I Turned Wild After Being Doted On By The Big Bosses

Chapter 877 - Hug Yunyun So That You Can Kiss Me More?

Chapter 877: Hug Yunyun So That You Can Kiss Me More?

The little girl’s thoughts at this age always made people laugh.

Like a cat that had lost its temper.

The man smirked silently and walked towards a certain someone who was hanging unsteadily. He deliberately brushed past her, making Pei Yunge look up and glance at the man’s back.

However, when Huo Shidu seemed to almost turn around, she immediately looked down.

She was really very serious about faking it through.


Just as Pei Yunge was thinking of going on strike immediately after Huo Shidu left…

Suddenly, a pair of shiny black leather shoes appeared in front of her.

Pei Yunge slowly looked up and met with the man’s half-smiling eyes.

The man looked at her for a while before he chuckled softly.

He reached out lazily and pulled her towards him. His index finger flicked her head punishingly. “Is it that fun? You still want to hide from me?”

At the thought of Huo Shidu being intimate with a woman just now, Pei Yunge struggled away from him expressionlessly.

Huo Shidu raised an eyebrow. It was his first time seeing the little girl unhappy.

However, when the people around saw the man standing in front of Pei Yunge, his tone low and his smile, they could not help but be shocked!!!

So, they were stanning the wrong couple just now?!


Pei Yunge stared at Huo Shidu with her pretty eyes for a while before she said a string of words suddenly. “Half-hearted, ungrateful, womanizer.”

The extras, who were watching the show, were speechless.

After some time, they seemed to know something.

The big boss seemed to be jealous.

Huo Shidu probably never thought that these words would stick to him one day. He raised an eyebrow and after a long time, he chuckled.

In the next second.

Huo Shidu placed the two bottles of water on the table beside him and suddenly pulled her over. Pei Yunge, who was suspended in the air, was helpless and looked at him passively.

His gaze darkened, looking ambiguous and beautiful. His cold and abstruse peach blossom eyes were upturned, looking lazy and light.

His low laughter was a little charming and had a hint of anger and delight. “What do you mean? Are you trying to frame Older Brother?”

Seeing this face, Pei Yunge felt half of her anger disappear.


Just as Pei Yunge pushed Huo Shidu away, the man did not hold her back like he did just now.

The moment Pei Yunge pushed him away, she forgot that she was still in the air. In the next second, she bumped into the man’s arms.

Her red lips landed on the side of his handsome face before she brushed away slowly like a feather.

It was extremely flirtatious.

Huo Shidu’s eyes darkened calmly.

Seeing the secretive look in the other party’s eyes, Pei Yunge suddenly felt that this development was very disadvantageous to her.

Halfway through being angry, she suddenly kissed him.

How could this end like this?

Beside them, Huang Ke looked like she was watching an idol drama. She was smiling like an aunt and could not help covering her mouth excitedly, afraid that she would disturb the atmosphere!

This scene was too exciting!!!

Could they film a television drama like this?!

“Why didn’t you hug me just now?” Pei Yunge’s voice was a little cold, but also a little stiff.

Huo Shidu laughed softly. His low and magnetic voice was inexplicably a little lustful. He asked frivolously, “Hug you? So that our Yunyun can kiss me more?”

Pei Yunge was speechless.


These words sounded as if she had not kissed him enough.

“What I mean is, why did you let go of me just now?”

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