and ascended to Heaven.]

[On the 54th day, you passed the three tests left behind by Elder Qiankun with your superb skills. You obtained a Tribulation-Transcending-stage Fire Seed, the secret skill “Qiankun Great Shift”, and a large number of spirit stones. You left the mystic realm. You did not return to Extreme Abyss City. Instead, you came to a thousand-mile-long desert.]

[On the 55th day, you began your closed-door cultivation, trying to break through to the Moral Enlightenment stage.]

[On the 60th day, you refined the Tribulation-Transcending-stage Fire Seed and use it for a breakthrough. Over ten thousand thunders struck down, as you successfully advanced to the Moral Enlightenment stage. There was still some power in the Fire Seed, and you advanced all the way to the high-level Moral Enlightenment stage.]

[On the 61st day, you left your Blood Demon avatar in the Cave Estate in the vast desert. You went out of the desert to look for cultivation resources.]

[On the 70th day, you found a well on the road. The well was emitting a faint demonic energy. You entered it directly and found that it was a relic. It seemed to be the relic of the ancient Sky Demon. Under the influence of the dense demonic energy in the relic, you obtained the legacy item the “Heart of the Sky Demon”.]

[On the 71st day, you successfully refined the Heart of the Sky Demon and reached the peak of the Moral Enlightenment stage.]

[On the 85th day, you sat cross-legged in a Cave Estate and cultivated. Suddenly, a shocking aura burst out from your body. All the spiritual energy within a radius of 10,000 miles was completely absorbed by you. Endless Thunder Tribulations descended, and you successfully entered the Synthesis stage.]

[On the 92nd day, you heard on the way that there was an ancient immortal beast. A six-tailed white fox appeared in the Underdark Forest. A large number of cultivators were rushing over and hoping to subdue this ancient immortal beast. You coveted the beauty of the -tailed white fox, so you did not wait to rush over to the Underdark Forest. However, the six-tailed white fox was too rare, so it caused a battle among several Tribulation-Transcending-stage cultivators. You were implicated, and you escaped with serious injuries.]

[On the 95th day, you returned to your Cave Estate and began to cultivate in peace, trying to break through to a more advanced stage.]

[On the 99th day, you successfully refined the Heart of the Sky Demon, and you instantly reached the peak of the Synthesis stage. A Sky Demon from another region wanted to possess your body, but was scared away by the Tao Te Ching.]

[On the 150th day, although your body had not been possessed by the Heart of the Sky Demon, you went astray and started improving your strength with the Cultivation Method of Sky Demons. You began to frantically look for cultivators and devour their Cultivation Base. Everyone in the cultivation world was scared of you, and your rationality gradually declined.]

[On the 183rd day, the cultivation world was deeply displeased with your actions. All the major sects sent their experts to hunt you down, but you killed them one by one.]

[On the 200th day, you successfully entered the Tribulation Transcending stage, and you simply swallowed the Heavenly Tribulation. The Sky Demon from another region appeared once again, but only its head could run away from you.]

[On the 215th day, the higher-ups of the cultivation world had already had their eyes on you. They were determined to kill you, and they sent nine Tribulation-Transcending-stage cultivators to join forces in doing so. However, you unleashed your insanely strong Cultivation Base. The Heaven and Earth collapsed. You killed the nine cultivators brutally. You were also seriously injured.]

[On the 300th day, you were surrounded by the people of the cultivation world in the desert. Even the Ascension-stage cultivators came. They had deployed an army of three million cultivators to set up a great formation together. It was the Yin-yang Sun Burning and Devil Eliminating Formation. You did not panic at all. A great battle was about to break out.]

[On the 308th day, you fought with them for eight days and eight nights. The entire cultivation world was in turmoil. You killed two million cultivators, but eventually, you were outnumbered. Your body was shattered, and your rationality was on the verge of dissipating. However, you did not panic at all, because you had a backup plan. You had a Blood Demon avatar hidden in an unknown place.]

[On the 309th day, when you woke up from your deep sleep, you had already arrived at the Blood River. You planned to start your cultivation again and take your revenge on those cultivators. Right when you were about to cultivate, the Sky Demon from another region took advantage of your weakness and possessed your body when you are at your weakest. You died.]

[This Cultivation Simulation is over. You can permanently retain a Cultivation Talent and extract it into the real world.]

[The Cultivation Simulation has ended. Simulation Time: 309 days. System Cooldown Time: 309 minutes.]

As Zhao Hao looked at the five-hour cooldown time, he could not help but fall into deep thoughts.

The cultivation simulation this time was undoubtedly a very successful experience, from which he could gather a lot of information.

Zhao Hao opened the notepad right away and started taking notes.

“I can obtain the Heart of the Sky Demon from a well emitting demonic energy. Although there will be the risk of the Sky Demon from another region possessing my body anytime, it can greatly advance my cultivation.”

“After the Moral Enlightenment stage is the Synthesis stage, and after the Synthesis stage is the Tribulation Transcending stage. In that world, there are also Ascension-stage experts.”

After taking notes of the information one by one, Zhao Hao could not help but start to reflect on himself. He had had three top-notch Cultivation Talents, so why must he focus on Devil Cultivation?

If he focused on cultivating the Tao Te Ching, he would also attain extraordinary achievements. Moreover, it was too dangerous to have the Sky Demon constantly trying to possess him.

“A gentleman must stay away from dangers. I will not choose the evil path.” Thinking of this, Zhao Hao immediately deleted all the information about the Sky Demon. Unless it was absolutely necessary, he would definitely not walk the path to becoming an enemy of the entire world.

Although it would advance his cultivation rapidly, it was too dangerous. He was determined to become an immortal and a God, so how could he do this?

After sorting everything out and looking at the five-hour cooldown time, Zhao Hao decided to continue collecting Red Cultivation Talents.

If he could reach such an advanced stage with only three Red Cultivation Talents, wouldn’t he be invincible in the entire world when he transmigrated with ten Cultivation Talents?

Zhao Hao immediately turned on his phone and began to search for famous scenic spots nearby.

However, what appeared was either a Taoist temple or a Buddhist temple. Zhao Hao had already extracted enough talents from the two religions, so of course, he ignored them.

Suddenly, Zhao Hao’s eyes lit up when he saw a familiar name.

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