I Will Transmigrate In 10 Days; Fortunately I Have A Cultivation Emulator

Chapter 10 - Ghost Plane

Chapter 10: Ghost Plane

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It was already late at night, and Zhao Hao was still pacing around the room. The cultivator from the Devil Refinement Sect was so strong that he had no way to deal with him.

Besides, since he had already extracted the Cultivation Talent “Born Arhat” today, he could not retain the talent “Butcher’s Successor”. If he did not have the Pig Butchering Knife Skills and the Buddha Sutra, he would not even be able to defeat the Wild Boar Spirit.

After that, Zhao Hao ran a few more simulations. Even in the best of them, he had only barely managed to kill the Wild Boar Spirit, aka the Oink God, and he had been seriously injured and killed by the cultivator from the Devil Refinement Sect after running for a short while. Whereas, in most cases, he had been unable to kill the Wild Boar Spirit and killed by it instead.

As it was already past midnight, Zhao Hao also thought that with his current talents, it was too difficult to overcome this obstacle now. So, he just lay on his bed and fell asleep.

The morning arrived. It was the third day since Zhao Hao had obtained the Cultivation Simulator. There were still seven days before he had to transmigrate into the fantasy world.

Zhao Hao had already finished packing up early in the morning. He did not start the simulation again as the Cultivation Talent Pane had not reset yet. So, he decided to collect more Cultivation Talents first.

He took a cab to the airport. As he was heading to Mount Longhu, he boarded the first flight in the morning to Jiangxi. Zhao Hao was warmly received by the airline stewardess as he was a first-class passenger.

However, Zhao Hao was not in the mood to act charming. He felt like he was destined to become an immortal. A mere mortal woman was not worthy of him.

Therefore, Zhao Hao maintained a cold expression and lay down on his seat. Taking a cue from how Zhao Hao acted, the stewardess knew not to disturb him anymore.

Zhao Hao’s city was very far from Mount Longhu in Jianghu. Even if he traveled by plane, it would take him more than three hours to reach. Zhao Hao closed his eyes and gradually fell asleep.

It was a large passenger plane that could carry around 300 people. The cabins were divided into first class, business class, and economy class, and each of them could carry up to 20, 30, and 250 passengers respectively.

As it was the earliest flight, Zhao Hao was the only one in the first-class cabin. The cabins at the back seemed to have 30 to 50 people.

An hour into the flight, Zhao Hao suddenly wrinkled his nose and noticed an unpleasant smell while he was sleeping.

“What’s that?”

Zhao Hao opened his eyes instantly. The smell came from the economy-class cabin. It was not an ordinary bad smell. There was an evil air that Zhao Hao was particularly sensitive to.

“It’s that evil air again? Is there a ghost on the plane? How’s that possible? If there’s a ghost on this plane, I would’ve noticed it long ago.”

Zhao Hao started feeling suspicious.

It just so happened that the first-class flight attendant saw Zhao Hao wake up, so she offered him a drink. Hoping to scare Zhao Hao a little, she said to him, “Sir, a supernatural incident happened at the current location of our plane not long ago. The entire plane disappeared, and no trace has been found till now.”

Zhao Hao’s eyes lit up as soon as he heard that. He turned his head and looked out the window.

As expected, there was a plane flying parallel to their plane.

It was a ghost plane. This world was not as ordinary as he had thought.

Zhao Hao stood up and gave the stewardess a secretive look. He turned his head and walked toward the business cabin behind him.

The stewardess was a bit confused, but she did not stop Zhao Hao.

When he opened the cabin door, the cabin in front of Zhao Hao was shrouded in a green mist.

The dozens of people in the business cabin, including the stewardesses who had served the business-class passengers, had all fallen into a coma. All of them had a black mark between their eyebrows.

“If there isn’t a ghost, what is all this?” Zhao Hao thought to himself.

Zhao Hao did not act rashly. The green mist was obviously not some ordinary ghost energy.

“Ah! What’s going on? Sister Zhang, Sister Li, what’s wrong with you guys?” The stewardess who came in with Zhao Hao saw the unconscious people and immediately cried out. She wanted to step forward to check on them, but Zhao Hao grabbed her.

“Don’t move. Something’s off…” Zhao Hao said to the stewardess. Only then did she recognize the strangeness and hurriedly go behind Zhao Hao.

“S-Sir… What’s going on? What do we do now? Should we call the police…?” The stewardess said in a trembling voice.

“There’s no rush. Tell me, can you see any gas?” Zhao Hao asked the stewardess with some doubt.

“What gas? No, I only saw that all of them had passed out… This is so scary…” The stewardess answered while holding a corner of Zhao Hao’s shirt. Her long and round thighs were visibly trembling. It was just too creepy…

“So, you can’t see it…” Zhao Hao already understood that he seemed to be the only one who could see the green gas and the ghost plane flying parallel to their passenger plane outside the window.

“Mm? They are coming?” Zhao Hao had been paying attention to the ghost plane, and now many figures on the ghost plane were jumping out of the plane and heading in the direction of this plane.

At the same time, right beneath the plane, a group of soldiers in military uniforms were operating several devices that seemed pretty cool and urgently chasing after something.

“Senior Colonel Bai, the supernatural radar shows that the missing plane JK521 has reappeared. It has its eyes on the LH750 plane. Should we carry out physical destruction?” On a command tank, a soldier reported to a female Senior Colonel who looked smart and heroic.

“Has it finally appeared? Is anyone still alive on the LH750?” Bai Bing asked the soldier.

Bai Bing was the captain of the Supernatural Special Forces Squad and a Senior Colonel. Her current mission was to get rid of the ghost plane JK521, which had destroyed many passenger planes.

“Senior Colonel, the life detector shows that there are still five living people on the LH750. Based on their locations, these people should be the two captains and the passengers or the staff in the first-class cabin.” The soldier checked the radar and reported what he saw.

“Is there any chance to save them?” Bai Bing could not bear to give up on them just like that. Although she was the captain of the Supernatural Special Forces Squad, she could not make up her mind to kill the civilians.

“Senior Colonel, the LH750 is 11,000 meters away from the ground. The people on it have no chance of surviving.” Unfortunately, the soldier rejected Bai Bing’s unrealistic idea.

Having been surrounded by the entire ghost plane, the people in LH750 would definitely die. There was no need to rescue them.

“If that’s the case, then get ready to fire…” At Bai Bing’s order, the armored vehicles that had been chasing the plane immediately transformed as they moved. All the East F-35 missiles that had been specially designed to target supernatural beings aimed at the passenger plane in the air. There were 50 of them in total.

These were all specially processed missiles that could cause extreme harm to the supernatural creatures and destroy them both physically and spiritually.

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