I Turned Wild After Being Doted On By The Big Bosses

Chapter 879 - Terrifying Talent, Master Pei Faces Trouble at the Assessment?

Chapter 879: Terrifying Talent, Master Pei Faces Trouble at the Assessment?

Although to some professionals, the ‘Spring Night Banquet’ in Yu Manran’s score was already very challenging, the version Pei Yunge was playing now was even more complicated.

“This is the original ‘Spring Night Banquet’…” The manager felt her scalp turn numb.

This creative talent was really too scary.

If Pei Yunge entered the entertainment industry, she would definitely be extremely popular.

Her talent, appearance, and skills when she played the piano were all too attractive.

The song ended.

Yu Manran was excited. “Ge’er! Are you going to use this piece for the assessment at the International Musicians’ Association tomorrow?!”


Pei Yunge stood up and sat down on the writing desk beside her. “I’ll play a new song.”

The assessment of the International Musicians’ Association was very strict. The assessment of Class A to Class C required the latest original work that had not been published before.

Instantly, Yu Manran’s smile froze. “So… Ge’er, you wrote the assessment piece today?”


Pei Yunge replied slowly, “You can go out first and help me close the door.”

Hearing this, Yu Manran and the rest understood that most people needed to immerse themselves in composing.

However, she never thought that Pei Yunge would write an assessment piece the day before the assessment…

What was the difference between this and improvising during an exam?!

Besides, Yu Manran had heard that the International Musicians’ Association’s assessment was very strict and monstrous!

It was very easy for Pei Yunge to fail like this.

Yu Manran was worried.

In the piano room, Pei Yunge had already written the opening.

After all, Pei Yunge usually had a lot of inspiration.

The next day.

In the city center of Nili, Pei Yunge arrived at a good place to calm herself down. The moment she looked up, she saw an old white building.

This was the address of the International Musicians’ Association.

Pei Yunge pressed down her cap and walked in without taking off her mask.

“Miss, where’s your identification card?” The voice behind attracted Pei Yunge’s attention.

She raised an eyebrow and walked towards the old man. After a moment of hesitation, she asked, “Do you still need an identification card?”

The old man did not even look up. “Give me your student ID.”

Pei Yunge said, “I don’t have an ID.”

The old man was speechless.

Another one who was ready to bluff her way out.

In the past years, there were always students who refused to give up. Taking advantage of the presence of the teachers in the International Musicians’ Association today, they wanted to sneak in and show their talent.

“Okay, then come back when you have your student ID. If you’re tired, go and sit over there.”

The old man picked up the cigar familiarly, took a puff, and said slowly.

Pei Yunge glanced at him and turned around to find that there were more than ten people in that row.

When she sat down, a boy asked, “You didn’t get into the International Musicians’ Association either, did you? Are you planning to barge in for the assessment later?”


With that said, Pei Yunge called Du Xiao.

No one answered.

Her eyebrows moved impatiently. Soon, she took out a laptop from her bag.

At this moment.

Everyone’s eyes were focused on the door as if they were waiting for the best opportunity.

Only Pei Yunge was doing something as the keyboard crackled non-stop.

“Um, you’re amazing. You still have the mood to play games at a time like this?” The boy beside her said in admiration.

Pei Yunge was speechless.

The few people who were about to go for the assessment heard a voice behind them and could not help frowning as they glanced at them.

There was a sense of superiority on her face as she laughed mockingly. “If you didn’t even pass the assessment, it means that you have no talent. The International Musicians’ Association doesn’t accept stupid people, so why don’t you let them leave?”

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