I Will Transmigrate In 10 Days; Fortunately I Have A Cultivation Emulator

Chapter 214 - Meeting Heavenly Venerate Virtual

Chapter 214: Meeting Heavenly Venerate Virtual

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[Although Emperor Qin’s battle prowess was comparable to that of a Sage Emperor, he was still a little powerless against the 4th Order Sage Emperor Silver Bull envoy.

[As such, you tried to inject your own power into the Human Dao.

[As expected, the power you injected into the great Dao raised its strength by leaps and bounds for a short period.

[As your power surged into the Human Dao, the fighting Emperor Qin was suddenly stunned. This was because he could sense that his Human Dao was increasing at an unbelievable speed.

[In just a short moment, the Human Dao boosted his original 6th Chasm Sage Monarch cultivation to the 1st Order of the Sage Emperor realm. That majestic power was like a castle in the air without foundation. Once it dissipated, his cultivation would regress to the 6th Chasm of the Sage Monarch realm.

[However, at this critical moment, by giving him the battle prowess of the f1st Order of the Sage Emperor realm, he would undoubtedly be able to resolve the urgent situation at hand.

[The slightly dispirited aura instantly disappeared from Emperor Qin’s body and turned into a powerful driving force, turning the tables around and catching the Silver Bull envoy off guard.

[At this moment, the Silver Bull envoy already had the intention to kill Emperor Qin. After their few exchanges, he realized that the man in front of him was outstandingly talented.

[With his 6th Chasm Sage Monarch cultivation, he was able to fight against a 5th Order Sage Emperor and was only at a slight disadvantage.

[Especially after Emperor Qin had revealed the power of his great Dao, he felt that he had been imprisoned by a powerful force, which made his cultivation base only able to unleash the power of a 4th Order Sage Emperor.

[Naturally, he could not let such a perverse enemy live.

[The Silver Bull envoy’s eyes shone with a strange light. Such a great crisis had made him tremble with excitement.

[All sorts of feelings gathered together, and the Silver Bull envoy unleashed his strongest attack.

“Heavenly Bull Meteor Fist…”

[As the Silver Bull envoy unleashed his fist, millions of golden bull phantoms rushed out crazily in the direction of Emperor Qin.

[Emperor Qin did not panic at all when he saw the powerful attack coming at him. With the Human Dao’s help, he immediately withdrew the power of all the humans under his command.

[In an instant, a huge black dragon flew out of Emperor Qin’s body. It had nine claws and was tens of thousands of feet long. It was just a phantasm but formed from the Human Dao.

[Then, the huge black dragon opened its mouth wide and devoured the numerous bull phantoms in an instant. Its power did not diminish at all as it swallowed the Silver Bull envoy in one gulp.

[The Silver Bull envoy, who had just reached the 5th Order of the Sage Emperor realm, had fallen.

[After the Silver Bull envoy was killed, the entire Six-Line planet was completely occupied. As the number of human beings under his command increased, Emperor Qin’s cultivation base also reached the 9th Chasm of the Sage Monarch realm. The cultivation base of all the civil and military officials under his command also reached the Sage Monarch realm.

[Meanwhile, your cultivation base broke through once again, and you successfully reached the 6th Order of the Sage Emperor realm.]

[On the 251st day, you brought the 10 Elemental Supreme beings back to the human territory. At present, you were no longer a simple figure with no foundation and no reputation.

[You could command 10 Elemental Supreme beings, with the strongest being at the 8th Dome of the Supreme realm. Such a force could subdue a first-rate race without a Heavenly Venerate.

[Youlogged into the Virtualverse and wanted to have a face-to-face conversation with Heavenly Venerate Virtual. Now, you had to let the higher-ups of the human race know what was going to happen next.

[It was impossible for an ordinary Sage Emperor to meet any of the three Human Heavenly Venerates.

[Only after becoming a Supreme being could one have the opportunity to meet a Heavenly Venerate.

[However, it was not difficult for one to meet a Heavenly Venerate. You could summon the token Heavenly Venerate Penta-Elemental gave you in the Virtualverse and release a trace of Heavenly Venerate Penta-Elemental’s aura.

[In an instant, the virtual area you were in was cut out. The surrounding environment disappeared as if one were in the universe’s depths.

[You looked at the changing scene in front of you without a trace of surprise. Heavenly Venerate Virtual had encompassed the entire human galaxy with his cultivation technique, so he could naturally sense Heavenly Venerate Penta-Elemental’s aura in an instant.

[No matter what, Heavenly Venerate Virtual would personally meet you.

[Soon, a huge face that seemed to be formed from strings of data appeared in front of you. It was different from Heavenly Venerate Virtual’s real body that you saw last time. The huge face that you saw this time showed how powerful and noble Heavenly Venerate Virtual was.

“Heavenly Venerate Penta-Elemental? What’s your relationship with him? Zhao Hao? You’ve cultivated to the Sage Emperor realm in less than a year?”

[The moment Heavenly Venerate Virtual appeared, he checked your record in the Virtualverse. The speed of your cultivation progress surprised him.

[You looked at the face in front of you, and a smile appeared on your face. You then asked the system to unlock Heavenly Venerate Virtual’s memory from the previous simulation.

[In an instant, the dignified face was stunned. You didn’t know whether it was because of the memory that suddenly appeared or because he was thinking about how powerful you were to be able to lock his memory.

[After a long time, the face’s eyes looked at you and then turned into a young man with red lips and white teeth. The young man was exactly the same as in your last simulation.

“I really didn’t expect you to have such a trick…”

[Heavenly Venerate Virtual raised his hand, and a chair and tea set appeared in front of you.

[After the two of you sat down, you said, “Heavenly Venerate, do you have the confidence to face the four great races this time?”

[Because of you, Heavenly Venerate Virtual had already awakened all the memories from the last simulation, so he was naturally aware of the four great races’ plans. He wouldn’t allow any accidents like before.

[Heavenly Venerate Virtual frowned, took a sip of tea, and said, “Now that I know all the plans, I’m afraid it will be difficult to face the combined attacks of the four great races.”

[At this moment, Heavenly Venerate Virtual’s mind had already simulated millions of battle scenarios.

[However, no matter how he planned, the combined strength of the four great races was still too strong. Even if they used 100% of their strength and spent a lot of money to invite outside help, they would still end up with both sides suffering losses.

[After all, even Heavenly Venerate Virtual could not guarantee that the outside help he invited would still stand on the side of the human race at the last moment.

[You looked at Heavenly Venerate Virtual and said seriously, “What if we add Heavenly Venerate Penta-Elemental?”

[Heavenly Venerate Virtual’s eyes lit up when he heard this. He could tell from the wisp of aura on Heavenly Venerate Penta-Elemental’s token that the current Heavenly Venerate Penta-Elemental was no longer the piece of trash that Supreme Heaven Reversal could suppress.

[Heavenly Venerate Virtual even felt that Heavenly Venerate Penta-Elemental’s battle prowess was almost on par with his.

“Heavenly Venerate Penta-Elemental? Why is my little friend involved with that old fellow? He is not a good person. He is famous for being shady…”

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