I Will Transmigrate In 10 Days; Fortunately I Have A Cultivation Emulator

Chapter 27 - What? We Have to Report Our Flying?

Chapter 27: What? We Have to Report Our Flying?

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Zhang Zhiwei was very speechless.

He had not dealt with this ancestor many times before. Who knew that he would be so unreliable? Even if this was all for showing off, nobody would show off to such an extent.

Great. Looking at the current situation, he expected that the people from the government would probably come soon. When that happened, he would have to deal with them himself.

Unable to find the thief who had sucked the spiritual energy from the Fire Jujube, Zhang Tongxuan had no choice but to land.

Zhang Zhiwei hurriedly waved his sleeve in front of all the believers on Mount Longhu and all the Taoist priests, immediately releasing a stream of spiritual energy and erasing everyone’s memories about what had just happened.

After doing so, he came to Zhang Tongxuan’s side with some dissatisfaction and said in a low voice, “Ancestor, the cultivators no longer had the final say in the current world like how it used to be back then. What you did earlier will displease the government very much.”

Hearing this, Zhang Tongxuan’s eyes instantly widened as he said domineeringly, “I’m at the peak of the Nascent Soul stage. Is there anything in this world that can threaten me?”

When Zhang Zhiwei saw this, he helplessly shook his head. Then, he took out his phone and played the video of the 100 Tsar’s bombs hitting the Pharaoh King back then.

Even though a cultivator who is at the peak of the Nascent Soul stage could shatter a mountain full of rocks, burn rivers, and tread seas, when Zhang Tongxuan saw the video, cold sweat still appeared on his forehead. He said in disbelief, “Does the current government possess this kind of power?”

He was truly shocked by the power of the 100 Tsar’s bombs. Even though he could dodge them with his cultivation, such terrifying power was simply too frightening.

Seeing that he had successfully shocked his old ancestor, Zhang Zhiwei was very satisfied and said, “That’s right, old ancestor. There were only 100 of them. To my knowledge, there are more than 10,000 of them in our government.”

Zhang Tongxuan did not want to talk about it anymore. If he had broken through to the Demigod stage, he might not be afraid of these things. However, he did not have much lifespan at the moment, so he could not withstand such an attack.

“Okay, you can handle this matter on my behalf. I had just sensed something, so I’ll go back to my Cave Estate to cultivate inside closed doors.”

Having said that, Zhang Tongxuan disappeared in an instant. The current society was too dangerous. If he did not break through to the Demigod stage, he would not come out again.

Seeing his ancestor’s reaction, Zhang Zhiwei nodded with satisfaction. He picked up his phone and made a call.

“Hello, Qiusheng? It’s me, Zhiwei. About the fluctuation of the spiritual energy on Mount Longhu earlier…”

“I know. I had a sense just now, and I had a little breakthrough. Yeah, so there’s no need to send someone here to look into it.”

“What? You want me to go to the Capital? What for? You know that as a Celestial Master, I’m very busy.”

“Playing mahjong? Alright, I’ll go now.”

After hanging up the phone, Zhang Zhiwei smiled smugly. He had settled the crisis that had scared his old ancestor back to his closed-door cultivation with just a phone call. His figure flashed, and he disappeared from Mount Longhu.

At this time, Zhang Tongxuan, who had returned to his Cave Estate, tapped repeatedly with his fingers, but still could not figure out any information. Whether it was about the person who had taken away all the spiritual energy within a hundred miles of Mount Longhu or about the reason why the Tsar’s bombs were so powerful, he had no clues at all.

“Phew… How did the world become so scary? I’d better return to my closed-door cultivation… D*mn, don’t ever let me catch that thief. If I do, I’ll make him a Taoist corpse…”

In a hotel at the foot of Mount Longhu, Zhao Hao, who was sitting cross-legged on the floor, had entered a mysterious state.

The spiritual energy that had been absorbed into his body in that instant was not wasted at all. It had all been refined, thanks to the Mahayana Holy Body and the other Cultivation Talents.

Zhao Hao had been making multiple breakthroughs.

From the middle stage of the Qi Cultivation stage to the late stage of the Qi Cultivation stage, to the peak of the Qi Cultivation stage, to the peak of the Foundation Establishment stage, to the Core Formation stage…


A loud boom came out. Zhao Hao actually reached the Core Formation stage on his first day of cultivation.

Sitting cross-legged on the ground, Zhao Hao’s eyes instantly opened, and dazzling divine light burst out from his eyes. The aura of the Core-Formation-stage cultivation instantly spread but was absorbed into Zhao Hao’s body in an instant.

A genius who had ever accomplished this was still rare even in the entire history of cultivation.

After feeling the spiritual energy circulating in his body, he softly waved his fist. Zhao Hao felt that he could beat a thousand of the old Zhao Haos now.

His Mahayana Holy Body alone had an extremely powerful boosting effect, allowing his physical body to kill level-three and level-four supernatural beings easily.

After careful judgment, Zhao Hao shockingly discovered that even the incredibly ferocious level-eight supernatural being from last night probably would be no match for him now.

Even the three purple-robed Taoist priests from last night, who were all Taoist Core-Formation experts and also level-seven experts by the official standards, could not hold a candle to Zhao Hao. The gap between their strengths was simply too big.

Of course, Zhao Hao had such an extraordinary physique, and the cultivation methods he had practiced were all exceptional too. To a God’s favorite like him, wouldn’t killing enemies who were at a more advanced stage be as simple as chopping melons and vegetables?

After calming his mind, Zhao Hao suddenly had a very good idea. If he entered the simulation when he had already reached the Core Formation stage in the real world, wouldn’t it give him a lot more time to break through to more advanced stages?

However, Zhao Hao was not in a hurry to activate the Cultivation Simulator.

He slowly walked to the window of the room and opened it. Looking at the tall buildings in front of him and the blue sky, Zhao Hao began to get excited.

Last night, he had been brought by the old Taoist priest to fly around, but he had not felt anything. All he did was shout while closing his eyes.

Now that his cultivation had reached the Core Formation stage, Zhao Hao could fly on his own. The Tao Te Ching contained flying techniques.

The desire of humans to fly was deeply rooted. Even if they could fly by plane, how would it even be comparable to their own ability to fly freely?

Thinking of this, Zhao Hao had no hesitation. He immediately jumped out of the window and used the flying technique. He instantly disappeared in front of the window.

“Ah… This is so cool… So exciting…”

Above the white clouds, Zhao Hao quickly crashed into a huge white cloud. When he jumped out, his whole body was covered in rain. In the high sky, the temperature was relatively low. In addition, Zhao Hao’s flying speed was not slow, the water on his body instantly turned into frost.

However, Zhao Hao did not care at all. With the Mahayana Holy Body, this temperature was nothing to his body.

After flying at high speed for half an hour, Zhao Hao decided to turn back. After all, he could not afford to lose what was actually important to him because of something so small. He still had some important things to do.

However, at this moment, a helicopter was flying toward Zhao Hao at high speed.

Zhao Hao was shocked. Just as he was about to dodge, he heard someone on the helicopter shouting through a loudspeaker.

“Attention, the flying superpowered person ahead. Attention, the flying superpowered person ahead. We haven’t received any request to fly from any superpowered person at the Air Traffic Control Center. We haven’t received any request to fly from any superpowered person at the Air Traffic Control Center. Please land immediately. Please land immediately.”

“What the h*ll? We have to report to the Air Traffic Control Center in order to fly???” Zhao Hao was dumbfounded.

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